Tokyo City Vacation Trips Ideas

Tokyo City Vacation Trips Ideas

Tokyo city trips are calling! If there is one destination that everyone has to visit at least once in their life, it must be Tokyo. Not only is this part of Japan an incredible city to spend your summer vacation in. It is also filled with so many wondrous landmarks and even more interesting things to do. Interested in finding out what they are ?, Keep reading!

It doesn’t matter whether is this your first Tokyo city trips ever or not, Tokyo is one of tourism destination that has endless of it’s magical factors. This article will explain many appropriate ideas for all kinds of travellers. Nothing to worry about what destinations or activities that can be done during Tokyo City Trip.

City trips ideas for Tokyo summer vacation

Let’s start with Tokyo city trips for students. As we know that summer is the time where students all over the world flock in Tokyo to experience the distinctive culture and at the same time, learn the language. Luckily for students, during the summer so many institutions offer summer camp that is just perfect for their need. Take Ayusha Japan, for instance.

Its summer camp offer comes with accommodation and a great Japanese course that can satisfy the inquiring minds of these students. However, they are not the only attractive features that many of these institutions provide to the students. On top of the educational program they also cover Tokyo city trips visitation to a large number of unique places in Japan.

Japan city trip, Ghibli Museum Educational Tours
Japan Ghibli Museum

Not only good for students, places such as Ghibli Museum, Ueno Zoo, and Fuji Q Amusement Park are also incredible options for those needing Tokyo city trips ideas for family. We all know how fussy your young children can be during travelling, so why not add fun attractions that they can enjoy as well ?, This way can make their vacation an unforgettable one.

Adventuring in Tokyo!

Many people probably thought twice before deciding Tokyo as their next traveling destination. They’re worried about the city would be too boring for liking as it seems like it is just a place full of historical and religious sites. While it is true that Tokyo has no shortage of such landmarks, it doesn’t mean it has nothing more to offer!. As example is the most popular lifetime Tokyo city trips, Head over to Mount Fuji.

Visiting Tokyo city in summer, trails are open at that time. Not only for bask in the incredible view from this highest peak point of Tokyo. Get experience with surrounding area by staying in one of its mountain huts. There you can take a rest while enjoying the atmosphere of Tokyo before continue for hiking.

Japan city trip, Fuji mount natural attractions
Japan, Fuji Mountain

Despite its incredibly steep slope, Mount Fuji is actually quite easy to hike even for a beginner. Absolutely nothing to worry about no prior hiking experience to see this magnificent mountain.

Tokyo City Trips Tourist Attractions

Mount Fuji is not the only one adventurous attractions during Tokyo city trips. There is still quite a long list for that, here a few of them:

  • Mount Takao, a sacred mountain that is perfect for a first-time hiker as they can opt for either a chairlift or a cable car to take them up its six trails during Tokyo city trips.
  • Taking a Yakatabune boat trip in Odaiba prefecture.
  • Exploring Inokashira Park in Kichijoji.
  • The Great Kamakura not too far from the Mount Fuji
  • Explore The Hakone falls and experience their astounding natural spring that is referred to as onsen
  • Urban fishing in Sumida river
Japan city trip, Hakone falls natural attractions
Japan, The Hakone falls

For all of the charms that Tokyo has in store, it feels like tourism destinations list above aren’t to give enough credit for what Tokyo deserves. There are just so much city destinations that it may take a whole lifetime to fit. Use the ideas listed above as starting point!. Then be bold and find as many as incredible landmarks with itineraries of Tokyo city trips!

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