Historical knowledge in Laos Dinosaur museum

Laos is a country in Southeast Asia surrounded by many lands. In fact, the country has no beaches and directly borders with Myanmar and China. The total area of the country is about 236 thousand square meters. Although it is one of the smaller countries in Asia, Laos also has a tourist destination to consider. […]

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Laos, the Journey, and Khao Piak Sen

The best thing from a trip is not the sweet luxury we experience but the warm experience that we learn. Each journey has to give us some improvements in life and personality. For those who have been through many travels and holiday plans will know that the most luxurious experience can come from the smallest […]

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Laotian Larb, The Best Meat Salad From Laos

If you happen to visit Southeast Asia, then one of the great country you may want to visit is Laos. Laos has natural beauty views all across the country, and they also has great spots for your adventure needs and you can also visit many place that offers you great nature views. And you can […]

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Best Asian Travel Destinations