Palawan Island, The Most Advisable Southeast Asia Honeymoon Destination

Palawan Island, The Most Advisable Southeast Asia Honeymoon Destination

Have you ever heard the term Vitamin Sea? Well, if you feel so much stress due to your college life or work life, you will get rid of the stressful problems as you visit a beautiful beach. A beach is that powerful for healing human’s mind. In addition, a beach is also inspiring in terms that it has all that we want to view when bodies feel exhausted with life. It is so romantic to see a sky meets the sea in a serene way, just like which served on Palawan Island. Talking about the best beach in the world will lead us to come to the place where the most exotic beaches are ready to serve tourists with unbelievable refreshment.

Southeast Asia is the best destination for it. A Hundred beaches with the luxurious amenities are there in Southeast Asia. Breathtaking scenery, the enchanting waves for surfing, the white and pink sands, and the gorgeous sunsets are available in all countries in Southeast Asia. Not to mention the exotic islands for us to lie down and feel relaxed. One of the best islands to visit in Southeast Asia is Palawan Island, Philippine.

Lately, social media gives much surprising news related to fabulous people who travel for their heart. It is so heartwarming since faith in humanity and human’s personality finally restored. The internet gives people opportunities to show off but it is also powerful service to spread a spirit, just like travel stories of Ayşe Kurucu – who became known as Ayşe Teyze (Aunt Ayşe). The latter is what modern world requires from the internet. If we want to experience the same thrilling experience of traveling, Palawan Island can be the best bet.

Tourism Destinations with Truly Majestic Coastlines

Unbelievably, it has 1,780 islands and small islets. It is a vast plethora with a romantic view that will make all superb vacation. Travelers can go to one beach and another one within one trip only. Despite the undeveloped look of the beaches and islands, tourists can still enjoy various great spots.

Inside the exotic beauty of Palawan beach Philippines, tourists will love to also join the local people who live a quite traditional life with their unique belief. In addition, white sandy beaches in the islands are special. The warm ambiance and the refreshing breeze in the beaches will touch the tourists in their heart.

It is necessary that travelers start their vacation from the place that can really touch them. Palawan Island will be the best place for the beach lovers. It is a slice of heaven with exotic wildlife. In addition, Palawan Island is the beautiful place for fishing. People can not only sit and wait for their rod to move but also come to enjoy the super beautiful quaint fishing village in Palawan Island. What is so wonderful about this place is because it is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Water Sport in Palawan Beach and Island

Today, just to walk and sunbathe under the sun by the beach will be too ordinary. It is the time for people to enjoy some water sports. Some of them are extreme but they are all worth trying. We can do various water sports in El Nido. Tourists from all over the world will enjoy diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking around the islands (read also: types of kayaks). During certain seasons, there are some festivals and water sports competition in the region. It will be perfect if travelers can enjoy the beach and experience the events at the same time.

In addition to water sports, people can try conquering the landscape by mount biking. The mount bike rent costs only $20- $25. That is incredibly cheap for the bike quality and the excitement offered.

Spend Your Next Honeymoon in Palawan Island, Philippines

When leaving for a Honeymoon tour, newlywed couples might want to enjoy a quiet and romantic atmosphere of a beach holiday. However, it will be boring if it is only a holiday with an Adirondack glider chair and a pineapple juice. The umbrella ornament on top of the pineapple juice is no longer special.

A honeymoon travel should be full of adventure and experience. Philippines Palawan beach and Island will give it all, it has Calauit Game Preserve. It is an animal conservation where visitors can meet some endangered animals. The site is the wildlife sanctuary where tourists can take a walk and inhale the fresh air comfortably. In addition, travelers can explore the Japanese shipwrecks of Coron Island around the area.

Beaches and Island in Palawan isn’t only beautiful on the surface. People can swim and dive with the most stunning scenery underwater. The island is one of the best sites for snorkeling and diving. So, travelers have to take their time to explore the island and then rent a boat to go to the diving site. It is easy to find a diving tool rents around the island so the travelers can always travel light to this Palawan Island. For those who are leaving for enjoying a romance in this place, a guided boat tour of the Puerto Princesa will give the couples unforgettable start of their colorful life. The site is where the underground river will take the tourists’ breath away.

Palawan Island Resorts

We do not have to worry about some hotel rooms. If we wish to experience a more luxurious stay in Palawan Island, the resorts will welcome us with the world class amenities. The rate is quite affordable for the amazing facilities.

  • El Nido Resort Lagen Island
  • Cadlao Resort
  • Orange Pearl Beach Resort

Among these three, Orange Pearl Beach Resort is the cheapest. Despite the affordable rate, tourists can still enjoy a fancy facility at the resort.

Meanwhile, for those who want to enjoy another experience and asking for how to get to palawan, a guest house can be a good choice. This is a warm place that will be suitable for those who are backpacking. The rate is under $10 per night and that is pretty awesome. Besides, tourists can also choose villages instead of hotel rooms and resorts. Makulay Logge and villas are one of the best. To spend some beautiful moments in Palawan Islands will give people refreshment and sweet memories. This will be an affordable tour for everyone. Love birds will like it. Families will treasure it. And friends can color their youth with the beautiful memories about this Palawan Island.

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