Siem Reap Ta Prohm Trees in Temple of Angkor

Siem Reap Ta Prohm Trees in Temple of Angkor

Cambodia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that has many temples to visit by tourists. Traditions and history became the attractive backdrops of heritage sites in this country. Location in Cambodia which has many temples is Angkor, which is in Siem Reap province. For now we’re gonna focus on Ta Prohm, One of temples in Angkor, Siem Reap. Ta Prohm Temple Trees is 1 km east from Angkor Thom. This location is also located at the southern end of Siem Reap eastwest. An interesting fact from Ta Prohm is that location has not changed since it was first discovered by archaeologists.

In the vicinity of Ta Prohm there are many large trees and various ruins from other buildings that make tourism destination that also known as Angkor jungle temples is very photogenic. Ta Prohm is very popular for many foreign tourists. UNESCO also makes Ta Prohm a world heritage and enforces conservation to restoration periodically. This is to maintain the quality of temple and the surrounding environment of Ta Prohm. Some statistics also show that this temple is getting an ever-increasing visit in each year. Excellent natural conditions are another reason for tourists to visit Siem Reap Ta Prohm Temple Trees.

Development of Cambodia Ta Prohm Temple Trees, Siem Reap

Ta Prohm was discovery by archaeologists adds to many sites in the Angkor region. This has led many Indian archaeologists to restore in most of the temple region. Easy access around Ta Prohm also makes many archaeologists to travel more quickly. To protect this cultural heritage, local government has build a good fence with a large size around Ta Prohm. This is also to avoid damage due to tourist visits very much at a certain time.

Until now, places around Ta Prohm can accommodate more than 12 thousand to 13 thousand people to perform traditions or rituals. Local people in Angkor, Siem Reap especially around Ta Prohm also always follow those rituals that performed at Ta Prohm. In fact, some of them also provide additional places for tourists who want to take a closer look at those ritual parts. Local people also participate to maintain natural conditions around this cambodia heritage site destination. Forest condition with its still excellent nature is considered to be an impressive attraction that makes tourists and visitors more excited to explore.

Natural attractions of Ta Prohm Temple

Siem Reap Ta Prohm is indeed one of the important monuments that are part of Cambodia tourist attractions. The temple is above ground level that is easy to reach by many tourists. Forest conditions that are still very natural actually affect access to the quality of the architecture. Tourists can take a closer look at the size and design of the architecture at Ta Prohm with many trees trying to strangle some parts. Of course this moment became one of the attractions for tourists who still want to enjoy the purity of the design of the monument.

There are many large trees that squeeze several important temples, including Ta Prohm. However, archaeologists and tourists do not make it an obstacle to exploration. In fact, some of them call Ta Prohm a forest temple with the best view. The natural condition with the large tree is also sometimes almost destroyed some of the structure of the stone on the temple. This makes Ta Prohm get restoration for a longer time. Sometimes, some of the trees around Ta Prohm are also cleaned so as not to be too intrusive from architectural structures.

Natural conditions with less complicated paths make tourists able to reach locations from Ta Prohm quite easily. The forest around this temple site also has several large trees with many habitats that will accompany during the trip. To reach parts of Ta Prohm visitors will need special equipment to make the path easier. The complex of Angkor temple has a size of about 65 hectares with the condition of the forest is still very good. Tourists will need more time to search for many temples, including Ta Prohm.

Best season to visit Cambodia, Siem Reap Ta Prohm Temple Trees

Cambodia is in a tropical climate with only 2 seasons. However, the temperature and weather conditions in each of the seasons are unpredictable. Visitors should visit in the dry season from November to April. Weather conditions in the dry season are better and will be avoided from rain around forest areas. Especially in this dry season the path around Ta Prohm is also better and not muddy.


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