5 Unique Reasons to Visit Baku, Azerbaijan

5 Unique Reasons to Visit Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is the largest city of Caucasus. It is the capital city of Azerbaijan. Located in the Caspian Sea, Baku is a city with many attractions. It is exciting both for the ancient heritage and natural wonders. Baku is a great place for city tour fans. Yet, coastal city lovers will also love it. It is the ancient city is a great place to visit for its Soviet-built architecture. Meanwhile, the newest part of the city is also an amazing space to enjoy.

Azerbaijan is a country with a great history and natural site. In addition, the cultural richness of the country is also inviting. It is also rich in mineral and thermal springs. Besides, Naftalan oil is also produced in this country. It is unique for its medical treatments features.

Besides, the culture and cuisine are varied. This city is also stunning for the sports centers, hunting places, and beaches. Exotic tourism and cuisine experiences in Baku are more than gorgeous. Even, Azerbaijan has a medical tourism which is rare in other countries

Baku’s Climate

Azerbaijan has a distinctive climate zone. 9 out of 11 climate zones in the world are in Azerbaijan. Therefore, this country is a stunning tour spot for both summer and winter. People who love eco-tours can visit Azerbaijan’s city. In Baku, the eco tours are available as well. It is not only city tours that are available in Azerbaijan. Visitors can enjoy trekking trips to some natural wonders. Experienced hikers and those who just love to walk can try conquering the mountains and other destinations in Baku.

The Best Time to Visit Baku

The most comfortable season is summer. People can arrange their holiday to Baku around June. This month, the beach season starts. Thus, it will be great to visit Baku’s beaches. There are many activities that tourists can do there. The sea shorelines are perfect for diving. The diving apparatus rents are served in many shops around the beaches. So, travelers can still travel light to Baku. Today, Azerbaijan receives great attentions from tourists from all over the world. Tourism becomes the most dynamic sectors of the economy in this country.

Therefore, it is common to meet many foreigners in Baku. The government supports the sector well. The tourists’ number is increasing each year because of the easy visa procedures. In addition, the amenities are developing drastically. Today, there are more than 500 hotels with top facilities in Baku and other regions.

Five-starred hotels such as JW Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, and Baku Hotels are ready to serve. In order to serve the tourists better, sports centers and resorts are available in Baku. Unlike many countries in the world, tourists can enjoy sports tourism comfortably in Baku. From the sports centers to amusement rides, Baku is the best destination to visit around cities in Caucasus.

What to Get Prepared for Baku

Azerbaijan is located in Central Asia. But, it has Russia to the north and Iran to the South. Meanwhile, the east border is the Caspian Sea. To the west, Armenia and Georgia border the country. It makes the culture more beautiful. That is enough to make Baku a special place to visit. However, tourists have to get prepared with cross culture knowledge better when visiting this city. This is so because it has rich cultures with possible different gestures and courtesy. In addition, travelers need to learn several different local habits if they want to mingle well with the people.

Baku is a half Russia and Asia. Therefore, the city is so beautiful both in the old city and the new one. It has too many spots to visit. Is it a bad thing? It is not a good thing if travelers have limited time on the city tour. Thus, it is crucial to make a clear list of the tour itinerary. The other plan is clothes and body fitness to go through all of the places comfortably.

Here are the reasons to visit Baku:

  1. The Old City
    Only by seeing the pictures through the internet, we can feel the romance of the Baku’s old city. The size is 22 hectares. It is called Icherisheher, a place with hundreds of historical monuments. Tourists can shop for souvenirs, antiques, and crafts in this old city.
  2. Oil Fields
    Baku is rich of oil fields. This city is famous for its new industrial revolution center. Today, the oil drilling locations come out to be an attractive destination for international tourists.
  3. The Temples
    Little do we know that Baku is a stunning city with a Temple of Eternal Fire. It is Ateshgah, a famous temple in the suburb of Surakhany. It is admirable with its unique natural attraction. The eternal fire is originally a burning natural gas outlet underground. Hindu community built this temple in the 18th though some claim that the temple was the holy place of Azerbaijan’s fire worshippers (Zoroastrians).
  4. Burning Mountain
    Located on the Absheron Peninsula, Burning Mountain is a gorgeous hiking site that is found nowhere else in the world. People will never forget how the mountain delivers the charm through its natural gas pockets in various spots. The pockets erupt into flames that can jet out to 3 meters or more. Tourists need to be very careful with their steps in this place. The place is called Yanardag.
  5. The Museum
    In 2008, an archaeologist built a unique museum of Gala Open Air Museum. It is a historical museum with ethnography collections. Tourists can learn how Azerbaijani live. The museum shows the foods and drink of the native Azerbaijani. Even, the museum shows how the people manage their house during 16th to 19th centuries. The Open Air Museum has many collections of ancient houses, shops, markets, and bakery. It is a must visit place in Baku.

Besides, Baku Museum of Miniature Books is also a super place to get pleasure. It will be like visiting a giant library of the fairy world. The museum keeps several thousand of small books. The oldest book collection is the copy of the Quran.

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