Wakhan Pamir; A Unique Nomadic Life in the Roof of World

Wakhan Pamir, also popular as Wakhan Corridor, is a narrow territory in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. This location extends to China. Besides, it separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. Why is it called Wakhan Pamir? It is called so because of the corridor wedges between the Pamir Mountains to the north. To the south is the […]

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The Spectacular Night Tours in Shenzhen, China

There are various cities with amazing attractions in China. Just like Shanghai, Shenzhen is one of the populous metropolitan cities of China. This is a world class city that is included in the list of UNESCO Creative Cities. Shenzhen is also a major city in Guangdong Province. Travelers should include this city in their itinerary. […]

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Chongqing City Attractions List and Travel Checklist

Besides Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai, there is also appealing for one of its municipals in China, Chongqing. It is the largest municipality in Southwest China. It is a quite different city compared to other cities in this one of East Asia country, Chonqing is a China modern port city. That makes this city so special, […]

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China Ci’en Temple & Great Wild Goose Pagoda

There are many historic relics, artifacts, and high-value items that found in China. Moreover, China also has a lot of knowledge about many things. Tradition and culture held in China can still maintained without influenced by modernism. Various tourist attractions that visited also reached very easily. Visitors can also make China Ci’en Temple & Great […]

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Potala Palace, Tibet Most Popular Historical Attraction

Tibet becomes the highlands in the region of Central Asia. This location is the home of the Tibetans. The height of this place reaches 4.9 km which called the highest plateau in the world. Tibet has a palace as a residence for the first Dalai Lama until now. Tibet Potala Palace built on the 5th […]

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