The Urban Highlight and Things to Do in Thimphu

The Urban Highlight and Things to Do in Thimphu

Thimphu is a small town that offers natural conservatism and great culture. This town is famous for its commercial exuberance through the simplicity. It is the capital city of the intriguing Buthan. The kingdom of Buthan has been one of the world’s most thrilling destinations. To visit this town will summarize all that travelers expect from Buthan. Thimphu is the capital city and the biggest city of Buthan. And don’t be surprised that Thimphu is the only city of Bhutan.

Today, Thimphu has improved a lot. In the past, this town was famous for the quietness. The old and new impressions can be easily noticed from this city. People can still meet some monks wearing a crimson robe. Government ministers often appear in public wearing the traditional dress. Thimphu is definitely a special place for a unique traveling.

Feeling the Urban of Thimphu

In Thimphu, travelers can still feel the ancient atmosphere though modernity has touched the town a lot. For some reasons, Thimphu is a charming place to give the chance to break away from the travel schedule. When the itinerary allows the travelers to take a short break, there are many attractions such as cafes and bars to visit. In addition, restaurants with local menus and signature cuisines are ready to serve.

This city is located in the western central part of Bhutan. The former capital city of Bhutan was Punakha. Thimphu was declared to replace Punakha in 1961. Thimphu has no airport. However, travelers can go to Paro Airport (54 kilometers) to reach Thimphu.

Bhutan is called the Last Shangri-La for something. It has a wonderful culture and virgin landscape. The beauty of Bhutan looks so much enchanting since it is hard to maintain the pureness of a country due to the exposure of internet and technology. Thimphu is the only town in the world that has no traffic light. Instead, it has a police officer who is in charge in directing the traffic.

For those who want to learn about Bhutan culture, to visit Thimphu is definitely a great idea. Thimphu atmosphere and culture spotlight in Thimphu represents the whole culture of Bhutan. The impressive culture of Bhutan that covers literature, customs, national dress codes, music, dance, and religion are fully reflected in Thimphu.

The Climate and Weather of Thimphu

The climate is fairly warm. Rainy will downpour a lot more during the summer than the winter in Thimphu. The weather in Bhutan varies depending on the altitude. The northern part of Bhutan has a similar weather to the arctic. Meanwhile, the weather is hot and humid during summer in the south area. The winter in the south is cool. Besides, it also has a monsoon climate with heavy rain.

The Best Time to Visit Thimphu, Bhutan

It is recommended to visit Thimphu in spring (March to May). In addition, it is also comfortable to visit Thimphu in autumn (September to November). The weather is warm and sunny during autumn. However, regardless the months of the travel, tourists need to pack warm clothes in their luggage. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Therefore, it is better to get more prepared.

Tips on Thimphu Traveling Preparation

The most important preparation relates to the itinerary. The travelers have to leave in the right time and list things to do in Thimphu carefully.

After finding out the high season in Thimphu, travelers need to make a tidy itinerary. To choose high seasons is fine as long as the travelers are ready with the hotel booking and other reservation. Many recommend for travelers to take the tour package and get the flight ticket 3 months ahead. During the high season, the weather is nice. Yet, for travelers who are willing to take the challenge, taking non-peak season is a good idea as well. Thimphu will be lovelier when the crowds are not around. The serene look of this town will be more admirable as travelers can walk comfortably and peacefully around the town. Besides, the rate will be cheapest in the non-peak season.

If the travelers want to visit Thimphu for the festivals, they need to include it clearly in the itinerary. The most popular festival is Paro and Thimphu Tsheschu. It is one of the most attractive festivals in Bhutan. It is a massive art performance with colorful costumes and dances. Besides the show, travelers can see Bhutanese in the best dress. That festival is only in high season. However, there are also other festivals such as Rhododendron, Black Necked Crane, Royal Highlander, Ura Matsutake Mushroom, and other festivals that are all gorgeous.

Things to Do in Thimphu

Travelers must visit Chorten and Dzong in Thimphu. The museums are excellent as well. The National Textile Museum and Folk Heritage Museum are so much appealing. In addition, post office and big Budha statue can be the wonderful icons to visit. If the travelers are lucky, they can attend the festivals of Bhutanese dance. And since archery is the national sport of Bhutan, travelers have to attend archery competition.

Tourists have to try many local cuisines. The local brew that is a drink made from fermenting rice is a must try one. Besides, travelers need to try Suja. It is a butter tea that tastes salty with yak butter. The taste is strange and tourists do not usually like it. Yet, Thimphu will be more unforgettable once travelers try it.

What to buy for souvenirs?

There are a lot of things to buy for souvenirs. Yet, travelers need to pick the ones that fit their shopping budget. For those who are ready to pay a high price for the crafts, Thangkas or scroll paining or the traditional fabric and colorful Kira are good products to choose. The cheaper options are masks, prayer wheels, Mandala paintings, and Buddha figurines.

Thimphu is stunning for its virgin ambiance. The flora, fauna, scenery, culture, and royalty lives are amazing. The airport to reach Thimphu is one of the hardest airports in the world. Travelers can start the journey even from their landing experience. Visiting Thimphu, Bhutan is worth the price and struggle.

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