Asia City Ann Arbor; The Excellent Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant

Asia City Ann Arbor; The Excellent Cantonese Cuisine Restaurant

Asia city restaurant – When it is for a special eating out time, Asia City Ann Arbor will be the right place to visit. For those who love Asia cuisines and special dish with tasty flavor, Asia City Restaurant is the best stop. This is the place where Cantonese dishes with the original taste are offered at fair rates. The amazing foods will make people travel back to Asian countries where the foods are originally invented. It is hard to find Asian cuisine with original taste outside Asia Continent. This is so because the dishes are made with complex ingredient and spices.

The secret ingredients are hard to find in any other places except its original country. Additionally, it will also quite hard to get the same fish and vegetables to make the foods taste similar to the original. However, we should be grateful that Asia City makes it possible for us to enjoy the true flavor of Asia comfortably.

Why should we go to Asia City Ann Arbor?

When life is getting harder, what we need to do is to enjoy every leisure time that we have. One of the most joyous things that we need to get pleasure in is our dining time. Most of the time, we work so hard that we forget about the real purpose for it. Sometimes, we struggle so much to earn a living but forget to live at all. Besides, we might also think that to have a huge amount of money is anything that we want. But that is not the case.

We have to be happy and when our stomach is happy. It means we are successful in life. We have to think that way so we don’t waste the hard times that we face in our work life. Therefore, we have to enjoy our time once we need to spend some times in a fancy restaurant. We need to go to a place like Asia City to give our life a recharge.

We can bring our family to this fabulous restaurant to enjoy Asia cuisines comfortably. When we enter the restaurant, the big fish and other sea foods will welcome us right from their tank. We need to get ready to enjoy the tasty and our favorite spicy foods. Asia foods are always striking with the amazing taste. For those who are tired of the ordinary styles of grilled meat and fish steak, this restaurant is definitely the best idea. Besides, we might want to get rid of a pan of pizza and hot dogs. Additionally, to always have burgers, fried chicken, and French fries are boring.

What does Asia City Ann Arbor Serve?

This is a restaurant that Asia, especially Chinese foods lovers will love. The restaurant offers four types of menus. The first menu contains regular menus for all families. Next, it also has the tasty dim sum with special variants. Besides, it also offers hot pot which will travel customers to China, Japan, and Korea. The last menu is a buffet that will be more than satisfying.

Regular Menu

All of the menus are special but let’s start from the regular menu. It has a super delicious appetizer that includes egg roll and green onion pancake. Next, it has cold plate appetizers such as spicy duck feet and jellyfish salad. The others menu like soup, beef, pork, poultry, and casserole are all so much delicious. For the vegetarians, vegetables and tofu dishes are also available. And the seafood menus will make people go back to the restaurants all the time.

Dim Sum

Asia City Ann Arbor offers moist, soft, and the tasty dim sum which will make the customers’ stomach warm and happy. This is a place that Dim Sum’s lovers dream of. The first on the menu is a pork bun. Next, the mouthwatering steamed beef balls, prawn balls, and shrimp balls are on the list. For those who love chicken feet, the steamed chicken feet in Asia City is the best. Even we can enjoy soybean pudding and coconut milk cake in this section. Those who love fried dim sum will surely enjoy plates of fried stuffed shrimp in Asia City.

Hot Pot

There are many restaurants offer this type of menu. But, there are some special dishes of hot pot in Asia City. We will see the long list of dishes with beef, lamb, pork, lobster, shrimp, fish dumpling, fish tofu, and much more. We can check the complete list on Asia City Ann Arbor website. The seafood sections are amazing as well. Besides, there is also a list of vegetables and noodles for those who want to enjoy hot noodles with sea foods.


The last menu is a buffet. If we don’t feel like waiting, we can directly stand in line and pick the buffet menu that we love. The buffet menu includes snow crab legs and giant shrimps. Besides, it offers blue crabs, frog legs, and sweet and sour fish. Those who want to enjoy chicken can pick sweet and sour chicken. Meanwhile, the vegetarians can still have a great time with the spicy eggplants and spicy tofu.

The baked chickens, friend ribs, and many stir fries dishes are all tasty. Besides, visitors will love to pick all dishes of sushi, oyster, tuna, clams, and salmons in the buffet table. It will be fun to invite some friends to enjoy the menus for celebrating important occasions.

Asia City Ann Arbor Address

We can reserve a place at the restaurant through its online websites and hotline services. Besides, we can use the website to check the menus that we will love. All Asia restaurants commonly open 11: 00 am to 10: 00 pm. This restaurant reserve for various occasions because it has hundreds of seats. The 4 major dining areas include Cantonese cuisine sections. Besides, visitors can enjoy a teahouse and cocktail bar at the same time. This is truly a place where we can enjoy a heaven of Asian cuisines.

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