Nepal Gokyo Lakes Trek, Overview and best season to get there

Nepal Gokyo Lakes Trek, Overview and best season to get there

Nepal is a country in Asia that has impressive landscapes. One of the tourist destinations you can visit is Gokyo Lakes. In fact, this location is also as freshwater lake that is among the highest in the world. There are many points of tourist destinations owned by this lake. Moreover Gokyo Lakes also has very different tracks to reach Everest. The condition of the road is quite different indeed give influence to the time to reach Everest.

Gokyo Lakes become very spectacular because it has a height up to 5000 mdpl. This lake is located in an area that includes the Sagarmatha national park. The location is very strategic in this lake is often used as an alternative path to achieve Everest with different tracks. Gokyo Lakes are not only visited by climbers who want to reach Everest, but many also sailors who stop to enjoy this lake. The natural conditions around the lake also look very impressive because it has a beautiful panorama.

Important reasons to visit Gokyo Lakes

You will get Nepal Gokyo Lakes Trek that will never be forgotten. The panoramic conditions of Gokyo Lakes will feature peaks with altitudes of up to 8000 m. Moreover, the path used around these lakes is considered as a fairly easy alternative to reach Everest with the support of guides and equipments ideal climbing. There are many challenges you can enjoy while traveling from Gokyo Lakes’ line. At certain times, frequently used lanes look not crowded, making it easier for you to enjoy the whole scene more.

Best way to reach Gokyo Lakes

There are several ways you can use to reach Gokyo Lakes. Usually, this trip will be done in groups with a certain amount. However, you can also travel with 2-3 people. To reach Gokyo Lakes you must trip by flying to Lukla. Usually this trip is done from Kathmandu with a choice of flight schedule is not too much. You should take into account the required tempo time to avoid delay at Kathmandu airport. Another option to start this trip is by bus.

You can only use this bus to get to Jiri from Kathmandu, after being in Jiri you have to continue to Lukla. Total trip by bus from Kathmandu-Jiri-Lukla is about 7 days. After arriving at Lukla, you have to travel through the usual tracks through the Khumbu Valley. The important thing to remember is that you have to bring complete equipment to avoid bad events during the Khumbu Valley. The calculation of travel time that you will need is usually adjusted to the track conditions. You will arrive at Gokyo Lakes after reaching out to Namche Bazzar.

Natural attractions at Gokyo Lakes

The travel time you have to reach Gokyo Lakes will be influenced on geographical conditions. The better the road and weather conditions will usually ease your journey without having to get inhibitions. Tracks to reach Gokyo Lakes found many large stones. In certain seasons, road conditions also look quite bad due to rain. The walls of the hill on some lanes do look bigger because the background of Gokyo Lakes is very steep. In certain parts of the path is also quite slippery so make you have to use the boots are quite thick.

Some trip facts on Gokyo Lakes

The duration required to conduct a Nepal tourist attractions like this usually reaches 14 days. However, this calculation is also adjusted to the accommodation you use from Kathmandu. The climbing journey begins with Lukla. Usually this trip can be done with a group or just a few people. The geographical condition of the tracks to reach Gokyo Lakes looks not too heavy. However, this will be tailored to the entire equipment. The altitude of the path you have to travel is about 5400 m. You should rest on tracks that are not too steep.

The Best time to enjoy Nepal Gokyo Lakes Trek

Of course this trip should be done with the best consideration. This includes taking into account the best time to travel to Gokyo Lakes. Many people who suggest doing this track in the spring that is around March to May. However, you can also visit Gokyo Lakes on autumn which is about September to November. At this time, the geographical and weather conditions look very good because it’s warm enough and the temperature is not too cold either. However, you should also avoid bad weather conditions that are too hot because the path to Gokyo Lakes is full of dust.


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