Getting Pleasure in Bangalore; The Garden City of India

Getting Pleasure in Bangalore; The Garden City of India

Located in the southeast of Karnataka, Bangalore (also called Bengaluru) is the center of Mysore Plateau. Banglore covers an area of 741 km2. Tourists can enjoy a city tour since most of the area is Bengaluru Urban district. For those who want to experience a sensation of visiting a hidden heaven with a strong historical atmosphere, Bangalore is the best place to visit.

Many tourists say that the most beautiful place is the one that can touch traveler right in the heart. Therefore, the impressions of each place will be different from place to place. Some people might love European countries for the high-class art and fashion trends. But some other tourists are eager to leave for a place a serene prettiness. For the latter types of tourists, Bangalore can be the ultimate alternative.

Bangalore’s Urban

Bengaluru is the city for day tour and pedestrians. Travelers can do hiking and trekking in some other parts of India but not here. Bangalore or also known as India Amazon is flat with some small parts of hills. This city has some rivers that run through the city. Inside the serenity, this city owns a special charm. People can simply stand up by the historical building and take a picture. That will already give a deep touch in their traveling experience. All of the buildings look so peaceful though the history of Bangalore is so intricate.

Bangalore presents the interesting culture of India in a more attractive way. Besides, it also shows some signs of modernity through its developing technology in various sides. In addition, when visiting this city, we will surely feel the charm of a great leader, Hayder Ali. In order to taste the emperor atmosphere a little bit, we can visit Banglore Palace with its beautiful architecture.

Most will say that it is a peaceful and quiet place but Bangalore is actually a cosmopolitan city. It opens many jobs vacation for young workers around India. It also has a rapid development in IT and technology.

What to Prepare for Enjoying Bangalore?

Many people say that the most important thing to get prepared when visiting India and some cities in this country is our minds. There are various problems that we will face in India, especially Bangladore. Therefore, what we need to do is to prepare our patience. Sometimes, the beauty of a country is way different from what we will see in the immigration desk. Thus, we need to really know what we are going to encounter on our way to Bangalore.

In addition, we might want to check the transportation and services. For those who are backpacking, Bangalore is definitely a great place to visit. They can simply escape to one train station and let the first train to arrive be their ride to their unknown destination. However, for those who want to enjoy a scheduled travel, it will be important to note the train tracks and schedules. Though there is no good accuracy in the schedule, travelers can at least make sure that they have a certain train to ride.

If people want to take a bus or other types of transportation, it is also important to check the road maps and bus station to catch the bus. It is one of the complex things in many towns in India. However, if travelers are ready with anything that they need, the case will not be matter at all. Besides, they need to be patient with the hardship on this sector.

Besides, travelers have to be ready with the language. People of Bangalore have language issue since they are not so fluent in English and Hindi and the same time.

What to be Cautious in Bangalore

Next, travelers have to be very careful. The typical problem of leaving for Bengaluru and other India states is the security. They need to keep their important documents safe. This is the standard operations when we are on a vacation but in Bangalore, people need to be extra careful.

Next, travelers have to be ready with the cash. It is quite hard to find money changer in Bangalore. So, it is better for them to change the money currency in the airport. Besides, there are some money changer shops around the capital city of India. When they arrive, the first thing to do is to visit the shops. Travelers should never depend on credit cards because many shops do not receive credit cards in Bangalore.

Bangalore is located in a tropical country. Therefore, all months of the year will be fine for visiting this very place. There are certain months that will be troubled with rain. However, we can still enjoy some spots during rainy seasons. Even, the weather and air temperature are sometimes better on rainy days than in a dry season.

Things to Do in Bangalore

1. Bangalore Palace

This is one of the best heritage destinations to visit in Bengaluru. The traveler can get pleasure in the beautiful architecture and enclosed garden. The place is owned by the Mysore Royal family. And the beautiful thing is that the royal family still exists.

2. Bannerghatta National Park

In almost all zoos and animal conservation in the world, India Bengal tigers and Bangalore Tigers are always inside the cage. Now that we are visiting the home of those tigers, we will love to visit Bannerghatta National Park. This park also has a butterfly park. Besides, travelers can hop a comfortable safety ride and watch the lions, crocodiles, and the famous tiger right from their home.

3. Lal Bagh

It is a botanical garden that deserves a visit in Banglore. It was Hayder Ali, the great leader of Bangalore who commissioned the project in 1760. The area covers 240 acres of garden with rare plants from many countries. It is amazing to see that a leader in that era thought about creating a garden with plants from Afghani, Persian, and French. Tourists can also see Lal Bagh rock of 3000 million years in the botanical garden.

Those are some popular places to visit in Bangalore. However, people can also spend some times on the MG road to enjoy good eating joints, cafes, and pubs.

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