Most Wonderful Asia Pacific Beach and Seashore

Most Wonderful Asia Pacific Beach and Seashore

Asia Pacific also had abbreviated as APAC, Asia-Pacific, JAPA, APJ and more. This area was the part of world or closer with the Western Pacific Ocean. Therefore, there are many natural attractions as beaches and seashore waiting for you to visit in this one of most popular eco-tourism destinations.

The regions were varied in size that depending on context, but usually including some countries from East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania as well this term also may include of Russia in the North Pacific and countries in America which located in coast of Eastern Pacific. Moreover, it may term sometime for all of Asia and Australia which become small/medium or large Pacific.

However, there are several countries which along in Asia Pacific which also offer you with incredible scenery of beaches and seashore destinations. Furthermore, there are a lot of Asia tourist attractions which complete your holiday.

There are some Asia Pacific best beaches which ready for unforgettable holiday:

1. Palawan, Philippines

palawan, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

Firstly, it’s Palawan in Philippines and get away from the crowd in Bacuit Archipelago in Palawan. The short miles from El Nido in Palawan, there are 45 islands which very beautiful with the karts cliffs, the formations of limestone and incredible lagoons. This is become a paradise for beachcomber, you can rent for boat and go hunt for beaches.

2. Phi Phi Beach, Thailand

phi phi, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

Secondly, Phi Phi Island that occur in the movie titled “The Beach”. This Phi Phi Island was the jewels from Thailand. Even with all of vibes, you will feel impressing with the glitter water and rough cliffs. Phi Phi also becomes the largest and the inhabited island which even do not have any roads. So, it may suit for person who likes the most adventure activity for their holiday by exploring inhabited island. These beaches also become natural attractions which provide you with amazing view for Asia Pacific beaches.

3. Goa, India

goa, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

The other option, when you start with Goa’s amazing scene and diverse beaches as well. ofcourse, it’s also depending on traveler itinerary plan, this beach also has every tourist looking for, such as: adrenaline trousim options for adventure, quite place for sunbathing and more.

Goa, India has several beaches, such as: Agonda Beach for relaxation, Baga Neach fr part peoples, Mandern beach for peoples who want spend their honeymoon and Anuna beaches which offer you famed trance music.

4. Soneva Gili, Maldives

soneva gili, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

Maldives was also very famous with their exotic beaches and as expensive as you deserve. The Soneva Gili of Maladewa was the ultimate for luxury destinations. The rule of rustic chic also had been set in sparkle lagoons then complete with the spacious villas, fine dining and having your private butlers as well.

For the quite nuance, you can indulge with Spa in Six Senses which located at open water area and having glass panels under your message tables. You can enjoy the view while with relaxation.

5. White Heaven Beach, Whitsunday island in Australia

whitsunday, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

Most peoples also often voted Australia for best beaches. Queensland’s iconic was the White Haven was 7 kilometers stretch out of sparkling sand and glass water which also backed with the verdant rainforest from Whitsunday Island. You able to explore the colorful cove in Hill Inlet or hike to peak the Tongue Point which provide you with photograph needs.

6. Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam

mui ne beach, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

For peoples who like show their adrenaline, here we come! You can get excitement and some relaxations that make Mui Ne beach really fit with your need. With the strong wind, big wave and clear sky which make this Mui Ne was really ideal for surfing activity, kite surfing and other physical activities as well.

If you want something different than beach, then visit the exotic island in Papua New Guinea. Several best places in Papua New Guinea were also still hard to be discovered and offering something’s which rare to see. This is the place which still natural and virgin which still far away from overdose of tourism. The Papua New guinea or PNG may be your best option for Asia getaway destinations. This PNG was sparkle gem, in Asia Pacific and one of place which hold many secrets on it.

Papua New Guinea Beaches and Seashore

Papua New Guinea was one of the most cultural diverse places in this planet. With over than 80 languages which spoken, tribal villages, geographies and several floras and faunas which still waiting to be documented. This state just exploding you with the curious wonder and tales to tell. Beaches hold for good surfers, the chance to visit village which still held the spiritual ceremonies, certain rituals and incredible nature which untouchable also able you got. So, there are several destinations which you need to visit in Papua New Guinea:

1. Port Moresby

port moresby, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

This place may make you with the best bet of sophistication before you visit the regions with more rural. You can take a time to visit the Parliament House to see the magical face of building and lean about the cultures in National Museum.

2. Tami islands

tami islands, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

This is the best scene that offer you with pristine sand, palm trees, lass water and very ideal for snorkeling activity.

3. Sepik River

sepik river, asia beach and seashore tourist attractions

This river may the front row for the largest river in the world. This was penetrated by 1,126 km and passes the tropical forest and mountain.

For other reference, there’re several destinations for heritage sites or Asia UNESCO sites in Australian. Some iconic destinations in Australia were World Heritage Listed, such as: Wet Tropics of Queensland and Barrier Reef. If you look for the beam, Australia also offers you with many beautiful beaches, such as: Bondi Beach in Sydney which will roll up your eyes with the view. For other recommendation, you can get the other attractive attraction in tourist attractions in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis and St Paul were in the upper course of Mississippi. This city has large park and green space then makes it become one of the center for largest farming in US.


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