Asia Tourism in Natural Areas

When making plans on where to go on holiday, Asia may not be the first continent you think about. Even though it is home to a wide and exotic array of beautiful scenery.

Asia natural attractions are numerous in number, the locals have wonderful and often spiritual stories to tell about these attractions. This continent is geographically the largest, and has densest population (60%) in this planet. Looking for the best tourist destination for your vacation ?, asia is a place you dont want to miss. Prepare yourself for the adventure of your lifetime. Below is a list of beautiful places to visit so as to experience the sights… continue reading The Wondrous of Asia Natural Attractions

Natural Attractions of Zhangjiajie Forest Park

China, Zhangjiajie forest park is one of the national forests with unique shape and consists of various trees. This forest is located in Zhangjiajie City which is in the northern Hunan province, in China. This national park also has many plant habitats that are protected by various ages. This scene is very rare in many […]

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India Marble Rocks, a little paradise with beautiful river

India is one of the countries in South Asia that has many cultures and interesting natural attractions. The whole traditions of Indian society also make the tourist attraction can be enjoyed in a long time. One of the tourist sites that can be visited is India Marble Rocks. This region is a river with fairly […]

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Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in Gobi Desert with history of dinosaur’s eggs

Mongolia can be one of the locations you consider. In this country you can enjoy the Gobi desert that offers amazing scenery. In this desert there are various natural phenomena with very impressive conditions. Enjoy rocky hills with a fairly steep shape up to very majestic canyons. In fact, there’s also Mongolia Flaming Cliffs in […]

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Japan Jigoku Valley, the gateway to Hell

Visit Japan to get an impressive natural tourist experience!. One of them is the journey to Japan Jigoku Valley. This valley is included in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. At this location you will feel the boiling hot water with all the bubbles. This makes some of the inhabitants around this valley call Hell’s Valley. Around […]

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China Zhangye Danxia Landform and color rainbow collaboration

One of the tourist destinations you can visit in China is Zhangye National Geopark. This landform is located in the city of Zhangye with an area of approximately 322 squares of kilometers. This landform is very different compared to other National Geopark in China. The fundamental difference is that there is a collaboration of rainbow […]

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Nepal Gokyo Lakes Trek, Overview and best season to get there

Nepal is a country in Asia that has impressive landscapes. One of the tourist destinations you can visit is Gokyo Lakes. In fact, this location is also as freshwater lake that is among the highest in the world. There are many points of tourist destinations owned by this lake. Moreover Gokyo Lakes also has very […]

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Types of Kayaks and the Exotic Destinations to Enjoy Them

Different Types of Kayaks and Who will Need Them If you have some days to spend for a precious vacation, it will be worth it to try Kayaking in Asia and Southeast Asia tours. Kayaking provides more than unforgettable experience for all tourists. Furthermore, it will be a good escape from some stressful problems. Get […]

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