Guide for Adventuring and Backpacking in Indonesia

Guide for Adventuring and Backpacking in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of Asia natural attractions in this world. Indonesia has become a favorite place for backpackers. Indonesia has a population that is friendly so you will always feel like being at home.

Backpacker always feels comfortable when visiting Indonesia because the country has the most amazing scenery. You can see the beach, mountains, forests, waterfalls, rivers, and so forth in all regions in Indonesia. You do not need to pay the expensive price to visit go on a trip to Indonesia because it has a very affordable price. You can view a list of Indonesia place that is suitable for backpackers.


It is an island of dreams for tourists. The island is always entered into the list of destinations that want to be visited by backpackers. This island is very popular among international and domestic tourists. Bali has a complete tourist spot. There are many couples who spend the honeymoon at this place. You can visit Sanur, Tampak Siring, Jimbaran, Lake Batur, Pura Besakih, and so forth. You can use the bus Trans Sarbagita to get around on the island of Bali. Bali has a wealth of beautiful nature with amazing culture. You can see the wonderful culture in Bali. Everyone still keeps the tradition strong. Cultural festival in Bali is one of Asia getaway destinations. They want to see and photograph the cultural moment.

Karimun Jawa

The beach is located in Jepara, Central Java. This is a very beautiful exotic beach. Karimun is famous for its underwater scenery is very charming. You do not need to go abroad to see thousands coral and beautiful fish. It provides attraction at a low cost. The tourists must feel comfortable and want to always visit again to this place. Do not forget to bring your camera so you can photograph the beauty of this beach. The photo is the main thing you are going to show it to everyone. This is proof that you’ve been to the beach. You do not need to buy items at a great price because the photo is very precious. You should keep all your holiday photos well as documentation.


It is a favorite place for backpackers in the world. You have to take a ferry for four hours to reach the island. Flights from the ship were very cheap. You can visit Tamana Nardama, Gili Namu, Spring Gile, Gili Islands, Sekotong Beach, and others. If you want to visit the island, then you should wear clothing and comfortable footwear. Convenience is the main thing for backpackers. Backpackers do not pay attention to style. You should wear clothes that absorb sweat and dry quickly. Usually, backpacker will use public transport and walk. You also must prepare to clothe appropriate to the attraction that becomes your goal.

Komodo Island

The island has become Asia UNESCO sites are very popular with tourists worldwide. The island is called komodo because these animals live only on the island. This is an island that is appropriate to make an exciting adventure. You will be an adventure like in the movie Jurassic Park. This island is one of the wonders of the world that survived until today. You’ll find a giant lizard in antiquity. You should be careful when on this island because Komodo dragon saliva contains many bacteria. If you are bitten by a lizard, then it is very dangerous. You can try this extreme travel with your friends.

Tanjung Pinang

You will see a Malay culture in this area. You could also try the typical Malay dishes were very tasty and cheap for backpackers. Tanjung Pinang is the capital of the Riau Archipelago. This area is located on the island of Bintan. This area may have sea travel is not too popular in other regions, but this area has a beautiful sea travel. You can see the beach and the island of Bintan very beautiful. This is where cheap travel with a very strong appeal to the backpacker. If you visit this place, then you can go anywhere with the complete use of transport facilities.


Palembang has a very interesting attraction. You can see the rest of the kingdom of Sriwijaya was very well known in ancient times. This kingdom is one of Asia heritage sites with a very long history. You can also see the Ampera bridge stretch of beautiful and strong. You can also walk around the Musi River by boat. If you want to enjoy a cheap meal, then you can try the food under the bridge Ampera. The food has a cheaper price than food sold in restaurants. You can bring a guide book to visit tourist attractions in Palembang.


The backpacker must have felt very happy when visiting this city. This city has a landscape of green and makes you fascinated. You can see the beautiful flower gardens, apple orchards, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, and so forth. You can pick apples as much in the orchard. It is located in East Java. The city is famous for its cool weather that makes you feel comfortable. The city has been referred to as the Asia tourist attractions. You can visit several museums in this city. You can enjoy the natural attractions, culinary, tourism, and culture. This town has a wide range of culinary you should try while in the city.


The city is also a paradise for the tourists. You do not need to pay for a very expensive cost to enjoy this city. You can go to the city at a low cost. The city also has a culinary at an affordable price so that you do not need to starve when in this city. One interesting thing is to enjoy the evening in Yogyakarta travel. You can see the lights of Yogyakarta mixed with ancient buildings. It creates a wonderful atmosphere and will not be forgotten during your life. Street musicians will usually sing at night for the tourists in Yogyakarta.

That was several sites in Indonesia can be visited by backpackers. Actually, there are many other tourist attractions that can be visited by backpackers like San Jose tourist attractions. If you want to enjoy another tour differently, then you can plan to visit these places.

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