4 Gorgeous Facts about Mount Fuji

Japan is on the top list for getting experience invaluable culture reservation in the middle of advanced technology. This one of East Asia countries is always has the inviting features to captivate all hearts. From the peak of Mount Fuji to the street foods, Japan is the country of all amazing uniqueness. There are Mount […]

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Japan Jigoku Valley, the gateway to Hell

Visit Japan to get an impressive natural tourist experience!. One of them is the journey to Japan Jigoku Valley. This valley is included in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. At this location you will feel the boiling hot water with all the bubbles. This makes some of the inhabitants around this valley call Hell’s Valley. Around […]

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Tokyo City Vacation Trips Ideas

Tokyo city trips are calling! If there is one destination that everyone has to visit at least once in their life, it must be Tokyo. Not only is this part of Japan an incredible city to spend your summer vacation in. It is also filled with so many wondrous landmarks and even more interesting things […]

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Sushi, The Japanese Most Popular Dish

It is a common knowledge for most people in the world that Japan is one of the best country to visit. Start from the scenery that Japan has, the nature, the culture, the theme park, and not to left behind, is the culinary. All the Japan things is so much different compare to other countries. […]

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