Historical knowledge in Laos Dinosaur museum

Historical knowledge in Laos Dinosaur museum

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia surrounded by many lands. In fact, the country has no beaches and directly borders with Myanmar and China. The total area of the country is about 236 thousand square meters. Although it is one of the smaller countries in Asia, Laos also has a tourist destination to consider. The cultural conditions in the Laotian community still very good and with the support of the good environment that is not too bad.

Laos Dinosaur museum can be one of the tourist destinations. The museum located in the Savannakhet region adjacent to the Thai embassy. This tourist spot frequented tourists because it offers information about various fossil discoveries from dinosaurs. In fact, the entire fossil of the dinosaur placed in a building that has colonial architecture. The dinosaur museum first opened in 2000 with too few fossils. This is one of the places of interest in the Savannakhet location with a fairly easy reach.

Laos Dinosaur museum and the number of fossils

All the fossils of dinosaurs found placed in large and very old buildings. There are several fossils of dinosaurs seen directly by tourists. This museum displays about 4 types of dinosaurs ever found in the Laos region. Some types of dinosaurs consist of:

1. Saurpodes or Sauropods

Fossils of these dinosaurs found in one of the areas of Laos. This type of dinosaur is very famous and has many species on earth. In fact, the number of dinosaur fossils mostly found in the Laos region with a larger size. These dinosaurs often traveled throughout the region and made part of the group found in Laos.

2. Theropode or Theropoda

The museum in Laos also has fossils of this type of dinosaur. There are several parts of this dinosaur placed in the museum. Type of this species has a higher intelligence compared with other types. Many archaeologists recognize this dinosaur by the popular name of Brontosaurus

3. Iguanodon

Fossils of this type are quite common in museums. Moreover, the size of the fossil also consists of various kinds. However, one characteristic that belongs to this type of dinosaur is the thumbs that have larger shapes and sizes.

4. Psittacosaurus

The tourists will find the number of fossils of this type in the museum. This dinosaur does have more species than any other species around the world.

Historical attractions of the museum

This museum became one of the tourist options that visited very easily. In fact, excellent building conditions will provide a different colonial atmosphere compared to other museums in the country. Collection of the fossil species found in this museum is not too much, but this is evidence that Laos also has a civilization that known through dinosaurs. Some of the museum’s fossil collections are replicas of customized sizes. The original fossils are stored to be part of the research for archaeologists.

The first time fossils discovered in Laos began in 1936. This year, a French geologist conducted research in the lower Laos region. The study led by Josué Heilman Hoffet. The first fossil found in an area called Ban Tangvai. The location of this region is about 120 km east of east Savannakhet. Some of the fossils discovered at the time were the very large size of the dinosaur bones and the vertebrae of vertebrates. The geologist continued to dig for more fossils before the World War II.

Excavations continued until in 1990 with more geologists. Other fossils found by geologists again and have a larger size. The study continued until 1992 with more fossils and smaller size. All the fossils that found in Laos then stored in one of the big buildings. The building became a museum in 2000 with a collection of fossils derived from discoveries by geologists. All the fossils kept in the museum get treatment with conditions that are still very good.

The best time to visit Laos Dinosaur museum

One of the Laos tourist attractions located within easy reach. To provide comfort for the tourists, the museum is open every day with a predetermined time. The best time to visit this museum is in the summer. This is to get the atmosphere with temperature and temperature that is not too hot. Avoid visits during the rainy season. Moreover, some road access also has many puddles. The tourists can also donate to the entire fossil care in this museum through the box provided.


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