India Marble Rocks, a little paradise with beautiful river

India Marble Rocks, a little paradise with beautiful river

India is one of the countries in South Asia that has many cultures and interesting natural attractions. The whole traditions of Indian society also make the tourist attraction can be enjoyed in a long time. One of the tourist sites that can be visited is India Marble Rocks. This region is a river with fairly long distance. The interesting thing to see during this river visit is marble rocks with unique carvings and has a very large size. In fact, the water conditions along the river Narmada also looks cleaner.

All parts of this marble rocks are on the Narmada River which is one of India’s longest rivers. The Narmada River has a length of about 669 miles. There are many marble rocks of different sizes along this river. Especially in this region there are also many monkeys that jump between one marble rocks to each other. The size is not too big on the marble rocks will make it easier to jump the monkey. The condition of this marble rocks has several colors. The white part of the marble rocks is considered to have very high magnesium. In fact, that part is soft enough to get a simple engraving.

The landscape conditions of India Marble Rocks

The scenery around the marble rocks is influenced by the conditions of the Narmada River. The path around the river is often used by many tourists to see all the carvings on the part of Marble rocks. The width of the Narmada River is about 10 m which affects the size of some white marble. This makes some of the white marble form a canyon with a length of about 3 km.

The water conditions in the Narmada River also look pretty clean and provide an opportunity to enjoy the natural scenery very well. Some of the outermost layers of the marble rocks are covered by dark volcanic. During the day some marble rocks are seen to give white reflections of light. However, at night the marble rocks look very impressive with the light that is influenced by the water conditions of the Narmada River.

Easy way to get there

Marble rocks tour is located near one of the small town called Jabalpur. The city belongs to the district of Jabalpur. To reach this location you must enter the state of Madhya Pradesh. You can use a car, bus or airplane from the capital of India. The time required will be tailored to each of the transport.

After you enter Jabalpur district, you have to use the boat to trace the Narmada river route. There are many choices of types of boats that can be used. This will be tailored to the number of tourists who visit the path of the Narmada River. The more the number of visitors then the size of the boat used is also getting bigger. This marble rocks tour is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

Natural attraction that can be enjoyed

There are many choices of India Tourist Attractions in this location that can be enjoyed in a long time along with the family. Visitors can use the cable car to trace some ravines around from marble rocks. In fact, the manager of this resort also provides many boats to bring visitors around the Narmada River. Of course there are several tour guides who will participate in the group.

Geographical conditions that are not too difficult on marble rocks will facilitate the visitors to surround many places. However, to reach some great marble rocks should use a cable car that has been provided. All the downstream paths around this location can only be traced by a special boat. Usually the cost required to use this boat is only 50 rupees. The cost will also be adjusted to the number of passengers and the time it will take.

The best time to go there

The weather conditions and temperatures will affect the entire trip to India Marble Rocks. Don’t forget to calculate the best time to visit that location. The best time to go there is around September to March. At this time, the weather conditions around the Narmada River are very good and the temperature in that place only reached about 29 degrees Celsius. This weather conditions will support your journey to surround many marble rocks.


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