Tourist Attractions in North Regional Area

Tourist Attractions in North Regional Area

Asia Tourist Attractions – Some people are unfamiliar with tourist attractions in North Asia. Yes, it’s because people think that Northern Asia is Russia. It’s not surprising because the region consist of Siberia and Russian Far East. However, you should prepare to discover lots of breathtaking tourist attractions in this sub-region of Asia. From frozen mountainous, green grasslands, sparkling lakes, to flickering city lamps. These place are waiting for tourists around the world. Check out the list below!

North Asia Countries Tourism Profile

As what we know, North Asia is also famous as Asian Russia or Russian Asia. It is because the large part of the region combines the far-eastern part of Russia and Siberia. The very popular area in this region is an area east of Ural Mountains. More than 38 million of Russians are living here. After the process of European-oriented Russification, the indigenous Siberians become the minority group during the last three centuries. Yet, you still can experience the culture of indigenous Siberians, along with other great natural to man-made attractions.

Natural attractions

As you open North Asia’s map, you will realize how broad the region. You should start to imagine there might be plenty of awesome natural attractions. Siberia and the Far East has frozen soil after never-ending snows, rugged mountains, untraversable forests, and many others. Here is the top list of North Asia’s natural attractions that you should visit in your trip here.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth. It is also one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. The depth is 5,387 ft. Located in southern Siberia, Lake Baikal is a look-like fairy-tale spot during frozen winter. Why? The water is completely frozen forming a crystal-clear ice sheet over 3 ft. This is a unique phenomenon that you should witness once in your lifetime. You should sneak peak into its underwater world in a stop motion.

Here, there is more than 3,500 species of aquatic floras and faunas inhabiting the lake. They are endemic, so you can’t find them in another place. Moreover, there is another interesting thing to see. It is the frolic “nerpas” on the rock scattered around the lake. Nerpas are one of the three species of freshwater seals on the Earth. This is the reason why Lake Baikal is also popular as “the Peal of Siberia” for its unstoppable beauty.

Altai Mountains

Do you look for a good place for hiking or climbing? Bordering Kazakhstan and Republic of Altai in the south of Western Siberia, Altai Mountain is an ideal place to hop in. You can find the best natural beauty in the territory of Altaisky Kray. Most of the place is covered by mountains and woods with low rainfall and pleasant temperatures during summer.

Don’t worry about the route. You can start at the starting point in Barnaul. It is accessible by bus, train, or plane from Novosibirsk. There is also resort of Belokurikha in the southern part. This place becomes a home for several rest homes. People name it as domaotdykha. There are several activities you can do in this resort such as trekking, skiing, taking care your health by medical facilities served, or simply enjoying the natural scenery. On your way, you can also stop by at two museums in the town. It is Altai State Art Museum and Altai Museum of Regional Studies and History.

Kurile Islands

Kurile Islands or Kurilskiye Ostrova is a chain of volcanic islands. The volcanoes are towering like touching the sky while surrounding by violent seas. However, the route to reach the islands is quite far. It takes about one and a half days from Korsakov. The closest port on the island is Ostrov Sakhalin. The most accessible destination in the chain is Yuzhno-Kurilskon. This is the island of Ostrov Kunashir where you can enjoy whole day fishing. Meanwhile, the most beautiful island is Ostrov Shikotan. You can enjoy the sunny microclimate along the year.

Heritage Sites

North Asia region consist of several world’s wonders and heritage sites that worth to be visited. From amazing natural to buildings give you a worth-travel-day ever. Check out below.

Volcanoes of Kamchatka

In the Kamchatka peninsula, there is a large volcanic belts consist of about 160 volcanoes. The 29 of them are still active until today. Those 29 volcanoes have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List sites that worth to be protected as world volcanic phenomena. From the list, Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the highest volcano and the most active in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, Kronotsky is famous for the most beautiful volcano. It has the most striking and perfect cone. However, you might can only access three of them, Avachinsky,Koryaksky, and Kozelsky. Surrounding the central side valley, there is Kamchatka River with its sparkling water adding more beauty to the whole scenery. You can also visit Geyser Valley. It is a popular valley in Eurasia. It has the story after being destroyed by massive mudslide in 2007.

Ukok Plateau

In the central of southwestern Siberia, there is a remote and unspoilt grasslands area. It is also one of world heritage sites. Ukok Plateau is famous for the Golden Mountains of Altai. This place has many of endangered species in the world living here. There are some such as snow leopard, steppe eagle, black stork, and argali mountain sheep.

Getaway Destinations

Don’t stop here, there are still some more places to explore in Siberia and Far East Russia. Now, let’s check them out one by one.


The first place to stop is the Paris of Siberia, Irkutsk. This Siberian city is one of the best developed for accommodate tourists. Here, you can enjoy lots of unforgettable activities where the culture and city life met. However, you can’t separate art from this city. Remained as integral part of the city, you can enjoy several art performance, such as from Sukachev Art Museum, Sukachev Estate, and Irkutsk Philharmonic Orchestra. It is one of the largest art galleries in the east part of Ural Mountains.

Take a note, along ulitsa Gagarina, you can enjoy a beautiful riverside park. This is a starting point to take a tour in the city. If you are looking for some souvenirs, take a round at a marketplace at the Ulitsa Chekhova. In this central market, you can find various four-storey indoor and outdoor bazaars. You can also learn about history of Siberia. You can enjoy the local museum at Ulitsa Karla Marksa or the exhibition in the Church of our Saviour.


Vladivostok is the San Fransisco of Russia because its steep streets and Pacific location. At the back time between 1958 and 1991, this area was closed to foreign shipping but now become popular destination. Instead of the steep streets, you can enjoy the beautiful views of ocean and city while turns and twists along the streets. The climate in this area is very pleasant to visit during summer, but can turn very cold during winter.

Tobolsk Kremlin

Founded in 1587, Tobolsk Kremlin is a great place for learning the history of old Kremlin. The stone walls and the towers around the Kremlin building were built at the beginning of 18th century. Inside, you can find several cathedrals with amazing architecture such as the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh and many more. The building is about 200 ft above Tobol and Irtysh rivers. It is towering skyward beautifully.

Food Attractions

Something is missing without having a taste of Siberia and Far East Russia dishes. There are lots of food attractions from North Asia that you should try in your visit here.


Borscht is a beetroot soup that popular in several Eastern European dishes including Russia. Due to beetroot as the main ingredient, the color of the soup is in a distinctive red color. But, you can also enjoy the other variations including green borscht and white borscht. On the table, borscht usually provide along with a sour cream. You can choose other thing such as Smetana, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, or pampushky and uszka. Those are some foods that you should try. You can find them on the street food stall.


Pelmeni is a kind of popular dumpling from this region, particularly in Perm, Udmurtia. Inside its unleavened dough, you can taste minced meat or fish mixed with various spices to create a delicious filling. It may kind of similar with dumplings from other region, but the differences are the dough. It is thicker, higher, raw, and non-sweet filling.


Pirozhkiis a small pie that baked or fried after stuffed with a variety of fillings. Mostly, the buns is commonly containing meat, egg, or other vegetable fillings. The size is slightly smaller than hamburger which perfect for individual eating. You can enjoy pirozhki along with soup. It is tasty and savory.

After reading those attractive list of tourist attractions in North Asia above, you should pack your bags. There is no more reason to miss this region for your next travel destination, doesn’t it? Book your ticket right now!