Potala Palace, Tibet Most Popular Historical Attraction

Potala Palace, Tibet Most Popular Historical Attraction

Tibet becomes the highlands in the region of Central Asia. This location is the home of the Tibetans. The height of this place reaches 4.9 km which called the highest plateau in the world. Tibet has a palace as a residence for the first Dalai Lama until now. Tibet Potala Palace built on the 5th Dalai Lama government with an ideal architecture that also became the center of government. The palace is between several Drepung and Sera monasteries.

The size of palace is about 400 meters from west to east. For the size from south to north has a calculation of about 350 m. The outermost layer of this palace uses the finest material with stone walls that have a thickness of up to 5 m. The palace also has a very strong foundation with a very thick base about 16 feet. The foundation of this part of the palace has a mixture of copper with large stones. The architecture of this palace will keep the entire building structure to protect from earthquakes.

Historical attractions at Potala Palace

The united traditions and culture in Tibet provide the best experience for studying religion with great impression. Around this palace there are three fairly large hills and are refer to as three Tibet Protectors. The three hills made up of Chokpori location in the southern part of Potala, and then there are Pngwari and Marpori hills also protect this palace. Potala Palace gets the protection by the peak of Potala which is the highest point with a sacred stone known as Avalokitesvara. This peak also becomes part of the protection for Potala palace.

1. The conflict

Tibet Potala Palace damaged in 1959. This is due to the Tibetan rebellion against China. Damage to this part of the palace was due to the cannon shot around from the Norbulingka. However, a few years later the damage parts of the palace repaired and made the walls even thicker. The occurred damage in the palace did not give a bad impact. Some important histories include documents of up to 100 thousand scriptures.

2. The treasures

This palace has storage of valuables consisting of expensive paintings, wall hangings, many statues, until the armor of war that has a very old age. Some very expensive historical items almost stolen. Parts of the palace get the secure very tightly to protect all the treasures of the Tibetan palace. This palace has more than 1000 rooms with 10 thousand ancient architecture sanctuaries to 200 thousand high-value statues.

Potala palace tourist attractions

One of China tourist attractions in tibet is the history of the Dalai Lama and the struggle against China. The tourists will get more important information about the Potala which has two chapels. One of the chapels used to protect the palace is Phakpa Lhakhang. The other chapel has the name Chogyel Drupuk which is a cave to meditate SongtsÃĪn Gamp. It makes the Potala palace ideal to serve as a center of government with excellent defense.

According to statistics, Potala Palace belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO. Over the next few years Jokhan and Norbulingka temples became part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO in 2000. UNESCO provides support and assistance to implement modernization through conservation on the already damaged section of the building. The additional structures limited by the Chinese government. To reduce the conflict, the director of Potala Palace just wants to use better traditional materials.

Accommodation to get to Potala Palace

Potala Palace location is in the middle of Lhasa. This palace is about 2 km from the northern part of the Lhasa River, 3 km from the east of Norbulingka, and about 5 km from the southern part of Sera Monastery. To reach this location can use airplane and train. The tourists will depart from the airport Gong Gong Gong which has a distance of about 70 km by using airplane. But also travel using train from Lhasa station with a distance is about 20 km.

Best season to visit Tibet Potala Palace

Tibet is a plateau with very cold temperatures and very heavy rain. To travel to this region should in spring or around April to May. In this season a lot of ice will melt and facilitate the path. In addition, the temperature in this region is also not too cold and warm enough. Never have the trip to Potala Palace in winter.


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