Great trip to Cambodian Killing Fields at Choeung Ek

Great trip to Cambodian Killing Fields at Choeung Ek

Cambodia, Phnom Penh killing fields – Cambodia has many tourism potentials to visit. One of the countries in Southeast Asia has a tropical climate and excellent natural conditions. A popular tour to visit in Cambodia is Choeung Ek. The location used as a place for mass graves of the victims of the Khmer Rouge. Number of casualties buried at the site reached thousands with the massacre calculations from 1975 to 1979. There are many actually millions of slaughter victims committed after the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, but only about 8800 victims found in Choeung Ek as Cambodian genocide facts.

Cambodian Genocide Killing Fields location is at Choeung Ek, 17 km from the southern part of downtown Phnom Penh. Thousands of victims buried from this location are political prisoners who considered part of the rebels of the territory. To commemorate the victims of the massacre and later used as an inscription. Visitors can also see a memorial portrayed through a Buddhist Stupa. This statue can also be an inscription that has a fairly modern form and architecture. Each of these Stupas uses an acrylic material filled with thousands of human skulls from the massacre.

Historical attraction of Choeung Ek

The Cambodian government strongly recommends tourists to visit this tourist location. Visitors can get a variety of historical information related to the massacre with some writing around the Stupa. Thousands of skulls that enter the Stupa section in this location have several levels. However, not all skulls inserted in the Stupa are in good condition. Some of the skulls are fragile and destroyed. Some of the levels that have the victims’ skulls open to the public so that tourists can see directly.

Around the location of Khmer Rouge killing fields at Choeung Ek has hole containing many bones from the victims. The condition of the bone was very dirty and quite fragile. The local government continues to strive to develop the potential of this site to bring in a lot of tourists. The development of this site includes restoration and renovation in some locations. It makes the entire skull around the Stupa not easily fragile. The restoration and renovation is done involving third parties namely JC Royal Co. The development of third parties provides a guarantee not to damage some of the skulls.

The history of the Choeung Ek massacre can see through films like The Killing Fields Cambodia. The portrayal through the film is very clear about the massacre involving tens of thousands of people. The massacre occurred during the four years that began in 1975 and ended in 1979. At that time, some 17,000 men, women, children and men detained and tortured on charges of political prisoners. They detained and tortured in the camp around Choeung Ek location. The victims who died from torture eventually bulk buried at this location.

Accommodation and trip to Cambodia Tourist Attractions

Choeung Ek became one of the most recommended tourist destinations in Cambodia. This location witnessed the history of the massacre of thousands of victims perceived as political prisoners. This location has several parts like a Buddhist Stupa with thousands of skulls, a firing range that is part of the massacre and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. To visit this place there are usually several tourist buses that will deliver tourists through the path that provided. In fact, some of the buses can pick up from the hotel. Several choices of locations in Choeung Ek consist of:

1. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The museum is located around Choeung Ek with a distance of about 15 km from Phnom Penh. This is where the victims executed in a very cruel way. Historically, all prisoners had to wait more than 24 hours to get an execution turn. In this genocide museum there are also some places where the murder of babies. The victims buried separately with different places.

2. Field shooting

This field is the center of the slaughter of all the victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide. The field is a very productive place for executions involving many people. This place considered to provide a very creepy historical atmosphere. It makes many tourists from many countries visit and look directly.

Cambodia is a tropical country with only two seasons consists of summer and rain. The location of the Cambodian Killing Fields at Choeung Ek is large enough affected against the seasons. To visit this location should in the summer. Moreover the visit at this time will avoid the rain that makes the ground around Choeung Ek muddy.


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