UNESCO Heritage Sites in Indonesia

UNESCO Heritage Sites in Indonesia

Are you planning for having vacation in Indonesia? If you do, you have chosen the right place. There are many Asia UNESCO heritage sites that you can visit in Indonesia.

This one of South Asian country is have beautiful scenery and amazed architectural structure. Indonesia people is very friendly, so you will always feel like being at home there. For you who love history, Indonesia provides lot of heritages sites such as temple, museum, national park, and so forth.

So, Here are some of magnificent UNESCO heritage sites in Indonesia!

Borobudur Temple, Great Indonesia Heritage Sites

The first beautiful asia tourist attractions you can find in Indonesia are Borobudur Temple. It was built around 8th to 9th centuries AD. Borobudur Temple is also known as the biggest Buddhist temple in Asia. Therefore, it’s a must-visit-destination when you come to Indonesia. The temple itself was used until time between 10th to 15th centuries, before it was abandoned. It was rediscovered in 19th century. Borobudur has experienced of big damage when Dutch attack Indonesia few decades ago. However, there is restoration plan that has been executed, which repair its condition. Now, it’s in good condition and you can enjoy this without problem. Find this magnificent heritage sites in Central Java, northwest of Yogyakarta!.

Asia Magnificent Borobudur Temple Compounds as UNESCO sites

When you visit Borobudur temple, there are several facts of this place as a tourist attraction that you need to understand.

  • Theresn’t anyone sell drink in the temple compounds.
  • Weather here is pretty hot.
  • Therefore, you need to bring your own drink, buy it from the store outside the Borobudur Temple compounds. But, don’t throw the water bottle away on the temple location!, there are many garbage cans on the temple square.
  • The myth that many locals believe is when you enter your hand and you can touch the statue, your wish will be granted.

Interesting point of Borobudur temple is the myth that you can find on the top level of the temple. There is a structure that looks like upside down glass which is called Stupa. Inside this Stupa, there is Buddha statue. You can see it from many holes that were sculpted around the Stupa. Unfortunately, because of this myth as well, there are many statues and Stupa got damaged. So, it would better, if you hold yourself from trying it or just be careful when you do it.

Komodo National Park, Home of Indonesian Dragon

One of the most wonderful asia natural attractions in Indonesia. The Komodo National Park consists of three major islands:

  • Komodo Island,
  • Rinca Island, and
  • Padar Island.

It’s easy to find Komodo dragon on those areas, they are the last biggest lizard in the world!. Komodo can roam freely on the islands. Therefore, you need to be careful when you visit this place. stay close to your guide and follow they instructions. Don’t disturb the Komodo!, he is the king here. This is their home, just take picture and it would be better. Don’t fed them!, there’s staffs to do that. Keep the Komodo dragon live naturally, and don’t give it too much human involvement.

Asia Magnificent Komodo National Park as UNESCO sites

Komodo National Park isn’t only about Komodo dragon. This place has unique geographical structure, unlike other place in Indonesia. Look at this place carefully!, there are the African nuance in it. It likes savannah in Africa, including the plantation. Therefore, if you have visited other place in Indonesia, then it will explain that this place is totally different. Visit this one of Indonesian most popular tourism destination then get different experience here!.

Other than Komodo dragon, this place also has many animals live here. Such as deer, orange-footed scrub owl and many more. And, most of them are the target of the Komodo. They are top of the food chain of the island. If you are lucky, you can find how Komodo dragon hunt and kill these animals.

The Wondrous Prambanan Heritage Temple

This temple is located in Central Java, in the border of Yogyakarta province. Prambanan is one of the biggest temple compounds in Indonesia. Unlike Borobudur, this temple is for Hindu people. It means, in Central Java itself, there are two asia heritage sites!.

Asia Magnificent Prambanan Temple Compounds as UNESCO sites

Story Behind Prambanan

The unique thing about Prambanan Temple is the legend behind its building process. it said that this temple compounds was built in just one night. And, the one that built this temple compounds is Joko Bandung. He wants to married Roro Jongrang, a princess of the kingdom in this area. However, Roro Jongrang gives him impossible requirement, which is building thousand temples for her in one night. Joko Bandung accepts it and using his ability, he asks help from many jinn and supernatural creature. Somehow, he almost finished the temple in one night, with just one more temple to build.

However, Roro Jongrang who doesn’t want to marry him wake up girls in the village and try to make some noise to make rooster crowing and burn some or part of forest to make it looks like sunrise. Because of this, the jinn and supernatural creature runaway, because they think it already morning, and Joko Bandung failed to fulfill the requirement. However, because Joko Bandung has special ability, he cursed Roro Jongrang to become the last temple. You can find it on the middle of Prambanan Temple Compounds, which is also the biggest temple among other. And, inside, you can find beautiful statue of a lady, which is said, that is the cursed Roro Jongrang statue. That make it become one of best asia getaway destinations you can choose.

Present facts about Temples

Fact about temples in Indonesia actually, it doesn’t have thousand temples like what it said in legend. However, that maybe because there are many temples was destroyed. Therefore, you can find the temple that still intact, except the middle compounds area that consist of bigger temple. There is possibility that in the past, the temple has really thousand temples built in the area.

Those were few of great places you can find in Indonesia. Actually, there are many more that you can find. Therefore, if you get bored, for example with los angeles tourist attractions, you can always try to visit those UNESCO heritage sites in Indonesia.


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