Wakhan Pamir; A Unique Nomadic Life in the Roof of World

Wakhan Pamir; A Unique Nomadic Life in the Roof of World

Wakhan Pamir, also popular as Wakhan Corridor, is a narrow territory in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. This location extends to China. Besides, it separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. Why is it called Wakhan Pamir? It is called so because of the corridor wedges between the Pamir Mountains to the north. To the south is the Karakoram area. The corridor dimension is 350 km long and 13-65 km wide.

The area of Wakhan Pamir is a trade route. Additionally, the valley has been a travelers’ track to go to the East, South, and Central Asia. In 2010, Wakhan Corridor is inhabited by 12,000 people. People should not confuse between Wakhan and Pamir because the northern part of the Wakhan is commonly referred as the Pamir.

The Pretty Geography of Wakhan Pamir

Wakhan Pamir is a spectacular spot for its geography and topography. In addition, travelers can enjoy a superb rural culture in that very place. Not to mention the historic legacies; this will leave the travelers in awe. When visiting Pamir, Wakhan is the awesome place to visit. Wakhan Pamir has sheer valley sides that look gorgeous with its snow-capped peaks. The topography changes dramatically as it reaches the upper part of Wakhan.

“Experience an unexpected Cherry Blossom in Wakhan Pamir”

Geographically, Wakhan shows the separation of British and Russian empires in the 19th century. Today, Wakhan Pamis looks amazing for its vivid international boundaries. Travelers will feel the political unconformity when entering the area. Some of the travelers have to struggle with the environment harshness at the same time.

However, this place has a unique charm and seasonal atmosphere. Travelers can see thick snow in the freezing temperature that can reach below 15 Celsius. And it is so much gorgeous to see the cherry blossom in this place. Living in that pretty place is the Wakhis. They live in a community that runs agriculture business. They grow potatoes and wheat.

The best time and high season of Wakhan Pamir is relatively short

The high season starts in May or June. The season will end in September or early October. It is important to pay attention to the best time to visit Wakhan because of the melting snow time. From April to early June, the river can have high water.

This is due to the melting snow. That makes the access harder for all tourists. The river will be impassable. People will not be able to go there by vehicles and animals. Even, trekkers will not be able to pass the place by foot.

For a more comfortable tour, travelers can take the late summer time. The weather will be nice and it will be easier to cross the streams and rivers in the late summer times. August to mid-September is the most recommended time.

Get prepared perfectly for reaching the remotest place in Asia in Wakhan Pamir

It is that extreme to deciding to go to Wakhan. Wakhan corridor is one of the hardest tour destinations in Asia. The tour is expensive. It is also time-consuming. The high season is short and it is not a place where travelers want to stay in long holiday duration. Yet, the transportation and travel need high cost.

Additionally, travelers need to be very careful and informed with the societies. There are at least two locals; Kyrgyz and Wakhis to meet in Wakhan Pamir. The Kyrgyz are hard to communicate and not so open to strangers.

However, Wakhan corridor is still an incredible place. The peacefulness will not be found anywhere else. Besides, Wakhis are quite friendly and helpful. English is somehow impossible to use in Wakhan corridor. The people speak Iranian languages and Ismaili Shia languages. In the higher area, the pastoral Kyrgyz are the inhabitants. They are generally Sunni and speak Kyrgyz.

Wakhan Pamir is part of Afghanistan; which is not talked fairly

We have heard a lot of notorious sides of Afghanistan. People usually feel afraid of leaving for this place. The world says that Afghanistan is a country of terror and illegal weapons. But that is not all of the stories. Even, some of the news is not true. Afghanistan is full of amazing adventure. It has a bizarre landscape. And visiting Wakhan Pamir can summarize the unique beauty of Afghanistan gorgeously.

Wakhan Pamir is called the “Roof of the World” by the locals for some reasons. This is a stunning place for a trekking. Travelers will be able to fill their empty puzzle of nomadic life experience in Wakhan Pamir. It will be worth the hardship of walking to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Wakhan Pamir.

This place has no government services. The large area of this region has no roads and electricity. Additionally, along with the journey, travelers will be able to meet the Wakhi. The hospitality and peacefulness of Wakhan will provide a special memory for all backpackers. Besides, In Wakhan, travelers will see that Wakhis usually have two homes. One home is for the summer and one is for winter.

What to Do in Wakhan Pamir?

Mostly, trekking is the main activity that travelers will love to do. However, some travelers feel that it is too far to reach the place. But the wonderful view in the mountainous area of Wakhan makes it worth the hardship. The travelers can explore the place and see the nomadic people right from their stone homes. It will be amazing to experience such thing in this ultra-modern world.

Wakhis live in semi-portable homes of stones and tents made of felt. In addition, those people will show a wonderful way of living. Depending on the season, they will move their homes and stocks as well. Besides, will go to the different valley just to get a proper comfort and protection. The people trade sheep, goats, and the related products. They trade the commodities for clothing, foods, and other necessities.

To visit Wakhan Pamir is not a simple journey. It is an extraordinary travel that is exclusive and superb. Only those who are courageous and passionate will pick this place as their traveling wish list.


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