Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa Oasis and cultural traditions

Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa Oasis and cultural traditions

Al Hasa became one of the tourist attractions that are in important areas of the traditional oasis in eastern Saudi Arabia. This tourist attraction has a history that comes from the name of the region’s governor. Location of Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa Oasis is located in one of the provinces with a location of about 60 km which is calculated from the Persian Gulf. The geographical structure and population of this region are well known for having excellent skill in sewing. This oasis also includes one of the largest in the world with good enough condition.

In general, this dessert has a more different atmosphere than the other oases in the Persian Gulf region. Al-Hasa will offer a very traditional old-town appearance with an ever-expanding environment. The condition of the population that continues to maintain the tradition in this city is considered to protect traditional culture so as not to disappear due to modern development. In fact, in this city there are still traditional markets that include the oldest in the eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia.

Geographical conditions and location

The geographical conditions displayed on Al-Hasa Oasis are actually similar to those in all parts of Saudi Arabia. However, the visitors still enjoy the desert conditions with a very well-preserved old town. In fact, the architectural design of several large buildings and residential residents at this location also has not changed. Traditional markets opened in this location are also very crowded and sell a variety of products such as perfume, clothing, oil, spices and more. In fact, there are also some antique dealers who will offer products such as cooking supplies, old cars, to colored carpets.

Although Al-Hasa is located in a fairly wide desert region, but the geographic conditions around this location look greener than other locations. There are some plants that are used as a color plant or just to be a food for cattle and camels. Background with old buildings also looks very big and clean. In Al-Hasa there are also residential residents who have large walls with east architecture. Visitors will see many palm trees around the houses. Al-Hasa is also known as the best quality date palm producer around the Persian Gulf. The condition of the desert is not widespread enough to make people in Al-Hasa lack of water. Because here there are also hot sulfur springs.

Natural attractions of Al-Hasa Oasis

There are many choices of Saudi Arabia tourist attractions that can be enjoyed with widespread desert conditions. The spots are traditional market with various products, Ibrahim palace, inside palace museum, and some of desert scenery. The traditional market located in Al-Hasa has a fairly large size. This market can accommodate local buyers and sellers. This market condition does not look like in general. Visitors can also participate in transactions in this market. Although the market architecture looks older, it is rare in Saudi Arabia.

Visitors can also enjoy the palace of Ibrahim which is not far from the reach of traditional markets. Conditions around the palace are also not too crowded because some of the palace is only used for prayer. The less complicated geographical conditions also affected the architecture of this palace which seemed simpler. Visitors can also enjoy the museum inside the palace with various collections. Another trip that can be enjoyed along with the entourage is to visit Mount Al-Qara. This mountain has several caves that display quite different natural conditions in the middle of the desert.

Archeology in Saudi Arabia Al-Hasa Oasis

Al-Hasa has an impressive history with various archaeological remains. There are many sites that bear witness to the development of culture and traditions in the region. Some of the archaeological sites that can be seen directly like the Juwana Mosque, Al-Aqeer port, Al-Kabeer mosque, Ibrahim’s palace, Al-Oyan, to Samoud Palace. Each of these visits to this site will usually be charged additional fees. The entire site is also included in the care and maintenance of the Saudi Arabian government.

Great time to visit

Al-Hasa includes areas that have a tropical climate with a fairly hot temperature. In fact, the calculation of time in this tropical climate occurs for up to five months. However, for the best time calculation while visiting Al-Hasa is entering a fairly cold climate. This is because the weather does not have a hot temperature and not a lot of dust disrupts the trip.


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