Macau Tourist Attractions

Macau Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Macau is famous with its casinos and rich of culture. Macau culture is combination between Chinese and Portuguese culture. And that makes Macau is interesting region that you should visit before you die. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Macau, especially those which are related with culture such as museums, temples, squares, and many more. Also, you can give a try to visit some casinos in there. Even though you do not play the gambling, you can just go sightseeing on the outside, and enjoy the architecture. If you want to stay longer in Macau, there are also plenty choices of hotels and resorts. And the following below are going to be the further information about tourist attractions in Macau.

Tourism Profile

Before you go to Macau, it is better to know its history which makes this region is interesting to be visited. Macau is an autonomous territory which is located in the southeast of China. Macau has its own currency, flag, and offer free visa for more than 70 countries arrivals which are different with China’s. Portugal has rented Macau territory from China on the 16 century. They also stabilized it by building profitable colony and port. On December 20th in 1999, China has transferred back Macau to its territory. That was the first and the last European settlement in China, and also the beginning of a region. This makes Macau is richer of culture combination and the related tourist attractions among other China territories.

Natural Attractions

If you are searching for good natural places in Macau, you will find some of natural attractions in there. Macau has several parks and gardens, a lake, and beaches. These are some of natural attractions in Macau.

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

Lou Lim Ieoc Garden has the most Chinese atmosphere of all Macau. You can see from the first, there is a gate which has Chinese temple shape. For the history of this garden, Lou Lim Ieoc garden is built in 19th century by wealthy Chinese merchant named Lou Kau. But, it was inherited by his son named Lou Lim Ieoc which became the garden name. This garden was fallen into ruins after it was declined by the family fortunes. But, what the garden look like now is caused by the government by purchasing and restoring the garden, so that this place can be opened for public attraction from 1974.caused by the government by purchasing and restoring the garden, so that this place can be opened for public attraction from 1974.

Hac Sa Beach (Black Sand Bay)

Hac Sa Beach is the largest natural beach in Macau. You can find this beach is on the southeast side of Coloane Island. You can see and enjoy the uniqueness of the color of the beach sand which is naturally has black color. It gets that color from minerals in the seabed which are washed ashore. The beautiful beach can be seen for a kilometer long. But, how black is the sand you can see now is not as black as it used to be because of the erosion which was gradually chipping away the beach. Therefore the government decided to top up this beach. But, the black dark sand is muted because of the yellow sand replacement.

Heritage Sites

Speaking of heritage sites, Macau is the place where you can find various kinds of them. Heritage sites in Macau are plenty which you can choose to visit, from its museums, temples, ruins, and squares. The architecture of those places are mixture of Chinese and Portuguese culture which is very interesting to be seen.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

The most famous of Ruins of St. Paul’s is its grand stone stairs and front façade which is the one and only remains of the greatest church in this place. This site is stands near from the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. There are remaining three tiers which are the most decorated. You can see Jesus statue which stands on the fourth tier, while the statue of Madonna stands in the center of the third tier. You can find the various patterns such as angels, devils, a Portuguese sailing ship, crucifixion symbols, and many more on the bas-reliefs which covers the walls.

Senado Square

When you are in Senado Square you will not feel that you are visiting Chinese territory, because the square’s atmosphere is so Europe. It is very enjoyable by going for walk and sightseeing around the square. You will be surprised by colonial church and architecture. This heritage site is perfect for you that desire a light vacation which is just go for walk, enjoy the surroundings, and snap some moments and scenery.

Getaway Destinations

Besides of the cultural and historical spots, Macau also has some casinos and pleasure spots which make this region famous. These are some of them.

Casino Lisboa

This is one of the recommended getaways destinations to be visited when you are in Macau. You can find this destination in the center of Macau Casino Lisboa has impressive building which is shaped uniquely that attracts a lot of tourist to come here. Not only for gambling, you can also just go for a walk and enjoying the décor from outside.

Macau Tower

This is the important landmark that you have to visit in Macau. Macau Tower was the eight highest in Asia which was designed by New Zealand famous architect, Gordon Moller. It is 338 meters above the ground which is perfect to be a place for various challenging attractions such as bungy jumping, skywalk, tower climb, and else.

Typical Food

If you have not give a try for Macanese food yet while you are in Macau, there will be something missing. The following below are going to be some of them.

Macanese Samosas

These are the savory pastries which come from Indian culture. Macanese Samosas are made of mixture of ground pork or beef which is wrapped by such a Chinese egg rolls. When you bite this, you can taste black pepper, vinegar, cinnamon, and other spices in the inside.

Arroz Gordo

This is a fried rice dish which is cooked when there is feast. Arroz Gordo is packed with layers of some meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and sausage which is also combined with some sautéed vegetables.

That is all about Macau tourist attractions that you can visit from the light vacation spots like garden and square until the challenging one like bungy jumping in Macau Tower. Also, do not forget to give a try to its cuisine which rich of taste.