Russia Valley of the Geysers and the perfect time to visit

Russia Valley of the Geysers and the perfect time to visit

Russia became one of the countries that have natural phenomena geyser. Moreover, Russians geysers is also included in one tourist destination that can be visited. One of them is Russia Valley of the Geysers located on Kamchatka Peninsula. Geyser is a tourist destination because it has the second largest concentration of geysers in the world and geographies conditions are not too steep. The basin on this geyser measures approximately 3.7 miles integrated with 9 geysers. Each of these geysers is a great source of hot water. In fact, the temperature of the water released by this geyser reaches 250 degrees centigrade.

The development of the valley of the geyser starts from the first discovery of 25 July 1941. This geyser was discovered by natural reserve scientists. Three months later, there are other geysers found that are also in the vicinity of the valley. Valley of the Geyser is located near the eastern coast of the Kamchatka peninsula. The valley is also located between several volcanoes located about 180 km northeast of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The frequent development of geysers draws attention from the interest of scientists to research.

Natural conditions and geographical environment

The valley is integrated with many geysers it has a size of about 4 km distance on each of the geysers. In fact, the highest size of the geyser that can be seen reaches about 400 m. The development of geysers is occurring to form a canyon with different sizes. In this location there are about the recovery of the canyon. All the geysers in the valley become one of the hot springs. Many people make visits to this location to conduct research or travel. Natural conditions with geyser distances far enough until the caldera issued into one of the best natural attractions that can be seen.

Around the valley of this geyser there is also a volcano with a large mud eruption. Periodically some of the geysers with boiling water will mix with the mud from the volcano. It also makes the entire shape of the canyon visible. Some active geysers in this valley will continue to release hot springs with an unspecified time. In fact, the discharge from the hot springs will also continue to grow in accordance with the conditions of the climate. Each of these geysers will have different thickness and adjusted with the water discharge.

The geyser phenomenon that continues to occur with the hot water debit is pretty much also gives effect to the ecosystem that is located around that location. Moreover, hydrothermal evolution with the number of canyons is larger and quite high. In this region only found ecosystems such as algae, mosses, until vascular plants. Only this type of plant is able to survive well against geyser phenomena with excessive hot springs.

Transport to Russian Valley of The Geysers

The geographic structure is not very good to make visitors this geyser must use special transportation. One is to use a helicopter to reach the valley of the geyser. Moreover, the hot springs from geysers can be very dangerous when visiting this place by walking or using a car. This helicopter can also reach several geysers closer to see the phenomenon of bursts of hot water mixed with the caldera. However, the cost required to travel by helicopter is about 53 thousand rubles.

This one of Russia tourist attractions is not a low cost trip. Climate and temperature are a factor to travel by helicopter. Although geysers will provide hot springs, but the temperature around the valley is very cold. Moreover, Russia also has a very bad cold temperature. Use additional equipment that makes all parts of the journey better with a thicker jacket.

Best time to visit geysers

Russia also has several different seasons with unpredictable temperatures. However, to travel to Russia Valley of the Geysers is in the spring or summer. Do not make a visit in the winter because the weather around the geyser is bad enough. Moreover, this condition will also affect the helicopter that is used to see the geyser in a shorter distance. In summer and winter the temperature around the geysers is also not too bad and wind tends not to be too strong.


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