Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in Gobi Desert with history of dinosaur’s eggs

Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in Gobi Desert with history of dinosaur’s eggs

Mongolia can be one of the locations you consider. In this country you can enjoy the Gobi desert that offers amazing scenery. In this desert there are various natural phenomena with very impressive conditions. Enjoy rocky hills with a fairly steep shape up to very majestic canyons. In fact, there’s also Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in Gobi Desert. This is one interesting phenomenon that will make your trip unforgettable.

Mongolian Flaming Cliffs become one of the attractions that offer the best travel. Choose this trip for enjoy history in different ways. This site became an important discovery site related to many fossils to dinosaur eggs first by paleontologists in the 1920s. This important discovery can be seen so well that you can also be included in other studies. There are many species of fossils that you can enjoy while traveling around Gobi desert. Moreover, the area around this site also has a very different desert color at certain times.

Accommodation information to Gobi Desert

To reach Gobi desert and visit Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in Gobi Desert is very easy. In fact, you can use cars from several cities like Dalanzadgad and Madalgov. Unpredictable location and road conditions make you have to consider the car to be used. Moreover, you are not advised to only use GPS to get to this location. You should use guide services to avoid getting lost. Moreover, this tour guide will help you to overcome the damage to the car on the road.

Infrastructure around the Gobi desert location is considered unfavorable. To help you travel you should use Sat phone. In addition, prepare also drinking water is quite a lot because the weather and temperature in Gobi desert very hot. Another consideration that can be used is you can enter the tour group to get to this Flaming Cliffs. However, you will find it difficult to visit many interesting places around the site. Using a car is a good option to enjoy longer visit times.

Natural attractions and geographic

Geographical conditions around the Gobi desert do look very unique. You will find Bayanzag Cliffs that have red sand with a very large size. In fact, at any given time all the sand that has this red color will look like a fire. Flaming Cliffs is located northwest of Dalanzadgad with a range of about 63 miles. Around this area there are many thorny bushes with a fairly high size. You should know that this thorny bush becomes a frequently used camel food to surround Gobi desert.

Don’t worry about the geographical conditions that surround this Flaming Cliffs. In the afternoon you will see some of the canyons look very red and tend to be amazing. This phenomenon is due to the reflection of light that makes red sand look very bright. This also makes the climate in this region very extreme. You will feel an excessive summer with very high temperatures. In winter, the climate in this region has very low temperatures. The development of environmental habitats is also lower than other locations because sunlight is blocked by canyons.

Bring important stuff

When you travel to Flaming Cliffs in this area you should prepare some equipment to be used. Moreover, this condition will make you have to use some additional equipment. Sat phone, more drinking water, lotions, to dust-proof glasses are important tools to carry. Moreover, you cannot predict all conditions on the road when going to Gobi desert. The quality of the fabric you use should not be too thin. This is to protect you from extreme temperatures are very high. You are advised to drink plenty of water to avoid excessive dehydration.

The best time to travel

Site with various fossils of dinosaurs became an important part of Mongolian tourist attractions in Gobi desert. You can enjoy the journey of history with various forms of fossil intact. In addition, Gobi desert is very wide you can also explore by using a camel. Especially in certain seasons the temperature in Gobi desert also looks very good. The best time to visit Mongolian Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi Desert is June to August. You will get a temperature that is not too extreme at this time range.


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