Delicious Foods from Asia and Some others Countries

Delicious Foods from Asia and Some others Countries

There are many things that different one country and the other, such as from the natural view aspect, cultures and foods.

On this article we will talk more about some typical foods from some different countries and places in this world. Some foods are so tasty and some of them are also really spicy with great aromas, delicious so that it can attract many tourists to come again to a country. Below are asia and some others countries that are famous with some delicious typical foods.


China is a country that upholding the harmony and we can see it from yin and yang symbol. That harmony is also appeared in its culinary like the fusion of fruits and vegetables that can against the spicy and too much calories that are produced by foods with too many carbohydrate in a big bowl. Besides that, foods with thick broth and noodles are the kinds of typical foods from China.

Chinese delicious noodle

Noodle is a kind of food in China that had already consumed and cooked from a long time ago. The taste of noodles in a place in China can be different with the other places because it is depended on the race and area. That is why; when you were in this country, you have to taste the noodle because it is a kind of typical foods from China.


It seems that everyone loves France. Why? It is because this country is the center of world’s fashion and also for the culinary. We can find so many fine dining restaurants in France in which the chefs are so professional and have a great passion in cooking. If we talked about French culinary world, it has some typical foods that are different with the other countries in the world.

France delicious culinary
France culinary

Mostly, the France foods are dominated with natural ingredients, seafood and cheese that are combined with champagne. For many people, those kinds of foods are maybe luxurious. However, those are just the usual food for people in France. Besides popular for the main foods, France is also popular for its pastry because the pastry here is so exclusive and they are offered with the high class taste.


Let’s move to Asia and we will talk about some culinary in India.

India delicious culinary
India culinary

Indian foods usually have a strong taste and aroma for some people who taste it. It is because the Indian people love to cook with many herbs and spicy taste that makes it is dominated the whole taste of a food. That is why; you have to try the Indian foods. Some kinds of Indian foods that are recommended are goat curry, canai breads, and many more.


The next country that has so many delicious typical foods is Thailand. Thailand is located in the middle of boundaries line of India, China and Oceania. That is why; most foods in Thailand are affected from those three places that are combined with recipes from the local people in Thailand.

Thailand delicious culinary
Thailand culinary

Most foods in Thailand are made with onion and chili that is combined with some fruits like lemon and the other fruits. Some examples of popular foods from Thailand are tom yam soup, chili crab and many others. Tom Yam Goong is spicy sour soup with many herbs and usually we can find the big shrimps on this delicious soup. Thailand food is now becoming more popular and we can easily find many Thailand restaurants in some countries in this world.


Besides France, the other country in Europe that has so many delicious and typical foods is Italy. One of the most popular foods from Italy is pasta. Many people are maybe thought that Pasta is the origin food from Italy. However in fact, it is not.

Italy delicious culinary

The other typical foods from Italy are pizza and ice cream. All of them are made with the best ingredients, steps and recipes so that it can create a high class taste that is loved by many people in this world. That is why; nowadays it is really easy to find the Italy foods in the other countries in this world.


At the past, Indonesian culinary is maybe not so popular, but today is different. Now, there are more people who are more recognizing some typical foods from Indonesia. Culinary in Indonesia is almost the same with Malaysia because these countries are grouped into the same clump, the Melayu clump. There are so many influences for the food that comes from some places like China, India and Portuguese. That is why; we can meet so many different cuisines here in Indonesia. Sambal is the kind of popular side dish that is usually eaten by many people in Indonesia. The Indonesian foods are also popular with its thick and spicy taste.

Indonesia delicious culinary

Some Indonesian cuisines that are loved by many people are like Rendang, satay, nasi goreng or fried rice and many more again.


If we talked about the Asian cuisine, most people will straightly think about Japan. As we know those Japanese foods are so popular in this world and it can be seed from so many Japanese restaurants that are opened in some different countries in this planet. Just like Chine, one of the most popular dishes in Japan is noodle. In Japan, noodle is usually called with ramen. Besides that, Japanese people are always caring about the nutrition in a food. That is why; they usually cook the ingredients for a cuisine properly in order to keep the nutrition. That is why; they usually use flour to wrap some ingredients before those ingredients are fried like for shrimps. In addition, people in Japan also love to eat some raw foods that are known as sushi.

Japan delicious culinary

Sushi is usually made from seafood like Tuna, calamari and the other seafood. However, nowadays sushi is also made from the premium beef in Japan. Usually, sushi is eaten with some side ingredients like soy sauce and wasabi (traditional Japanese ingredient to add spicy taste).

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