Andaman Islands; Asia spectacular sightseeing Destinations

Andaman Islands; Asia spectacular sightseeing Destinations

Have you ever seen an elephant playing on beach ?, certainly is not a regular sight. This can easily be found in this one of Asia tourism destinations, popularly known as Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands are the shiny jewelry of Bengal Bay. It is located between India and Myanmar. Therefore, some of the islands belong to Myanmar.

However, most of the popular islands and tour destinations in Andaman Islands are parts of India. Andaman and Nicobar Islands belong to the India territory. Meanwhile, some small islands including the famous Coco Islands belong to Myanmar.

How to reach the Andaman Islands?

The gateway to the Andaman Islands is The Veer Savarkar Airport. It is an international airport of Port Blair. Tourists can take planes of Air India, Spice Jet, Air Vistara and other airlines. The flight opens from Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar.

It is also comfortable to reach the Andaman Islands by ferry. A&N runs regular ferry services. It connects various islands around Andaman. In addition, tourists can reach populated islands easily. All tourist destinations are reachable by ferry. Taking the ferry will already give tourists an unforgettable experience. The ferry operates from Phoenix Bay Jetty and Port Blair in each inter island.

Besides, tourists can take the ferry from the foreshore sectors. Tourists do not have to worry about the distance from the harbor. This is so because the government also offers vehicles ferries. That makes it easy to reach some exotic islands in the Andaman Islands. The country takes this matter seriously. The authority publishes the schedule in the newspaper. Thus, tourists can stick to their trip plans. For the backpacker, it will be easier to visit the island based on the ferry schedules.

Besides the ferry, private boats are available. Tourists can go to Ross Island, North Bay, and Viper Island, the boats will be ready to reach the islands. For those who want to taste the luxurious travel, private tourist’s boats are ready to charter. The boats have exclusive facilities. Most importantly, it has a special way so it will reduce the travel time.

The Best Time for Andaman Travels

Basically, all year round is a good time for Andaman Travels. However, tourists can visit the islands during the festivals. There are fabulous festivals in Andaman. We know that India is the home of many festivals. It has religion and seasonal festivals. All will make the Andaman Islands tour more unforgettable.

Andaman Islands’ Festivals

The most recommended festival for tourists is the Island Tourism Festival. This festival is held 15 days in January. So, it will be great to spend our New Year holiday there. Besides, it is also fun to visit Andaman when Beach Festival is held 3 days in April. Next, August will be the best month to pick for enjoying a music festival. During September, Tourist can enjoy three festivals at once. They are Food Festival, World Tourism Day Celebrations, and Film Festivals. In conclusion, there are four times to enjoy the Andaman Islands. It is in January, April, August, and September.

Long Island

This island is located 47 miles from Port Blair. Tourists can get relaxed in this modern village. This island is the home of more than 2000 people. This makes Long Island special since it has many beneficial facilities. Other villages in Bay Islands are not populated. Thus, it will be hard to find comfortable facilities in such island. Long Island has a power house.

Besides, it owns a boat building yard. Even, this small island also has a bank, wireless services, police station, and hospital. Even, it has a senior secondary school. That is why the island is more convenient to visit. Yet, this place does have any road network.

In Long Island, tourists will have a wonderful time due to various reasons.

  • Exclusive beaches with green hills and mangroves are here in Long Island. It also has caves that make it more stunning. It will be the best island for the adventurers.
  • The virgin beaches are exclusive. All beaches are pretty and it is free for the tourists to visit.
  • The scenery is breathtaking with its lush green tropical forest. People will be amazed by the marine ecosystem as well.
  • Tidal Swamp and Evergreen Forest are two green tropical forests to admire.
  • The coastline along Lalaji Bay and Merk Bay is so pretty with its silvery sand.
  • Not to mention the sunset view from Long Island.
  • Tourist can enjoy a cruise through the creek at Yeratta to feel the paradise ambiance.

The Andaman Islands are also attractive for the heritage tours. Each island has its own story. Here are some of them:

Cellular Jail – National Memorial

This heritage building is so special. Long time ago, charismatic freedom fighters were here. The construction of the jail is also unique. The cellular jail was constructed in 1896 and completed in 1906. The building shapes look like seven spokes of a bike’s wheel. The jail has 693 cells. Besides, the extraordinary feature. The prisoners were not able to communicate because of the building designs.

Ross Island

It is one of the most visited islands in the Andaman Islands. Ross Island is a small island at the entrance of Port Blair. It was named after Sir Daniel Ross. He was the marine surveyor. Later on, the island became a colony. Not so long after that, it was abandoned. The island is memorized because British sent Indian freedom fighters to this island after the first war.

Balidan Vedi – The State Martyrs Memorial, Humfraygunj

Many islands in Andaman are memorable because of the colonial history behind. Yet, this site has a monument to the Japanese reign. It this island stands a monument to symbolize the terror of Japanese reign in the islands.

The Andaman Islands are full of exotic beaches, green atmosphere, and stunning heritage attractions. Tourists will love to spend their priceless holiday in the Andaman Islands.

People can go to the island for a honeymoon. The atmosphere is peaceful and refreshing. It can be a good destination for a family tour. A group tour will be fun as well. Pack your luggage. August is coming and festivals will start. The Andaman Islands are the best for beach lovers too. Have a great time!

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