Best trip to Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar

Best trip to Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar

The region of Central Asia considered a central part of various ancient cultures and civilizations. In this region there are also many historic inscriptions and heritage with a very high value. One of the countries in the region is Tajikistan which has tourist attractions with impressive history and inscriptions. The country surrounded by many mountains and highlands with geographical conditions full of large stones. The choice of destination that offers the best experience is Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar.

The location of this tourist destination is located in the area around Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast Kikhnjarv Valley. Visitors can also enjoy several streams of flow with a size large enough. In some mountains there are petroglyphs that have different sizes. The views of the mountains are quite large at some points also provide a quite interesting atmosphere. There are about 6 thousand petroglyphs that give an idea of the activities of early humans. The size of each of these petroglyphs is also different. Langar is one of the villages that have geographical conditions of the mountain with large stones. The community traditions of the region also provide comfort to welcome tourists.

Geographical conditions and accommodation

Langar village does have fairly barren geographical conditions. Moreover, some area of this village surround by a wide plateau. Some of the mountains in this region also have fewer tracks. This is what makes a lot of tourists have to climb with a longer time. Some of the slopes in Langar are also very steep with poor road conditions when used in the rainy season. Geographical conditions like this will not adversely affect the tourists to visit.

There are thousands of petroglyphs that seen directly. The vast territory of Langar is also part of Tajik Wakhan. This point is where the two great rivers of Wakhan and Pamir join the Pyanj region. This is one of the villages that visited with the condition of many large stones. The uphill tracks around this area will make the trip very interesting in groups. The location of the most featured petroglyphs is some fairly large valleys. Petroglyphs found in this region do not have a protector. This makes some of the petroglyphs look more fragile.

To reach Langar required excellent transport and accommodation support. Tourists can start the journey on regular buses from Khorugh-Ishkashim. After arriving at the bus stop, the trip will continue by taxi or walk through some hill paths. When using a taxi should stop at Debasta village and walk to the region of the river Ak-Jilga. Visitors can climb several hills and valleys to see petroglyphs with rarer ones closer. Usually the time required will also adjusted to the weather and temperature around the location.

Historical attractions of Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar

Langar Village is an important part of Tajikistan tourist attractions. This village offers a tradition that survives with the conditions of modernism that are elsewhere. The environment in this village is also very natural with excellent conditions. Some hills that have petroglyphs in this region have a very old age. In fact, most of the petroglyphs made the last Ice Age. Very strong rock conditions also keep the red pigment still attached well around Shakhty Caves. The scene drawn on the walls of the cave was indeed a lot of hunting activities.

Some descriptions of the petroglyphs found in some valleys and caves do depict the conditions of ancient society. Hunting to the physical activity of some animals and humans can found on some cave walls. Tourists can also see in the Shurali Valley with images of human forms, seasons, and animals of enormous size. The village of Langar has several temples with stone foundation. The temple used for religious activities has a simple form. The temple has only additional ribbons and several piles of horns of animals.

Best season to visit

Tajikistan has a different season in other Asian central regions. Summer in Tajikistan will provide very high temperatures. However, in the winter in this region have very low temperatures. The best time to travel to Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar should in the summer. This trip can avoid bad winds and very low temperatures in winter. The enormous wind power will hinder travel in winter.


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