Traveling to Bali Tourism Destinations

Traveling to Bali Tourism Destinations

Bali becomes one of the great destinations to go in enjoying the Asia tourist attractions. It’s also can be another idea if looking for the uniqueness in Asia Tourism. That is because you can find a lot of attractions which could not be found in other places. That is the reason why there are a lot of people who want to visit Bali tourism destinations more and more since there are so many things which are not explored yet and anything there is totally fascinating. If you love New Hampshire tourist attractions you may also be in love with Bali and anything there but that will be such in the warm yet fun tropical vacation.

Still, overall the attractions are the same on its fun, it is not only about the adorable yet fascinating beaches, but also the amazing nature, tradition, and even uniqueness there. Bali is very explorable destination for enjoying a lot of uniqueness which you also could not find in other places. That is especially about cultures and traditions there.

If you still lack for ideas on what to do in this city and what kind of unique attractions to enjoy Bali tourist attractions, this information below may help for getting some ideas. That is including the beautifulness of Asia natural attractions, which can be that really amazing and various!. There are some of the amazing attractions in Bali which perhaps wouldn’t be able to find in another place.

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Uniqueness of Ngaben

As mentioned above, Bali tourism destinations has a bunch of uniqueness which can be enjoyed and seen directly there. It becomes one of the reasons why this one of southeast asia most attractive city becomes one of the favourite Asia getaway destinations. One of them is related to the Balinese traditions and culture which can’t be found in other place. One of them is Ngaben, the Hindu ceremony which is often conducted.

Ngaben can be find easily, this ceremony of Hinduism people explained how unique and also fascinating it is Balinese traditions. Ngaben ceremony is totally unique, people doing this tradition are believe that this ceremony can drive the death body or the soul to the next life. There are some different types of Ngaben called Ngaben Swasta, Asti Wedana, and Sawa Wedana. They differentiate from the condition and existence of the death body.

Visiting Trunyan

As the city of Asia heritage sites, Bali has a lot of great tourism objects which are totally enjoyable and attractive. One of them is Trunyan village, located in Batur. This village which has the unique cemetery, because Hindu people in Trunyan don’t held the common or usual Ngaben ceremony by cremating the death body. But they only put the death body in the area of cemetery near the unique tree called Taru Menyan. That’s tree believed to be extraordinary tree which makes the death body would not smells bad. Taru Menyan will absorb the smell so that the death body would not produce the bad smells.

Taru Menyan is a kind of frankincense tree which is so amazing. However, there are some rules for putting the death body. As example, only about 11 death bodies can be placed there at the same time. When the death body has already been the bones only. Then it is relocated to near root of the tree so that the place to lay the death body can be used by another new death body. So that’s the uniqueness of Trunyan village, Bali. The location where there is a unique cemetery by using the tree as a grave.

Beautifulness of Kecak Dance

Kechak Dance
Another unique and attractive thing in Bali is about their traditional dances. One of the special traditional dance is Kecak dance. This beautiful Balinese traditional dance can be founded in some places in Bali. But you should try watching it on Uluwatu and Garuda Wisnu Kencana !. Uluwatu is such the great destination to go to enjoy Kecak dance.

Beautifulness view in Uluwatu as a cliff are really fascinating place to enjoy sunset and Kecak dance. That is the perfect combination, so that Uluwatu becomes one of the favourite places to go for enjoy this Balinese traditional dance. The ambiance of the dance which is also shown by the sunset time will make the moment much more beautiful, unforgettable, and ofcourse dramatic. Kecak dance itself is the dance which tells the story of Ramayana. The show use fire as a media, so that it is also well known as Fire dance. Besides the story, uniqueness of Kecak dance regarding to the unique musical point, and even the moves of the dance becomes the attractions of show.

Many other Interesting Tourism Destinations in Bali

Interesting Tourism Destinations
Besides those interesting things to enjoy which have been shared above, there are so many tourism destinations to go in Bali. That is including Tanah Lot, Bedugul, and many others. Those are such the interesting places to go. You also can do a lot of things in Bali. Enjoying cycling around the beautiful villages which are still natural, experiencing the traditional farming in the village, and many others. Sure, you will enjoy Bali tourism destinations which may not be found another place. As one of the Asia Unesco sites Bali are great to be visited.

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