Traveling Around Palm Island In Abu Dhabi

Traveling Around Palm Island In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Palm Island bring a new level of glamour. Had been destined for one of most exclusive development in that region with incredible facility and superior location. Aldar had signer he join venture with National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels or BCTH to develop the palm island in 2007. This resort was open in 2011 and involving of hag end of residential community, a marina, world class oaf spa, stunning longue and spectacular of new Ritz Carlton Hotel as well.

This Palm Island introducing high end technology. Elegant oasis for heart of Abu Dhabi then offering exclusive of hideaway for international customer and smart regional as well. By signing this agreement of management to bring first hotel of Ritz Carlton to Abu Dhabi. Then NCTV was clearly show their commitment to bring a new call of development in Emirate.

Geographic and Buildings around Abu Dhabi Palm Island

This island was connected to the mainland by private dual of carriageway. Ensuring that this limited traffic in this island and main privacy for residents. Which guard the security and tourists to hotel and marina alike as well. The sight of beach from any angle and this island will become destination for itself. Beside that it’s able to see Asia natural attractions or other Asia UNESCO sites which complete holiday from this tourism destinaion.

The Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi and palm island will play key role in regional expansion in the Middle East. This is designed by Malaysia based of Denniston International Architects and Planners. This resort also has 180 of rooms which derived from 130 guestrooms and 30 for suited and deluxe villas.

Aldar Hotels and Hospitality try to get best partner in design and providers for luxury hospitality and considered as Asia getaway destinations. Most of rooms were designed during some multiples of landscape levels, to ensure that this is unobstructed the sea and lagoon views as well. All of villas and suites were also involving of swimming pools and spacious space for sundecks. Rooms of resorts have size about 55 square meters and luxury villas were about 130-239 square meters.

As we know that Abu Dhabi was stretched out in T shape island that project in the Persian Gulf. Urbanization and rapidly development in tourism sector also lead the transformation of this city becomes the one of top for tourist destination. This city had been established by Sheikh Zayed and designed by Japanese architects named Dr. Takahashi.

Historical and Modern Face of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi had change become modern city with broad boulevards. The gleaming of skyscrapers, busy shopping malls and high rise building will make feel amazed several monuments. Such a: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Qasr AL Hosn and Heritage Village also expanse the charm than he Yas Island and Capital Gate were become latest development. They were also having spectacular beach which featured with well equipped and safety, numerous of wildlife parks, theme parks and garden which able to entertain local and tourist as well.

The other option, visit the virtual of green oasis in route of caravan of UAE to Oman. Al Ain which is means Spring was the heart of emirate’s heritage and become ne of the world’s oldest continually of inhabited settlement and become Asia UNESCO sites. Classified by UNESCO as culture site, this Al Ain location of world heritage was involving ix of Al Ain Oases and archaeological sees from Bida binti Saud. The Hafeet and Hili and all of testimonies for sedentary human occupation in desert region since period of Neolithic, with vestiges of some prehistoric cultures as well. Those sites can be reference for Asia heritage sites.

Abu Dhabi Beach and Seashore

Beach with pristine sand, clear water and lovely views, this description also summarizes the beaches in Abu Dhabi. The beaches also give relaxation breath from modern jungle and high rise building. Abu Dhabi also have some public and private beaches which can be able to visit for all of tourists. All of beaches had equipped with the facilities. Such as: Public toilets, sun lounger, parking space, washroom and cafes to entertain tourists a swell. Most of them were free for publics, however, some of them did charge for small entry either.

For reference, there are Corniche Beach which had been awarded with status of Blue Flag and famous internationally for eco label guarantees and safety water for bathing. Many tourists in around the world visit this place for having fun and enjoy their time. This beach had been divided into 3 spaces for families, general public and single. Entry for general public was free and others were paid. There are several interesting attractions, such as: Presidential Palace and Marina Mall were located closer this beach.

Yas Beach, located in Yas Island, this club offers beach longue with open air. Five private for chales and infinity pools. Spend time with family or close friend for get best food which available in near restaurant which offer with Italian gelato. When visiting Abu Dhabi it will satisfy with one package holiday. There are high end mall for shopping, several heritage sites, enjoying the beaches. Even also be able to get high end service with luxury holiday.

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