Dushanbe Trip; Weather, Destinations, and Travel Guide

Dushanbe is not a popular icon in the world’s travel destinations. However, travelers have to see this place to reveal its beauty. Sometimes, the world underestimates a place only because of the unpopularity. Besides, it can be an alternative place for backpackers who love challenges. There are actually many things that will look more beautiful […]

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Wakhan Pamir; A Unique Nomadic Life in the Roof of World

Wakhan Pamir, also popular as Wakhan Corridor, is a narrow territory in the northeastern part of Afghanistan. This location extends to China. Besides, it separates Tajikistan from Pakistan. Why is it called Wakhan Pamir? It is called so because of the corridor wedges between the Pamir Mountains to the north. To the south is the […]

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Best trip to Tajikistan Petroglyphs at Langar

The region of Central Asia considered a central part of various ancient cultures and civilizations. In this region there are also many historic inscriptions and heritage with a very high value. One of the countries in the region is Tajikistan which has tourist attractions with impressive history and inscriptions. The country surrounded by many mountains […]

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