China Zhangye Danxia Landform and color rainbow collaboration

China Zhangye Danxia Landform and color rainbow collaboration

One of the tourist destinations you can visit in China is Zhangye National Geopark. This landform is located in the city of Zhangye with an area of approximately 322 squares of kilometers. This landform is very different compared to other National Geopark in China. The fundamental difference is that there is a collaboration of rainbow colors that are in the outermost layer of the hill. In fact, color collaboration in this landform is not just a single point but almost complete in the rocks on the hill.

The size of the hill rocks in China Zhangye Danxia Landform is very large and has a very coarse texture. This is what makes the rainbow colors that are on the side of the rock layers look very perfect. This national park is located just north of the Qilian Mountains. This landform is still very young after it was inaugurated in 2014. The location is quite steep making the tourist must have ideal equipment to reach very easily. Moreover, this landform is also located at an altitude of 1.5 km to 2 km above the sea. These geographical conditions must be taken into account before traveling.

Landscape and history of China Zhangye Danxia Landform

Landform which is one of the largest in China is formed from the erosion of sandstone that has a red color. The erosion forms with very hard and large-scale structures and textures. Geographical conditions with the texture of the rocks on this landform have different characteristics. Moreover, added red sand erosion that makes the whole parts of hill looks more impressive. Each of the rock sections on this hill has different density measures. This makes parts of Zhangye Landform look bigger or smaller.

The dominance of red color on the rocks in this landform does look very elegant. At certain times with better weather usually the rock layers will get a direct reflection of sunlight. This will actually create a lot of color collaboration that sticks to the rock walls on the hill. Sometimes, color collaboration and the reflection of rays from the sun will also look elegant with some clouds around this landform. This condition makes some big rocks in the Zhangye part of the landform look like a big castle. The distance between one steep of valley in this landform is also different because it is adapted to the texture and structure of the rock layers.

Easy way to reach to Zhangye Landform

You should consider the travel time required to reach this location. Moreover, the accommodation offered can also be a good choice with the number of visitors and routes taken. Zhangye is one of the small towns in China. This will be a consideration to reach by using an airplane or train. But you have to travel to Lanzhou. Accommodation options that you can use such as:

1. Trip by Train

This is a cheaper accommodation option, but it will take longer. Start your journey from the capital of China, Beijing with travel time of about 18 to 19 hours journey. After that, select a stop in Lanzhou and you can continue the journey up to Zhangye with other route options. Each route will also offer a different time.

2. Trip by Airplane

Don’t worry, Zhangye also has a small airport that can accommodate certain types of aircraft. The airport also receives several flights from other major cities in China. There are about 5 flight schedules to choose from. However, the price of tickets offered is also more expensive about 800 Yuan and the most expensive about 900 Yuan.

Natural attraction at Zhangye Landform

Around the location of Zhangye Landform there are various attractions that have different geographical conditions. Moreover, each of these locations can also be reached very easily. You can spend longer if you want to visit all these interesting attractions. The area of the landform is indeed very large and gives a very different view. In certain seasons with brighter weather conditions you can see directly the peaks of some hills look darker. In fact, some of the hill has a yellow combination to form a rainbow.

Best time to visit China Zhangye Danxia Landform

Consider the best time to visit this China tourist attractions. One of the recommended time options to come to this landform is in the morning. You can see some parts of the hill still have clouds with rainbow colors from the morning sun.


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