Natural Attractions of Zhangjiajie Forest Park

Natural Attractions of Zhangjiajie Forest Park

China, Zhangjiajie forest park is one of the national forests with unique shape and consists of various trees. This forest is located in Zhangjiajie City which is in the northern Hunan province, in China. This national park also has many plant habitats that are protected by various ages. This scene is very rare in many areas of China. Access offered to enjoy this forest consists of various stairs and bridges with unique design.

This forest has facilities such as elevated elevators. The reach size of this elevator is up to 1,070 feet. The elevator also includes one of the world’s tallest facilities placed at tourist sites. The visitors can enjoy much beautiful scenery around this natural forest and reach the top of these sights just less than 2 minutes. Each of the facilities like this lift can carry about 50 visitors. The structure of the facilities provided is also very good and safe enough to be used in some weathers.

Locations and geographies

China Natural Forest Park of Zhangjiajie is located in Zhangjiajie region which is the western part of Hunan province. This location is about 330 kilometers from Changsha city as part of the capital of Hunan province.

When calculated from downtown Shanghai and Beijing, the natural forest is located about 1000 km. Just like many things to do in Shanghai and Beijing. The best sights on offer from this resort also provide a very natural atmosphere. In fact, there are some natural sites that can be enjoyed with easy access.

The peak of the natural forest of Zhangjiajie has excellent conditions. The visitors can also enjoy the springs that are very clear with a fairly swift flow. Various plant habitats in this forest make the landscape look very interesting. Zhangjiajie became the first national park in China after it was inaugurated in 1982.

The mountain peaks in Zhangjiajie can also be accessed by footpaths through several cliffs. In fact, additional facilities are also provided with the important function of the cable car. This will make it easier for visitors to see the natural forest closer.

The surrounding conditions of this location will also be affected in weather and temperature. In winter temperatures usually in the natural park will rise very high. In fact, several times a heavy breeze that makes the road unstable condition. Some parts of the path used to climb or explore the national park are also closed so it cannot be used.

Accommodation to go there

To reach this natural forest can use some accommodation and transportation options. Each of the transport options has a travel time with a quite different cost. Some options of transportation that can be used are train and airplane. Visitors can use the train and the flight with a schedule directly to the city of this tour.

In fact, some trains also come from major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and others. Unfortunately, there is no high-speed train to Zhangjiajie city.

Improvement of infrastructure continues to be done by providing good quality road facilities. This will make it easier for visitors to use cars or buses from several major cities to get to Zhangjiajie. A pretty good geographical condition is thought to provide a better view for a trip to Zhangjiajie. The city is the entrance to get to the national park. This will make the visitors to travel about 28 km to the center of the national park through rural roads.

Natural attractions of China Natural Forest Park

There are several choices of Chinese tourist attractions at this location that provide the best natural experience.

Some of the attractions to visit while in Zhangjiajie are the national parks with dense forests, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass which is the world’s longest glass bridge with the best access, to Tianmen Mountain. All of these objects can be enjoyed with easier access. In fact, some facilities such as cable car and elevator will facilitate the reach of all parts of the object.

Best visiting time

China has several seasons that will affect the weather and atmosphere to visit Zhangjiajie. The best time choice to visit this location is in summer and late spring. Bright weather with a temperature that is not too cold will provide comfort during a visit to the national park. Autumn can also be taken into consideration because the visitors will feel a cooler temperature.


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