Tips on Manama Traveling; A City of Islamic Atmosphere and Precious Heritage

Tips on Manama Traveling; A City of Islamic Atmosphere and Precious Heritage

Manama is the capital city of Bahrain. It is a rich city that built a spectacular skyline. Today, we can find the tallest tower in the world in this city. Glass and steel spires are there as well.

Tourists love to visit this place for the night life. Indeed, Bahrain is an Islamic country with some different rules. However, alcohol is legal in Bahrain. Therefore, Manama has a spectacular nightlife. It has clubs and bars with exclusive services. Foreigners and international tourists love to gather and enjoy their moments in the night clubs. In addition, shopping centers are unique in Manama. One of the shopping centers is Bab el-Bahrain Souk. This is a famous area with narrow rows of stalls. The shops are the best place to buy perfumes and spices. The shops also offer fine quality jewelry and gold.

Dos and Don’ts when Visiting Manama

  • We know that alcohol is legal in Manama. However, we need to be very careful with it. We purchase it easily but there are only some strict areas to drink it legally. Travelers must not bring their unpacked alcohol in the streets. That is forbidden.
  • Don’t waste too much money in the supermarkets. It will be a lot cheaper to buy some foods and drink in the nearest food markets.
  • Most government offices and shopping centers are closed on Friday. This is so because Bahrain is an Islamic country and men have to go paying Friday Prayer in the mosque.
  • If travelers are eager to get pleasure in the Manama’s beaches, the local diving clubs will be ready to help them with the schedule. Bahrain has only little beach with a good service. The beaches are not so clean. However, there are some private beach clubs to visit for a better view and cleanness.
  • In the religious tour destinations, travelers have to ask permission before taking a picture. Even if it is only one snap to some native Manama, travelers need to ask politely.
  • Just similarly to many other Islamic countries, in Manama Bahrain, travelers have to be very careful with their clothing styles. To wear improper clothes (too revealing outfits) might be fine. However, it will be impolite to do so in public facilities where Moslems are around.

“Is Manama safe for solo traveler and female travelers?”

That is a good question. Security is the essential thing in every city that tourists want to visit. Based on the forums of traveling and the experiences of former travelers, Manama is a good place to visit even by a solo traveler. The transportation is secured though the price might be high. Therefore, it is necessary that travelers take taxi business cards in the airport once they arrive. Besides, experts recommended that the travelers make a bargain to get the best deal.

Commonly, all the areas of Manama are safe to travel. However, there are some neighborhoods to avoid at nights. Travelers have to also search for some information about the demonstration schedules. During weekends, the locals usually hold a demonstration in a strategic place. In order to avoid problems in the crowds, travelers have to keep the embassy phone numbers on their wallet. In case they find some terrible situations due to some legal documents, they can ask for a help by calling the numbers. Yet, travelers do not have to worry about it since there are still many places to visit.

In Manama, Bahrain, locals receive foreigners well. They can get in touch comfortably and are ready to help the foreigners. Therefore, it is a safe place to visit by the Backpackers. It will be comfortable to walk the streets and encounter the locals. Tourists can thus learn about the culture easily.

The Climate and Weather Conditions of Manama, Bahrain

In order to find the best months to go to Manama, tourists need to search the annual weather facts. Here are some of the climate summaries of Manama.

The warmer month is in August. Meanwhile, the coolest month is January. Manama has three types of seasons; dry season, hot season, and wet season. It is a little bit different to those of tropical countries. Manama dry season is in January to August. The hot season can be called a summer, occur in April to October. The wettest month is September. During the wettest time, rainy will downpour every single day. Tourists who do not want to get trapped with too much rain have to avoid September. The driest month is in June.

“The tour destinations are mostly related to religious sites in Manama.”

Al Fateh Mosque

This amazing mosque is a part of a beautiful Islamic center in Manama. Moslem travelers will find this Islamic center a dream building. It has a stunning mosque as the center. Besides, a department of Quranic studies is also available. Additionally, Islamic library is also part of the building. The architecture is amazing with the Italian marble floor and walls. The dome looks impressive with the fiberglass materials. What is so special is the door’s materials. They are made of teak woods from India. The lighting fixtures are amazing. The chandeliers are made in Austria. Meanwhile, the unique lamps are from France. The mosque is totally gorgeous.

Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali

It is basically an ancient street with the oldest house of Bahrain. The tour will be amazing as travelers have to walk a maze narrow street. The tour will show an impressive history of Bahrain’s former king. The house delivers a glimpse of royal family life. The architecture and wall carvings are beautiful. The style adopted the 19th-century architecture designs.

Manama is a unique place with the atmosphere of Islam and the huge influence of modernity. It is a city where politeness is valued. The unique things occur in so many places in Manama. Tourists do not have to question if they receive a bill with more than the price that they need to pay. This is due to the added tips on the bill. Travelers need to know these kinds of things before leaving for Manama.

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