Facts, History, and the Mysterious Sides of the Mighty Nile River

Facts, History, and the Mysterious Sides of the Mighty Nile River

The Nile River has been noted in the history as one of the most important parts of human civilization. Even, a Holy Book mentions about this river to show how it had contributed a lot in ancient Egypt. It is a famous river for the stories in the past. Besides, it is the longest river on earth. The name of Nile is derived from the Greek word Neilos. It means valley. This is so because Nile River created a huge valley along the surrounding area. Besides, Nile floods almost all the lands in Egypt. That way, it leaves the black sediment in the entire area. Therefore, this longest river in the world is also called Ar by the ancient Egyptian. Ar means black in the Egyptian language.

The ancient world’s civilization developed, decayed, and advanced due to the glorious Nile River. The river basin covers one-tenth the Africa continent. The history of cultivation even started the first agriculture arts on the banks of this one of most popular egyptian river. It was on the Nile River bank when human used the plow for the first time to grow some vegetables.

The Borders of Nile River Basin:

  • Mediterranean on the north
  • Red Sea Hills on the east
  • Ethiopian Plateau on the east
  • The East African Highlands on the south
  • Watershed between the Nile, Chad and Congo Basins on the west
  • Marrah Mountains of Sudan on the northwest
  • the Al-Jilf al-Kabīr Plateau of Egypt, and Part of the Sahara in the Libyan Desert on the northwest

The Origin of the Nile River

Of so many ancient rivers in the world, Nile River is unique and puzzling the scientists the most. This river maintains the water debit up for so long. Besides, it flows up the lengths of Egypt along the rainless desert. Yet still, it rises regularly and will flood the surrounding area once a year. These are some the opinions related to the Origin of the Nile Water:

  1. Thales
    This idea suggested that the water of Nile rises upstream in flood because of the strong winds. During summer, the wind holds back the flow of this one of egypt wondrous natural attractions. With that powerful wind, Nile River flood occurs.
  2. Oenopides of Chios (flourished c. 475 BCE)
    This postulate concluded different thing. It said that Nile River shrank due to the heat accumulated on the ground make the underground veins dried. The opposite condition occurs during summer so the river floods intensely.
  3. Diogenes of Apollonia (flourished c. 435 BCE)
    This theory said that it is the sun that controls the debit of the stream.

However, a more reasonable theory related to snow and rain as the main source of the Nile River’s water. It was Eratosthenes (c. 276–194 BCE) the one who drew the map of Nile valley to the lower altitude. He concluded that the heavy rainfalls and loads the river with huge water accumulation that turns out to cause the flood. In addition, a big lake on the northern edge of the river is the source of the water.

The latest conclusion about Nile River has been released. A big lake on the northern edge of the river is the source of the water. However, the Kagera River, the main tributary of Lake Victoria is the true source of Nile’s water. The starting point of the Nile River is the Ripon Falls. It is located on the northern edge of the lake.

Facts about River Nile

  • The cultivation long Nile River Banks is possible with the availability of water from the Nile. Throughout the year, the water keeps flowing despite the high temperature around the area.
  • The Nile River is a crucial transportation mean. Yet, today’s facilities in other kinds of transportation options make the dependency reduced a great deal.
  • Kagera River and The biggest lake of Africa, Lake Victoria, is the source of the River Nile.
  • Ancient Egypt people lived around the Nile River because it was the only source of water, fertile soil since there is almost no rainfall in Egypt.
  • The ancient Egyptians made paper and many others from Papyrus reeds. The papyrus tree grew along the Nile River.
  • In the past, Nile River Flooded between June and September.
  • Nile River does not flood anymore because of the Aswan Dam.

Egypt Water Dam

The Egypt water dam or Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960s. It is an embankment dam that followed the success of the previously built Aswan Low Dam. The Egypt Water Dam has been reducing the flood of Nile River significantly. It has the ability to control the water of Nile River. Besides, it provides more water for irrigation. Besides, it generates hydroelectricity. Similarly to the earlier and ancient implementation of Nile River, Egypt built such great water dam for economy and culture reason.

As a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, Nile River is functional, beautiful, and mysterious at the same time. Being the witness of an important civilization in Egypt, Nile River is famous all over the world. There are many things that people might want to visit around this river. From the history of a prophet to the scary facts of the pharaoh, Nile River is an icon of Egypt that travelers want to experience.

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