Russia Tourist Attractions

Russia Tourist Attractions

Asia Tourism – Russia is a big country and is among the most populous countries in the world. Russia used to be part of Uni Soviet with Slavic countries until it broke down and separated into several countries. If you want to go and explore Russia, there are famous place to go. Here is the list of Russia tourist attractions that tourists can explore.

Tourism Profile

Russia, previously part of Uni Soviet, is a country of wonder. It’s diverse people and culture take the most slots of what makes this country highly visitable. Located in the border of Asia and Europe, Russia comes as a distinct country with distinct attraction. From natural, historical, to culinary attractions, Russia has rich mix of culture from Asia and Europe. It blends very well and create a distinct and unique attractions.

Natural Attractions

Baikal Lake

If we are talking about the natural attraction of Russia, Baikal Lake is definitely one of the best. It is acknowledge as the deepest and largest lake in the world. Baikal Lake is in Baikal province. It has frosty high mountains around the area. The length of this lake is 636 km and 80 km of width. The lake is also full of sweet water. People believe that the most contribution of sweet water ranked up 20 percents of total sweet water in the world. Visiting this big and wide lake is truly a wonder. During winter, the lake turns into beautiful skating land with frosty and clear ice. Visiting the lake in both winter and non winter season is eye-pleasing. To make sure you are able to visit this lake, try to find tour agency that includes this place.

Altai Mountains

For those who like extreme sport and hiking, the Altai Mountains is the perfect choice. Altai Mountains is series of mountain in the border of central Asia and Siberia. This frosty mountains series gives amazing view of contrasting greeneries and frosty. And the cold mountains that create a beautiful combination. Most of the mountain in Altai is not that tall. But the difference between the lowland and highland climate, people need better body adjustment to avoid catching cold. Altai Mountains especially Teletskoe mountain provide a rich greeneries with unique wildlife. A complete adventure of both jungle and mountain is the attractive point of Altai Mountains.

Heritage Sites

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This is the most iconic tourist attraction in Russia where people mostly will use the picture of this cathedral as the representation of Russia. Situated in the heart of Moscow, Saint Basil’s Cathedral will captivate any eyes with its majestic architecture. It was built in between 1554 and 1561 and is build to resemble the full flame of bonfire. The reddish material used to build this building and it’s distinct dome give this cathedral a unique architecture that cannot be found in other cathedral. Visiting and taking pictures of this building definitely is a must. If you are foreigners, almost all travel agency will provide a day to visit and explore this building, which is one of the most well known historical sites in Russia.

Suzdal Russia

Saint Basil’s Cathedral may be the most favorite heritage site but the heart of it, is in Suzdal. Suzdal is a historical site that preserve all the historical and ancient remainder ot Russia regency. Suzdal is an ancient city in Russia that is different from other typical cities. In this city, all the old building remain the same as to keep the vibe of old folk Russian history. In this city, people can find many ancient Cathedrals, Regency Remainder, Kremlins and a green ocean of greeneries including trees, flowers and grass. This city is aesthetical on its own without the government changing and put on effort to better it, which is the attractive point of Suzdal.

Getaway Destinations

Moscow Kremlin

Kremlin is a must see in Russia as it is one of the most frequent building in Russia and is considered Russia distinct attraction. Moscow Kremlin is one of the most beautiful kremlin in Russia. With 250 acre of yard and a river across it, the view of this place is nostalgic and highly aesthetic. It is in the heart of Moscow. There is royal treasure of Russian royal remainder and collection of jewellery. It is including the 190 carats of diamond for the queen Catherine. To sum it up, Moscow Kremlin is where you can see the regency of Russia with its nostalgic vibe and majestic architecture. Because of the valuable collection on it, this place is highly secured and protected. The river across it is also highly attractive as tourism attractions.

Typical Food Attraction

Literary Café

Not only the building and the nature site in Russia that are highly visitable, the food of Russia is also something a must to try. Russian food is a blend of Asian and European cuisine therefore their culinary resource is distinct and unique. One of the restaurant that provides Russian food is Literary Café. It serves classic Russian foods with interior design full of ancient Russian vibe. It is said that this cafe was once the last visited cafe by Pushkin before he went to the battle. He also left some writings that is still kept in the cafe. Because of this interesting historical background, Literary Café is a must to visit for those who want to search original and classic original food of Russia.

There are many tour agencies that offer tourists to visit all those places since most of them usually will include popular destination in the list. If tourists want to explore freely without following tour schedule, backpacking is also a good choice. However, in some areas, only a few of people can speak English. It is important to hire a guide to assit you with the language. There is also a dictionary of simple Russian phrases in case tourists want to interact with native as they explore Russia tourist attractions. That is all about the attractions of places that tourists can find in Russia. Russia definitely is one of good destination for tourists. Book a ticket and find the best tour agency if you live outside Russia. Make sure to find a guide in case you have difficulty with language to avoid the scam.