Armenian Genocide and Four Days of Culture Tour Itinerary

Armenian Genocide and Four Days of Culture Tour Itinerary

Despite the bitter history of the Armenian genocide, Armenia is a spectacular tourist destination. It is a unique country with an enchanting natural landscape. Tourists will love to explore the rhythm of life pulsing nature. Many travelers even call Armenia as the country of a lost Eden. The busy avenues of Armenia’s cities are attractive. Besides, tourists can feel the peacefulness of hilltop chapel in this country. The flow of village’s life in Armenia will make people lose their breath. No one will ever believe that a dark genocide once occurred to the people of Armenia.

Genocide is a sensitive issue that occurs in many nations in the world. The word “genocide” derived from the case of the Armenian genocide. The Armenian genocide occurred alongside the Greek. The word genocide is from the Greek language. The word “geno” means race while “cide” is a Latin suffix means an act of killing.

It is a bitter fact the world’s history should face. This is so because there are many genocides facts that remain mysteriously scary. The world is still hesitated to talk about a bad thing in which millions of people were killed. And one of the worst genocides in the history is Armenian Genocide.

Armenian genocide happened from 1915 to 1916. Approximately 1.5 million of Armenians were killed. The Ottoman Empire designed the genocide for exterminating the minority race and religious group of Armenian. Besides, many died because of famine, starvation, a forced march, and deportation. More than 275,000 people were slaughtered during the Ottoman Empire. Even so, the State of Turkey denies the Armenian genocide.

Irresistible of Armenian Beauty

Now let’s set the genocide history aside because the beauty of Armenia is so much irresistible. Visiting Armenia will like going to a land of a fairytale. The country delivers the peacefulness of a fairy world. It has a unique nature and culture at the same time. Besides, the country seems hid a special beauty that attracts the world in a magical way.

This one of West Asia countries is the only nation that survives from the ancient map of Anatolia. It is now 3,000 years old. In addition, this country is the first Christian country. Also, Armenia is rich with mixed culture. It is a former Soviet republic part. Besides, the country’s borders include Caucasus regions that cover Asia and Europe. That is why it has a rich culture and ancient history.

Armenia is a small and landlocked country. It has Turkey to the west. Besides, Georgia is on the north side. Meanwhile, Iran is to the south of the country. And in the east is Azerbaijan. In Armenia, mountains and valleys are the dominating parts. Thus, it has a great number of microclimates. The scenery is changing rapidly as well. Tourists can really feel amazed with the lush forest and the lake.

This one of Middle East countries offers many tour packages. Travelers can pick history and culture tour if they want to learn the history of this pretty country. Besides, they can also join the adventure tour. Nature lovers can also pick the bird-watching tour in Armenia. For the outdoor activities fans, Armenia outdoor tours will answer their eagerness.

Four Days Armenian Culture Tour Itinerary

The itinerary of each tour depends on the travel agent that tourists hire. Yet, there are usually some similarities between the itineraries. Here is the common itinerary for Armenia Culture and History tour.

  1. The tourist will be picked up in Yerevan. After that, they will get some rest in the desired hotels. Yerevan has good quality hotels with good rates.
  2. The second day will be an amazing tour with Echmiatsin as the first stop. It is one of the ancient capital cities in Armenia. This place has a stunning Mother Church. Besides, people can visit Cathedral of Holly Echmiatsin in this place. The cathedral is a grand architecture from the era of classical Armenia. After that, travelers can get overwhelmed in the Treasury.
    A tour guide will help them to learn about the story. Next, your stop is Zvartnots Temple. The ruins show some complex temple. Besides, palace, wine cellar, and food storage areas are also there. The last in the tour list is the Saghmosavank (XIII century). This place has wonderful designs of monuments. It also looks amazing with the clever terrain. Also, the decorations are stunning.
  3. The third day will be more fun. Tourist will go to the Temple of Garni. The place suspends the earth and the sky. It is on top a huge granite rock. Next, The Geghard monastery will make tourist lost in time. That will be enough for the day. Tourists can go back to Yerevan. The tasty dinner in a fancy restaurant is waiting.
  4. Armenia has many monasteries. In the fourth day, it is time for KhorVirap. It is at the slope of Ararat. This mountain is claimed to be the mountain where Noah Ark landed after the big storm and flood. Besides the monastery, some beautiful ancient churches are also here.

Harmony of attractions from Artaxiad

Did you know, anciently (190 BC to AD 387/428) Armenian Kingdom named Artaxiad or Arsacid Armenia. There are many more attractions to visit. Armenia is that amazing for history fans. When people read the history of Armenia, the Armenian genocide comes first. Yet, there were many glorious histories before that bitten fact. Armenia is a beautiful even today. It has long and gorgeous stories of Christian worshippers. In addition, it also has a unique culture to get pleasure from a week tour in Armenia.

Armenia has many tourist spots. Thus, the essential preparation for the tour is good stamina. People need to also anticipate the weather. The continental climate is Armenia is extremely cold during winter. It will hot and dry in summer. The hottest months are from June to September. The best time to visit will be late May and early June. Besides, late September to early October is also a good timing.

With all of those beauties, Armenian genocide will only be part of its history. Travelers can learn about it for knowledge. But the histories of the tourist stops are also interesting. Each place in Armenia has a charming story. It is called a lost heaven for some reason. Armenia should be on your next tour plan. It will be another amazing tour. A group tourist will love it. And backpackers will never regret it. Book your ticket now!

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