Travelling to Bali, Do I Need Vaccinations ?

Travelling to Bali, Do I Need Vaccinations ?

Bali is known as one of the best vacation destination on Earth. You won’t find anything like what you usually found on washington tourist attractions in this island, all of them are different. But first, for safety and comfort traveling, first you need to do is read this list of problems and vaccinations that you need before visit and enjoying Bali tourist attractions.

The great thing about island that is also known as the Island of Gods is the scenery are it’s beautiness. Plus, if you love the ethnic stuff and traditional culture, Bali is also great place to look for that. However, like when you go to other countries, especially country like Indonesia that is located in tropical climate, you need vaccinations.

The Problems

Bali Health Problems
There are many reasons why you should take vaccinations before you go to Bali, you can see all of them on this UNESCO full complement of vaccinations. However, this article will tell you a quick note of problems and vaccinations before traveling to Bali.


The tropical climate in Bali, your best asia getaway destinations is the perfect place for mosquito to live and reproduction. Therefore, it’s not so surprising if the amount of mosquito that fly around in your room when you stay in Bali is much more than you imagined. Of course, some of them aren’t dangerous. And usually, your room is equipped with mosquito nets. But, there is also higher chance that you will get bitten, when you go outside, for example if you are going to suburban area, which is beautiful. But, those places are close to forest, which become the best place for mosquito to live.

The worst case you can get from Mosquito in Bali is Malaria. The chance of getting this problem is higher in rural and remote area. So, if you plan to go to those places, for example trekking and hiking to go to hidden surfing spot, you need to consider vaccinations beforehand.


You can easily find dog or monkey wandering around freely in Bali, except monkey that can be found on specific place. Usually, they are tame, especially the dog. However, there is also a chance where people were attacked by these animals. And, if you got bitten or licked by these animals, there is high possibility you will get rabies. There is case in 2008 when many people died due the rabies. The catch is, it’s difficult or maybe there is no vaccine for rabies in Bali. Therefore, you need to get it before you go, especially for your children. If you or your kids got bitten or licked by the animal, and you haven’t get vaccinations, make sure you seek for medication help from local hospital.

Hepatitis A

This can occurs from food and water. There is high possibility of occurrence when you get the food or water or drink from street vendor that you can find on many places that is also called asia tourist attractions. Just be careful and get the vaccinations for Hepatitis A before you go to Bali. In fact, every people who are going to Bali or Southeast Asia, should get this vaccinations before they go.

HIV and Hepatitis B

We know that there is no effective vaccine for this disease. So, the thing that you can do is be extra careful. And, you need to know that Bali is one of the areas in Indonesia that has highest rates of HIV infection. You can always use condom that can be found and freely sold on many stores or pharmacy in Bali, before having sex with local or other tourist.

Hepatitis B is also the same case. It is spread through sex. But, you can protect yourself by having vaccinations. Or, to make sure you didn’t get this disease, stay away from sex and just have fun enjoying the beauty many asia natural attractions in Bali.


This is also serious health problem you can get in Bali. The bacteria are spread through water and food. Once you infected, you will get high fever that slowly increase. Headache and stomach pain is also several symptoms you can get from this disease. To detect this problem, usually you need to do blood test. To prevent it, you need to get vaccinations. Although it’s not completely protecting you from the bacteria, at least the vaccinations is 80% effective against it. Therefore, you will get good protection from it.

The Vaccinations

Vaccinations, That You Need Before Go To Bali
With all kind of health problems that you can get like mentioned and explained above, you must know the answer of the question. Yes, you will need the vaccinations. Referring to the UNESCO guidelines for vaccinations prior to Bali, some of vaccinations that you might need is:

Typhoid vaccinations

Take it one month before you go to Bali !


One day or more before arriving !

Hepatitis A

However, you may need to consider taking it in two different sessions, which is 12 month before your plan and 12 month after. This will help your body to build immunity against this easy to infected type of Hepatitis. Take it one week before arriving !

Hepatitis B

Four weeks before arriving !, There are three session, two sessions is done four weeks apart and the last one you need to do it six month after your vacation.


One day or more before arriving !


You need to consult to your doctor before you get the medication for protection. Actually, there is many ways to prevent mosquito bites, such as using anti-mosquito lotion or mosquito nets. But, if you plan to go to rural place or many asia natural attractions in Bali, you need to get it. Just be prepared, the side effect of the medication will be problematic for most people.

Japanese Encephalitis

Four weeks before arriving !, It’s like Malaria, spread by mosquito. So, the way you take the vaccinations is also the same with Malaria. If you plan to mostly stay in urban area, there is rare chance you will get it.

Yellow Fever

10 days before arriving !, You won’t find it in Bali. However, some of you maybe need to transit in country where Yellow Fever has become endemic. If that so, get one is great decision you can made.

Now, you are ready to enjoy all asia heritage sites that you can find in Bali. You don’t need to worry about all of those problems and just focus on your vacation. Of course, you also need to be careful, so you won’t increase the possibility of getting one of those problems.

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