The Wondrous of Asia Natural Attractions

The Wondrous of Asia Natural Attractions

Asia Destinations – When making plans on where to go on holiday, Asia may not be the first continent you think about. Even though it is home to a wide and exotic array of beautiful scenery.

Asia natural attractions are numerous in number, the locals have wonderful and often spiritual stories to tell about these attractions. This continent is geographically the largest, and has densest population (60%) in this planet. Looking for the best tourist destination for your vacation ?, asia is a place you don’t want to miss. Prepare yourself for the adventure of your lifetime. Below is a list of beautiful places to visit so as to experience the sights.

Southeast Asia Natural Attractions

This area is known for its pristine beaches, amazing weather and tasty foods.The Inle lake in Myanmar is a popular tourist destination in South East Asia. It is located in Nyaungshwe township in Shan province. Transportation across this lake is usually on small boats rowed in a very interesting fashion by the fishermen.

Inle Lake, Southeast Asia Natural attractions
Inle Lake, Myanmar

They stand at the stern with an oar in hand and heir leg wrapped around another oar. This style is necessary as the lake is filled with vegetation and it is necessary to do so to avoid getting the boat stuck in reeds. The best time to go there is between August and October when festivals are hosted. The area is also known for silver smiths who make items as the purchaser watches. They also produce a variety of silk fabrics that can be made into clothing as you wait.

Vietnam is a country that is on its to becoming one of the worlds fastest growing economies and is a well known stop on the tourist trail. A trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without a trip to the world heritage site, Halong bay. It has 2000 or more limestone pillars emerging from the Gulf of Tokin. The waters are the most beautiful shade of bluish green and the limestone karsts form a backdrop that is eye candy.

Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Thailand is perhaps one of the more expensive places in South East Asia. It is hosts to many natural wonders like Khao Yai National Park which has been declared a natural heritage site . This park hosts flora and fauna including birds, tigers and elephants. It is a great place to hike and camp outside. It has a number of watch towers that can be used for night time vigils over animals in the area.

East Asia Natural Attractions

In geographical sense this is home to countries like Hong Kong, Japan Taiwan, North and South Korea, Mongolia, Macau and China. It is an economic power house in the region. Places like Macau are famous for their architecture and liberal gambling laws while Hong Kong is considered the business hub of the Asian continent.

Fuji mountain natural attractions
Fuji mount, Japan

Asia natural attractions are breathtaking ranging from Mt. Fuji in Japan. This is an active Volcano surrounded by five lakes. On a beautiful day it can be seen clearly from Tokyo. Many tourists travel to hike the mountain from various parts of the world. Mount Zao is another famous mountain in Japan which is known for its ‘five color pond’. This is because the color changes according to weather. The area has gained a reputation for the “creatures”. These are the interesting shapes formed when ice blown by lake water freezes on trees and forms interesting shapes.

Guilin Mountains Natural Attraction
Guilin Mountains, China

North Korea is a mysterious country to much of the world but it is not be dismissed when it comes to being a host of many Asia natural attractions. It is home to Heaven Lake , which is a lake formed in a crater within a volcano. Its name comes from the high altitude where the lake is located. Most of the year it is covered in ice. You can roam across the Golbi Desert, home to one of the greatest and most progressive empires that have ever existed or row across the Li river in China while taking in the amazing sights of the Guilin Mountains which are known for their unique slender shape that towers over the landscape.

West Asia Natural Attractions

This section compromises of countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates among many others. This a much ignored yet beautiful section of the world. Saudi Arabia is famous for items such as Asir National park, this is a bird watchers paradise and home to an exotic amount of fauna. Israel has the Dead Sea which is a salt lake area with Jordan, Israel and Palestine on its sides. It is the lowest elevation on land and most people can float very easily due to the natural buoyancy of our bodies. It is known as the Dead sea because the high salt contents do not let any animals survive in it.

The Dead Sea Natural Attraction
The Dead Sea, Jordan

Azeirbajan has Gobustan National Park that is popular in the tourist circuit. Areas like Lake Goygol, Hunton Canyon and Yeddi Gozel waterfall in Qabala are perfect for long hikes and camping. Surprisingly the UAE has a lot of hidden gems from the Wathba wetland reserve which is home to numerous flamingos. It is an undisturbed area and show cases a different nature of the UAE. It is located on the Baniyas and might be missed if you are not looking for it.

The Big Red is the desert right outside the city of Dubai that is in perfect contrast to the city it is located next to. It is a popular destination for parties . The Wadi Al Bih is a canyon in the UAE for the more adventurous traveler who loves to hike. The Khor al Beidah is excellent for wildlife and bird watching. The area is the perfect environment for birds to nest.

Central Asia Natural Attractions

This consists of countries like Kazkhstan, Kyrgzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. All these countries were formerly in the Soviet Union and . The Stans are closely associated with a being a major route during the Silk road trade period. The Aral Sea has evaporated , it is located in Kazakhstan and in 2007, the lake had split into four.

The Aral Sea Natural Attraction
The Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

The south east basin of one of the largest lakes in the world has dried up for the first time in over 600 years. Visiting the Aral sea is like going back in time. The lake has a major impact on the economy of the area.

Uzbekistan has the Fergana Valley, it is colouful and has a lot of historic significance in the area. The valley has been host to many battles. Many people choose to hike this valley to take in the unending breathtaking views. Turkmenistan, it is home to the “gates of hell”. This is named taht way because there is an unending field of gas that burn continuously. There is the Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan which has stunning beaches. It is 25 million years old and one of the worlds oldest lakes.

South Asia Natural Attractions

The South of Asia has a variety of countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh,Bhutan ,India ,Nepal ,Maldives, Pakistan,Sri Lanka. Bhutan is a small kingdom tucked deep in Asia that is somewhat protected from the real world. It is host to marvels such as Bundelling wildlife sanctuary and has a host of amazing architecture. India is considered a highly spiritual area with a landscape that varies across all areas. There are the dunes of Jaisalmer and the waterfalls of the Mandovi river.

There are a variety of coral lagoons in Lakshadweep and the breathtaking forest of Shola Forest. Caves such as the Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia attract a lot of local and foreign visitors. The Ganges Delta is perhaps the most famous Asia natural attraction. The Valley of National Park is a recent addition that is considered candy for the eyes.

Cherrapunji Natural Bridge Attraction
Cherrapunji Natural Bridge, India

India has a lot of natural bridges which are made from roots and vines. The town of Cherrapunji is known for starting the practice and by manipulation of vines , these bridges can be used to get across valleys and rivers. The longer they are around the stronger they become.

Once you get bitten by the travel bug , you would not get enough of Asia natural attractions. Travel this wonderful land of attractions to fully experience what everyone is raving about.