10 Best Cities to Visit in Asia

10 Best Cities to Visit in Asia

Best cities in Asia – This continent that represent yellow ring in the Olympics is the home of exotic beauty, rich culture, and breathtaking natural wonders. It has half the world’s population. Therefore, visiting the best cities to visit Asia will give the most satisfactions. Travelers can do hiking as well as a day city tour in one country. Besides, to go camping and shopping is also possible to do in one Asia travel destination. Asia has the unique ambiance that is found nowhere else in the world. Besides, Asia is a continent that has excellent air temperature and comfortable weather. For travelers who want to enjoy ethnic tour while conquering a challenging trekking activity, Asia is also the enchanting place to visit.

There are no many complicated preparations to visit Asia. What travelers have to do is to learn the cultures and topography in each country. Besides, it might be essential to learn the transportation services to take. In addition to that, Asian countries are full of kind people who are willing to help. So, it will not be that hard for the solo travelers to enjoy the best cities to visit in Asia. Backpackers, solo travelers, and group travelers need to only prepare for the overjoyed heart due to the unending pleasures in all Asian countries.

All cities of Asian countries own their special attractions. Either metropolitan areas or even the most hidden cities in Asia tell interesting stories and amusement. Therefore, travelers can pick any cities in Asia and enjoy the wonderful Asia flawlessly. Of so many cities that travelers will love to check in, there are 10 cities which will be worth exploring.

1. Beijing, China

Beijing is a city with a fusion prettiness of the old and modern city atmosphere. It has the famous Forbidden City. It is an area has appeared in many China colossal movies. Therefore, we will feel amazed just to enter that majestic place. In addition, the palace has a charming architecture that is well maintained. We will love the ancient atmosphere while enjoying a supreme tea with original flavor. In such area, we can enjoy restaurants, shops, and wonderful city view. The narrow alleyways will also be good things to get pleasure in.

Beijing magnificent Olympic Stadium
Beijing magnificent Olympic Stadium

Modernity touches many sides of Beijing. It has a magnificent Olympic Stadium. Besides, public transportations with English signs are also offered as the product of 2008 Summer Olympics.

2. Singapore

Singapore is known for its melting pot cuisine tour attractions. Yet, what is so beautiful about this city is the eco-friendly urban design. It is an exemplary city for conservation and cleanness. For instance, it has old-growth forests with 500 species of fauna. We can enjoy the TreeTop Walk with its 250-meter suspension bridge.

Singapore botanical garden
Singapore botanical garden

In addition, Singapore has 150-year-old botanical garden and mangrove swamps as well. And travelers will not be able to resist the inviting Gardens by the Bay.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that is full of energy. Tourists will feel amazed to ride up to the Peak Tram. At 08.00 pm every evening, A Symphony of Lights will entertainment travelers with its world class light and sound show.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong is also the best place for nightlife entertainments that include culinary enjoyments and cocktail bars. The dim sum of Hong Kong is always the best to enjoy at any time, especially for a breakfast. Not to mention the wonderful Hong Kong Heritage Museum with its modern galleries.

4. Mumbai, India

In Mumbai, a different kind of beauty is ready to give a thrilling pleasure. Visitors might be surprised with the crowded places in Mumbai but the enchanting prettiness of this city is worth visiting as well.

Mumbai Bazaar
Mumbai’s Bazaar

The best way to enjoy this city is to pay a visit to Mumbai’s Bazaar. Travelers will be able to encounter a gorgeous color palette that the city offers through the bazaar.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

Spending some hours in Bangkok Thailand will turn people into James Bond and perhaps Indiana Jones in one second. People will be thrilled with the non-stop enjoyment this city offered. The foods are a little peculiar but travelers will be eager to try all. From the bird’s saliva soup, duck tongue, to pig brain soup is all available in Bangkok.

Bangkok Khao San Road
Bangkok Khao San Road

Travelers can head to Khao San Road for a more festive atmosphere.

6. Tokyo, Japan

To visit Tokyo cannot simply represent the whole Japan. We will need to actually visit some other cities like Kyoto and others. That way, we can taste the humble culture inside the huge industrial wealth of Japan. However, for those who are eager to enjoy the delicious Japanese udon, ramen, and yakitory, Tokyo is just right. Besides, this city will host 2020 Olympics. Thus, it will be ready to welcome hordes of visitors. Additionally, there are many beautiful parks to walk in Tokyo.

7. Seoul, South Korea

It is true that some travelers might feel like a time traveler visiting the past times when visiting some countries in South East Asia. But, Seoul travels people to the future. It has the high technology applications in almost all sides of the city. In addition, travelers can easily navigate the city. It has sophisticated subway systems that are comfortable for all travelers. K Pop fans and Korean Drama viewers will love this city so much. The fans can enjoy visiting some of their idols management bases while doing the city tour. Besides, Buddhist temples, Changdeokgung Palace, and other heritage places are so much inviting as well.

8. Hoi An, Vietnam

The ancient town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the city that is a perfect destination for travelers who love bicycling. The street is clean and comfortable to ride with bikes. People can roam the city to see old merchant homes with Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese styles. Besides, there are also antique shops and galleries to pass along the stunning streets.

9. Taipei

Taipei is a city of delicious meals and awesome nightlife. Besides, it is also rich in heritage tour destination that covers temples and museums. Besides, the natural tour spots are also amazing in Taipei. People can easily fall in love with the landscape of East Rift Valley in Taipei.

10. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The last but not the least at all, Siem Reap is the Asian most popular destination in 2015. This place is known as the home of Angkor. Angkor Wat was filming location Tomb Raider and drew the most attentions. However, the beauty of Angkor Wat is more than what is shown in the movie. For the best experience, visitors have to visit the site at sunrise to sunset.

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