A Luxurious Railway Cruise with Trans Siberian Train

A Luxurious Railway Cruise with Trans Siberian Train

Trans Siberian Train is a railway that connects some parts of Russia. It is a network that connects Moscow and Russian Far East. The length of the railways is 5,772 miles. No wonder, the railways are the longest railway line in the entire universe. Besides the networks to many places in Russia, this railway also connects some branches to some other countries. It is possible to get on the train to go to Mongolia and China. Besides, the railway’s branch also goes to North Korea. Amazing, isn’t it?

The wonderful railways operate since 1916. It has connected Moscow with Vladivostok. Today, the railways are still being expanded in order to reach many more areas. The railways itself was constructed for approximately 25 years. Russian government supervised the construction process. Under the supervision of Tsar Alexander III and the heir Tsarevich Nicholas, the project was started in 1891. The railway was intended to anticipate the economic potentials along the track. Russia mentioned about its willingness to join China-Pakistan Economic Corridor by building the magnificent Trans Siberian Trains.

The Trans Siberian Train is associated with stunning tour and travel around some cities in European countries. Besides, Asian parts of Russia are also reachable by the trains. In Russia to Vladivostok itself, the railway’s length is about 9,289 kilometers. That covers eight time zones. That is amazing. People should spend eight days to complete the track. Well, it is just a saying. People do not have to take the train that long to enjoy the spectacular service of the train. Yet, real travelers need to take at least one route of Trans Siberian Trains so they can see how Russia can be that awesome through the longest railway in the world.

Taking a Tour with Trans Siberian Trains

There are countless reasons why people should try to get on trains and just enjoying their moments with a tour. Even if they do not have certain destinations to visit, a travel with beautiful railways can be still memorable. Besides, it is also amazing to conquer a long track with a fantastic view. People can do some contemplation through the journey. With Trans Siberian Trains, travelers will find priceless experience along the railways.

A Rail Cruise to Treasure

An adventure with this railway is surely one that travelers need to include on their bucket list. The first glaring reason is its comfort. People can travel to far distance without feeling annoyed. Plus, the scenery is breathtaking as well. In addition, the tickets are affordable. Therefore, from solo travelers, backpackers, and group travelers will love to take the train tour.

Commonly, people only feel eager to take a ship cruise for getting pleasure with the top notch luxury. Yet, travelers need to taste another luxury with a train. It is possible to do a rail cruising with the Trans Siberian Train. It will give a huge chance for travelers to witness the rich culture of some places. Even, travelers can go to several countries only by trains.

Besides the culture, the scenery along the journey will be unparalleled to many other places in the world. The landscape is more to cinematic rather than only looking beautiful. The railway journey combines the exclusive services with the unforgettable journey through two continents at the same time. Travelers can enjoy North Asia (Russia), Central Asia, and Europe within one trip. Even, some can even take a long train track to some parts of China, Japan, and Korea.

When getting on a train, people can explore many sides of places more romantically. This is surely possible with Trans Siberia Train. The view from the windows will keep changing as the trains pass by different locations with different weather and climate. Remember that it passes eight different time zones. Unique places are along the railways. Travelers do need to take this opportunity to boast their traveling experience.

How to Book the Tickets

Now that we have the great reasons to go with the Trans Siberia Train, we need to search for the information where to buy the tickets. There are two places to get the tickets. The first place is the train station. Buying a ticket from the locket will take some time. Therefore, this idea is only for people who are relaxed. When travelers have a lot of time and want to simply choose the destinations as their compass tell, to buy the tickets from the train station is a good idea. However, if the itinerary is fixed, travelers have to book the tickets previously from a reliable agent.

What travelers should know is that it is usually hard to get the tickets from Russia to Mongolia and other foreign countries at the stations. It is still possible to book the tickets for Russia internal destinations two days or more from the station. Yet, for some favorite tracks, travelers have to struggle more. However, it is always possible to make a neat itinerary and consult reputable agents for the tickets. They need to just prepare for everything neatly.

The Destinations

Trans Siberia Train offers various tours to some gorgeous destinations. Travelers can join some tour packages for conquering the railway’s tracks. It is a little impossible to take all the packages since it will be a quite long journey. So, travelers can check some of the amazing routes to take.

Trans-Siberian Express

This train will invite travelers to the journey to some cities including Moscow, Kazan, Ulan Ude, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, and many others. This tour is offered from $12,995. This journey will take approximately 15 days.

Trans-Siberian Bam Explorer

This journey will serve a more dramatic view in Vladivostok, Vanino, Vysokogornaya, Lake, and many others. This package is offered from $ 15, 895. This will take another 15 days of the tour.

Trans Siberian Express Winter Wonderland

Those who are dreaming of a white Christmas, magical world of snow queen and other beautiful things should take this train. It will bring them a magical experience to Moscow, Vladimir, Suzdal, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, and many other amazing places. Even you are going planning to leave for this tour next year, you have to book the ticket now. The March tour is now opened. The price starts from $15,895.


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