Hidden Paradise in Southeast Asia

Hidden Paradise in Southeast Asia

Uniqueness cultures, local traditions and tourism destinations of countries in Southeast Asia are has different vibe than seattle tourist attractions or other place in the world. Some of them hasn’t been revealed its potential, they’re waiting for you to open up the hidden paradise in this one of regions in Asia.

The famous Maldives is one of best tropical islands as vacation destination, which one in southeast asia is similar Togian Islands, Indonesia. This very beautiful island is located near Gorontalo, one of provinces located in center of Indonesia. Togian is an islands with a seclude location, this natural tourism destinations is still preserved. More than that, there aren’t many people know about this place, even for locals tourist. Besides togian, there are many vacation destinations at countries in southeast asia which is a hidden paradise, here is a summary for some of them.

Togian Islands, Indonesia

Find many different interesting things to enjoy in Togian islands !. Stay in cottage at Togian Islands, then you’ll scape from your stressful daily life. More than that, there are many different species of flora and fauna of marine life in these islands. Therefore, also a great area for scuba diving, even for swimming with jellyfish. Good thing about these jellyfishes is they live in this one of Indonesian hidden paradise. Which means they are freshwater jellyfish, you can freely and safely swim with them, these jellyfishes aren’t sting!

Other than those great asia tourist attractions in Togian are Bajau people !. The unique stuff you can find in this area is the place of these people living. They are known as the sea people, live on the ocean and use sea as source of food and other things for their everyday life. One of the noticeable trademarks of Bajau people are their diving ability. Many of them can swim and dive without using diving apparatus. 40 meter depths is usual depths that they take every day to get fish and other. The other thing that will amaze you is how long they can hold their breath. Some of good diver in Bajau tribes can even hold their breath for 7 minutes. They only use goggles and spear to hunt the fish.

Togian Island Hidden Paradise
Togian Island, Indonesia

Basically, Togian Islands is the best hidden paradise of tropical vacation destination you can choose in center area of Indonesia. Even though it has been included into asia unesco sites. But, the best of all, you don’t need to spend too much money compared to when you decide to visit Maldives. You just need to spend around $600 to stay here for 5 nights. With this amount, you will get everything, from staying place, accommodation, transportation, food and other.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phuket is one of the best choices, one of beautiful beaches in Asia continent. However, you need to deal with crowds when you visit it, especially on peak season. Now, is there place similar to Phuket where you can be freed, but not bothered by crowds ?, answer is YES, this place called Phu Quoc, one of Vietnam hidden paradise.

Phu Quoc is beautiful beach, one of best asia natural attractions. This natural tourist destination has successfully get the award as The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Beach in the World by ABC News. Therefore, you can expect some of preserved nature in this beach, which means if it’s about scenery, this place is one of the most beautiful hidden paradise you can choose.

Phu Quoc Hidden Paradise
Phu Quoc, Vietnam

However, beach isn’t the only thing in Phu Quoc, there are also has great place where you can fish. You can even join fishing tour that is provided by local travel agent. The fishing tours will give a chance to fish squid, and whether catched or not they will cook it for you. If you don’t catch any squid, the staff will help you by providing fresh ingredient for you. Therefore, beside adventure, enjoying culinary trip of delicious fresh made seafood is one package in this Vietnam natural paradise. If you aren’t into fishing, try snorkeling tour. The Phu Quoc under the sea scenery is beautiful, be satisfied with it!.

Near the Phu Quoc, there are waterfall with beautiful scenery. or once again, you can fish here. For relaxation, try to go to Pho Bo cafe (near the beach) !, enjoy the beautiful sunset from this one of southeast asia hidden paradise.

Pulau Tiga, Malaysia

Are you big fans of Survivor ?, then you must be familiar with local condition when you arrive in this one of malaysia hidden tourist attractions. But, that’s not all, Pulau Tiga also has lot of beautiful spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are many different coral and wide variety species of tropical fishes. Visit this place on August, for seeing the mating cuttlefish event.

Pulau Tiga Hidden Paradise
Pulau Tiga, Malaysia

Other reason of why this place is one of best asia getaway destinations is, there are many spots for mud bathing in Pulau Tiga. Try to bath with volcanic mud!, it’s believed that this mud has healing properties and containing lot of useful material for your healthy. You also can observer the wildlife in this island. There are many of them that can catch your attention, such as proboscis monkey, hornbills and many more.

Reaching Pulau Tiga is easy. You just need to go from Kuala Penyu or Kota Kinabalu by boat. It only takes 2 hours journey by boat and you will arrive at this place. For budget plan, you don’t need to prepare too much money to get to one of this beautiful asia heritage sites. It’s only $730 for 5 nights stay. All done!, complete from staying place to accommodation and other things.


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