Japan Jigoku Valley, the gateway to Hell

Japan Jigoku Valley, the gateway to Hell

Visit Japan to get an impressive natural tourist experience!. One of them is the journey to Japan Jigoku Valley. This valley is included in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. At this location you will feel the boiling hot water with all the bubbles. This makes some of the inhabitants around this valley call Hell’s Valley. Around the location of this valley you will get a landscape through a steep cliff with a size large enough.

This tourist spot is also famous for its geographical condition which is quite easy to reach. In the vicinity of this valley you will encounter many macaques. This wildly wild Japanese monkey has many populations that make the atmosphere around of the valley look amazing. Actually, the macaques do not have a fixed dwelling around the valley. However, they continue to arrive because officers from the National Park often provide nutrition and food. In this valley you can relax with family or friends to enjoy the steam flow of hot water.

How to reach Japan Jigoku Valley

To reach this natural tourist location you should take into account the time and cost. Jigoku Valley is north of Noboribetsu which is one of the cities that has the best hot springs. You have the option to get this place by train or airplane. Each of these accommodation options will require a different travel time with the cost to be incurred. Here are the details of the use of accommodation that you can consider, such as:

1. Using airplane

This is the fastest way to reach the Jigoku Valley which is in the vicinity of Noboribetsu. You can start this journey from the center of Tokyo capital using Sapporo’s Shin-Chitose Airport. There is a choice of flight schedules that facilitate time and mileage. However, you should consider the costs incurred in using this accommodation option.

2. Using train

Don’t worry about the time required to reach Jigoku Valley. This is because you can use JR Tohoku / Hokkaido Shinkansen. This train has a very fast travel time to reach the next location. Next, you will stop at Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto. Continue your journey by using Hokuto limited express at the last location of Noboribetsu. Traveling with this train will take about 6.5 to 7 hours.

Enjoy many spots of natural attractions

There are many best spots you can enjoy around Jigoku Valley. Moreover, the environment around Kogen National Park looks very natural. The area of the steam flow of hot water in this valley is also very long. You can specify some spots that have lawn chairs. This option is often used for travel with family. One suggestion to consider is to use additional equipment such as a jacket or sweater if you want to spend more time.

The temperature of the hot water flow in Jigoku Valley should be considered. At certain times, you will get water temperature up to 130 degrees Celsius. Enjoy the spring atmosphere with great trees and beautiful plants. In addition, the path to explore Jigoku Valley is also quite safe. Of course you should consider the weather conditions and the best time to visit this tourist site. Based on statistics, Jigokudani Valley gets about 3.3 million tourists each year. You will never feel alone when visiting the hot water valley.

Choice of tours in Jigoku Valley

A wide selection of Japan tourist attractions you can visit and enjoy. Moreover, this option also offers a very beautiful travel experience. You must take into account the time that will be spent in this place. Moreover, there are many places that can be visited with family. In addition, you can enjoy an annual festival that offers a charming tradition. Other weak visit options include:

1. Visit Bear Park

In addition to the hot springs in this valley, you actually have the opportunity to enjoy the choice of other places. The central area of this valley has Bear Park. You can see many bears with all activities. Especially at certain times many of these bears will welcome the tourists.

2. Noboribetsu Festival

This is one of the traditions and events in August that you should see. This festival is only done once a year. There are many activities and traditions that you can see.

The best time to visit Japan Jigoku Valley

There is a choice of the best time you can consider visiting this valley. You can use the time range between January and February. However, to enjoy hot water you should come from December to March.


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