4 Gorgeous Facts about Mount Fuji

4 Gorgeous Facts about Mount Fuji

Japan is on the top list for getting experience invaluable culture reservation in the middle of advanced technology. This one of East Asia countries is always has the inviting features to captivate all hearts. From the peak of Mount Fuji to the street foods, Japan is the country of all amazing uniqueness. There are Mount Fugi to get pleasure in Japan tourism. Then learn several Facts about Mount Fuji as landforms in Japan, and get amused instantly!.

Japan is only some of the very few countries in Asia that feel so much proud to wear their traditional attires. There are many festivals in Japan in which people have to come wearing their yukata. Besides, it is a country that loves to take so much care of their neighborhood cleanness. Even, garbage takers in Japan are called hygiene engineer. Japan is a proud country that is always more than stunning.

It is a country that never lets the train come late. The subway and transportation schedule in Japan is one of the best in the world. The accuracy of the schedule is perfect. The head of the train station will apologize personally if the train should arrive late. Even, the organizer will hand the passengers with a piece of official statement in case the passengers have to come late to their companies and schools due to the train late arrival. Japan is indeed a country with manner overdose. That is only one of the exciting values of Japan.

We can learn Japanese personalities and their beautiful countries values through a television documentary. However, we have to step our feet in the country to experience the amazing prettiness. And when we are planning to go to Japan, we need to include Mount Fuji Tour because of so many interesting facts about Mount Fugi.

Mount Fuji Facts

We might have known that Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Its prominent peak is the 35th in the world. Due to the beauty and prominence, Monte Fuji is also listed as one of the cultural sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Fuji Mount Facts
Mount Fuji

Fuji mountain is definitely the scenic beauty that we should visit while visiting Japan. The crater of Japan’s Mt. Fuji is 820 feet deep while the surface diameter is 1,600 feet. With that height, Fuji can be seen from Tokyo, which is nearly 100 kilometers far from the mighty mountain.

Mount Fuji circumference: 75 miles with 30 miles diameter.

Fuji Yama Name

Japanese calls Mount Fuji as Fuji-San (富士山) because they pay a huge respect to it. Many sources say that the name was originated from the Ainu Language. The language is that of native Japanese. Ainu’s Fuji means everlasting life. The word represents the majestic look of the japan’s tallest mountain. However, some linguists suggested that the name is from the Yamato Language. Based on the Yamato Language, Fuji derives from the word Fuchi.

The fact is that it is not a mere word but a name of a Buddhist Fire Goddess. This makes sense since Mount Fuji is an active stratovolcano. Besides, it has a towering symmetrical volcanic cone. This tallest mountain in japan constructed within four phases of volcanic activity starting from 600,000 years ago. It has been a while since the last eruption of this mount. It was on December 16th, 1707 to January 1st, 1708.

All of the name origins are beautiful. They might be disputed but the prettiness of Mount Fuji will remain majestic.

Fuji-San Ascents

Today, thousands of people come each day to enjoy the scenic beauty of Fuji. However, not so many people dare to climb this Japan’s highest mountain due to some reasons. However, to enjoy Fuji-san only from the mountain feet will be enough.

Mount Fuji Ascents
Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is also charismatic due to the ascent history. The first known climber of Mount Fuji was a monk. The first successful climb was in 663 back then. In the following years, only males were allowed to climb Fuji. It was forbidden for females to climb the mountain since women were not allowed to be at the summit of the Mount.

However, in the Meiji Era in the late 19th century, the history changed. Females started to climb the Mount. The first westerner who climbed Fuji-San successfully is Sir Rutherford Alcock. He conquered it in 1860. Meanwhile, the first white female listed in the history is Lady Fanny Parkes. She achieved it in 1867.

The Sacredness of Mount Fuji

The next Mt Fuji facts relate to its sacredness. Mount Fuji or Fuji Yama has been long a sacred mountain for various sects in Japan. The native Japanese, Ainu, worshiped the peak of the mountain. Meanwhile, Shintoists admires the peak to represent the Goddess Sengen-Sama. She is a Goddess who embodies the nature.

Sacredness of Mount Fuji
Sacredness of Mount Fuji

The summit of Monte Fuji is the holy temple for Sengen-Sama. Besides, Fujiko sect believes that Fuji Mount is the valuable compartment of the human soul. But the most popular sacredness is what Japanese Buddhists believe. For them, Mount Fuji is sacred since it is a getaway to the other world.

Mt Fuji Fact: Japan Most Popular Attraction

In so many countries in the world, Japan is portrayed as a country with Cherry blossoms and Fuji Yama. People in the entire world admire Japan for the amazing mountain. No wonder, Mount Fuji is the most popular tourist attraction in the Japan. The Japanese mountain is not only beautiful but breathtaking for its symmetrical shape. The gorgeous scenery of Fuji Mount of the year is in the springtime.

Japan most popular natural attraction
Mount Fuji, Japan most popular natural attraction

It will be so much unforgettable to see the mountain with its snow-covered summit. People have seen that picture in many calendar and magazine. The pink flower of cherry blossoms will make the landscape more than admirable. That is why Fuji Mount has a nickname Konohana-Sakuahime. The name means “causing the flower to vibrantly bloom.”

Those facts about Mount Fuji are enough to attract tourists from all over the world. Besides the beauty of the mountain and the super advanced technology in various aspects of modernity, tourists admire the manners that Japanese show the world with pride. Japan deserves to have the magnificent Fuji-San.

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