Tourist Attractions in South Regional Area

Tourist Attractions in South Regional Area

Asia Tourist Attractions – Asia is the largest continent with many countries that will give us wonder. From west to east until north to south, the continent by a vast diversity offers various attractions, and South Asia is no exception. South Asia consists of countries that mostly are from Hindustan. Rich in culture and the topography provide beautiful view and thirst for exploration. Here are some of attractive explorable tourism destinations in South Asia.

The first and the most famous tourist attraction we can find in South Asia is none other than Taj Mahal. Part of the seven wonders, Taj Mahal, was initially build to commemorate the death of Indian’s king wife. Later on, the site has become popular especially with its grand architecture.

Taj Mahal is located on the south bank of Yamuna river in Agra city. Not only it has the clean and white marble design, the garden that surrounds the mausoleum is also beautiful and neatly arranged. Taj Mahal surely is part of the South Asia Countries Tourism Profile. So many tours and the trip agency will offer Taj Mahal as one of the destinations in their tour plan. Tourist can explore the greatness of the architecture as well as enjoy the view of the garden. There are some rules like not to step on the grass or vandalism which will get the people that do it will be charged. Make sure to choose only trusted tour packages especially if you’re outside India. There’re many scammers may take advantage of tourists’ ignorance.

South Asia Natural Attraction

Next tourist destination that has been famous for its natural attraction is Himalayas, especially with its peak – The Everest. Everest Mount is deemed as the highest land mountain in the world. It is known for its everlasting snow and mountain goats. It is located in the highland of Himalaya and is standing between the border of Nepal and China. Since it is the highest mountain in the Earth, it stands tall 8848 meters. The other mountain surround it also stands stall ranging from 5000 to 7000 meters tall.

It will need a through preparation if you are planning to hike the Mount Everest. You will also need to get familiar with the track to make sure to not get lost in the way. Some preparations required include a physical and mental readiness. For physical training, of course, hiker needs to be in their one hundred percents physical fitness.

Hiking on Everest will get you into an extreme temperature even though Everest is not the hardest mountain to hike. Most importantly, since the height of Everest is so tall there is less oxygen. So, bear in mind to bring a tube of oxygen, and warm clothes to avoid hypothermia. Another preparation is the mental readiness. If a hiker is constantly nervous or gets bewildered he may not think well when he encounter obstacles and end up by taking a rushed or short thought move. A hiker needs to stay alerted even if they encounter something they do not expect. Be prepared to know and discover the trick of hiking by following the guide instruction. If you are an amateur hiker, don’t even dare to follow the track without any guide or hiking alone!.

South Asia Gateway Destinations

Moreover tourist attraction that can be found in South Asia is Chennai city. Adopted in one of famous Indian movie, Chennai is the city with longest beach line and will offer an excellent attraction of wonder and exploration. Chennai is one of the most popular getaway destinations in South Asia with its urban life. Chennai is a mix of a modern city that is still highly influenced by Tamil culture.

In Chennai, people can enjoy Tamil’s traditional music as well as food and street stalls with selling Indian kinds of stuff. The beach is a good offer from Chennai, seashore of Chennai city border from the sea is always crowded with people who want to enjoy the Miami of India. Chennai is famous for its train line that also been adapted to the movie. Shortly speaking, Chennai is a rich cultural city with a mix of modern and traditional feel that will worth to visit.

South Asia Heritage Sites

Another getaway city with the rich history is Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamabad is a crucial and one of the most historical cities with many heritage sites in the Muslim era where the king who ruled the country is famous for his wise and brave personality. Islamabad was once the center of trade and economic activities in general. If you visit Islamabad, it will find many historical buildings and museum marking the golden era of Islamabad.

Known as the land of 1001 nights, Islamabad is also famous with its fairytales like Abunawas and Aladdin. If you want to feel the vibe of those fairy tales, you should visit this city. In the heart of Pakistan, this town is easily reachable since Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. In Islamabad, besides relishing the historical building and culture, it is also a great city with many books collection, especially from the Moslem scientist. There is also the infamous desert with its hazardous yet wondrous sand land.

Another eye-catching tourist destination to be found in South Asia is Colombo, which is called as the city that never darkens. Do not mistake it as Colombia since Colombo is in Sri Lanka instead. Colombo has great skyline and sea front which is eye pleasing. It is a tropical city by a large plantation. The climate there almost invariably feels like summer every day so for foreigners; the sun may be scorching hot. Since the city is always sunny, that is why it is called as the city that never darkens. Sri Lanka is located in the lovely east of Asia, and almost all the border has sea front and sunny area. Colombo can be a perfect place for those who want to take a summer vacation either alone or your family.

South Asia Culinary Trip

Colombo is also famous for its food attractions, there’re many distinct Sri Lankan foods that suit for the summer culinary. Prepare your tongue, ask the seller to lessen the spiciness of the food since most western people found a relatively spicy food to be a hot one since their tongues are not adjusted with the food. No need to worry too much, though many restaurants designed specifically for foreigners usually have lessened the level of the spiciness for foreigners’ comfort.

Traveling Tips for visiting South Asia

However, if you’re from the western country and it’s being first time visiting a tropical land, there are some things you need to prepare. Below are some of them:

  • Prepare many packages of sun block. The heating sun ray may be too much for Western skin, and it may burn or cause skin illness.
  • Second, prepare loose and cool clothes like short or tank top because the weather will make people sweat a lot so better use clothes from a fresh and cozy material.
  • Before booking a flight to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Nepal, learn their topography and culture will much help in your trip.
  • Information about terrain and the whole sites that will be visited should be explored first. Especially if you are about to explore their nature or going backpacking without the help of tour guide. Learning about destinations, route, and life condition, in general, is imperative. It can be by searching on the internet about the climate, the possible month and date for the expedition as well as the cost to reach them.

Tips for foreigners

Learn and adjust to the culture of South Asia’s countries. South Asia’s countries are heavily influenced by Hinduism and Islamic Regency and are known for their high value of family and respect. Therefore, if their culture is entirely different from yours, learn some of their cultures like manner of eating, going out, greeting and many others.

Some quick phrases to communicate with the locals are quite helpful. Quick phrases are also useful to ask for price bargain whenever you need it. Don’t just buy thing without asking for lower price since most of them know that foreigners may not be aware so they set the price higher.

Related to it, also beware of the scammer. For the backpacker, don’ not carry too much stuff and for ordinary tourists, always stay close within the group tour or with the tour guide. There may be some snatcher that target foreigner tourists. Don’t hastily agree if someone gives offers with very kindly price for it may be the scam. Going and exploring South Asia country will be a new and memorable experience. However, those tourist attractions in South Asia also attract bad people with evil intention to take foreigners with little knowledge of the country for granted. Enjoy the trip without lowering your guards down!.