Trip to Elliq Qala, Uzbekistan Top Historical Spots

Trip to Elliq Qala, Uzbekistan Top Historical Spots

Uzbekistan is one of the countries in Central Asia. This country has many landmarks with the character of Islamic architecture with very different sizes and materials. The territory of Uzbekistan also consists of many deserts and temperatures that are quite hot. The number of deserts in this country is wide enough. This will usually affect all environmental conditions and traditions of the local community. The country also has a landmark that visited as one tourist destination.

Uzbekistan Elliq Qala became one of the tourist sites that provide an impressive experience with history and the best treasure. This is an invention of archeology that gives a description of many parts of the city with a large size. These ruins consist of many buildings with functions such as shapes, several houses and many important artifacts. Elliq Qala has the meaning of 50 fortresses that protect the city center. The discovery of archaeologists only get about 20 parts of the castle. This makes the location of this tour visited to obtain important historical information.

Description of the ruins at Elliq Qala

Elliq Qala is located in the desert region of Khiva which is part of a small town in Uzbekistan. This area has many ruins covered by a very wide desert. The sum of parts of these ruins is numerous and consists of several towns and fortifications. The shape of this castle looks circular and is called a golden ring. In fact, the size of the castle that makes up the circle is also quite good. Some archaeologists consider that the area of the ruins is among the largest on earth.

This desert area does have a very large size. In fact, this desert oasis also used to have a lot of vegetation. Excessive climate change makes this location look like a very wide desert with very barren environmental conditions. This is what makes many tribes and rulers around this region build fortresses and many buildings. Strong architecture also integrated with the best materials. Some the fort and parts of the building also look bigger. The size of a large fort considered to be a good protector for the city center.

This area shows only the remains of the ruins with the size of a large building layer. Part of the remaining buildings is only the foundation of several forts and houses. Some of the ruins also look very different from the size of the material is very large. Archaeologists also found some important structures of larger size. Some parts of the foundation consist of basements, tunnels of very long size, and parts of the city. The city seen connected to a section of the tunnel that makes it easy for city residents to travel.

Historical attraction of Uzbekistan Elliq Qala

Most of Uzbekistan’s territory is a vast oasis of desert with conditions of different cultural traditions. The civilization of this region also considered more advanced because it has a better historical character. The structure of the building is very impressive also provides an overview with the condition of society at that time. The interesting evidence of ancient civilizations from this region is an important discovery in some of the great foundations and forts around the desert. Some of these areas have ruins of buildings with an age of more than 2,000 years. The size of the material used in the castle and some of the ruins also looks very good.

The ruins of many parts of this building are a very vast city with a fortress-like protector. Environmental conditions from the background of this building also give influence to the character of the building structure. There is vegetation that consists of many trees with a fairly good population. This attractive location is home to many species of birds and mammals. The population of the vegetation that provides this fascinating landscape lies in an important location around the ruins. UNESCO renders these ruins a cultural heritage that has the support of restoration.

Best time visiting Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions

Uzbekistan Elliq Qala became a haven for visitors who loved castles and archaeologists in the desert. This location can also reach quite easily by using transportation. Visitors should determine the best season to enjoy all the ruins of this history. Summer becomes an excellent time choice to travel in this region. However, in this season the temperature around this location is very high. This will also have an impact on sandstorms that may be blocking the journey.


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