Chennai Travel Tips; Cool Destinations List

Chennai Travel Tips; Cool Destinations List

India has been a tourist destination that captivates tourists through its sacred culture. It also offers high art, traditions, and religious attractions. Each city and state of India has an amazing beauty that moves tourists instantly. Besides, the architecture and heritage buildings of India are the ones that are lovable all the time. Each corner of India is so much pleasure to visit. In South India, Chennai will be the best destination.

Formerly known as Madras, Chennai has various destinations. All of them are surprisingly awesome. Chennai has 400 square km urban area of rich population. Besides, it has a suburban area that makes up Tamil Nadu’s capital. What is offered in Chennai will make tourists find another side of India. India is identical with Hindu temples and traditions. In Chennai, artistic temples for Hindu worshipers can be found easily. Meanwhile, grand cathedrals for Christians are also available. Chennai is unique for that factor.

Chennai is a town that keeps South India artistic and colorful. Besides, it offers precious religious attractions. Additionally, the culinary traditions are to try in this city. What is so special about this town are the enthusiastic people.

Chennai is often pictured as a town with many ancient buildings and ancient temples. However, in recent years, Chennai has been developing into a cosmopolitan city. It offers some luxurious hotels. Besides, sparkling boutiques for the ladies are also available.

Meanwhile, those who love to enjoy a cup of coffee can visit many stylish cafes in this town. And it will be so much comfortable to wrap the tour by dining in contemporary restaurants. Chennai is also a town with a glamorous night life. Swanky bars and clubs will make it possible to enjoy the town 24 hours a day. It is so unique to visit a place with a sacred temple and extravagant night clubs at the same time. Chennai is a restless city to visit and admire.

Chennai’ Climate

The climate of Chennai is a tropical wet and dry. This is so because this city is located at the thermal equator. The hottest time of the year is May to early June. Meanwhile, the coolest months are in January. Monsoon winds will attack from mid-October to mid-December. It is possible that Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal also hits the city.

Chennai climate is the combination of south east coast and tropical zone climate. This makes Chennai’s weather extremely hot and humid. During summer, the temperature can be extremely high. In the peak of summer, the temperature can go as high as 45 degrees. However, the average temperature is around 28 degree.

The Best Time to Visit Chennai

The best months to visit the town are November to February. During those months, the weather is pleasant. The temperature is not so high and it feels comfortable as well. Winter occurs during those months and both local and international tourists will love to go for a trip. During winter in Chennai, occasional rainfall will fall. Yet, that will not disturb a trip at all. Even, the rainfall will make the trip more joyous. What about the temperature? Tourists do not have to travel heavy with their thick clothes or warm clothes. The temperature will not go below 20 degrees during summer. So, the weather will be just cool and pleasant.

What to Get Prepared for Chennai Trip

Chennai is a town by a coastline. Therefore, it will be great to carry cotton clothes. Shoes are not so important. It will be good to just wear slippers. Because of the heat, tourists have to wear sunglasses. For those with sensitive skin, sunscreens are the essential element to bring. Because sudden tropical rain might occur accidentally, travelers also need to bring umbrella all the time. In addition, travelers have to stay hydrated because of the hot and intense sun.

Great and Popular Attractions in Chennai

Historical Tours

For those who love to visit a historical place, Fort St George will be a stunning place to visit. This building is the first British asset in India. Today, this building is a museum of weaponry. Tourists will be able to visit three floors with swords, pistols, mortars, and various other weaponry products. British army uniforms are also available at the museum. People can also see porcelains, coins, maps, and even paintings in this building.


One of the most amazing temples in India is here in Chennai. Kapalesshwarar Temple is the Shiva temple that is stunning for its architecture and colorful details. Even for those who are new in this kind of tour and art will love to visit this very place. Only by seeing the blue, orange, and red colors in the temple architect is already amazing. The temples are covered by many small sculptures of Shiva, Parvati, and many others. This temple was built in the 7th century. It has the style of Dravidian era.

Guindy National Park

Besides the beach, temples, and buildings, Chennai is also amazing for its national park. People will love their adventure in Chennai by visiting the animal conservation. Three-striped palm squirrel, small Indian civet, and various other animals live in the national park. By visiting this national park, travelers will truly find the best time while leaving for a Chennai trip.

Shopping in Chennai

No one will deny the festive of Burma Bazaar. Souvenirs and handicrafts are available in the market. Besides, shopping malls are available. Travelers can find at least three big shopping malls in Chennai.

Foods and Drinks

Indian foods are always special. Travelers need to try dining at Dakshin. This place serves tasty South Indian cuisine. Coconut chutney, thali, and chicken Chettinad are three dishes to try. All the prettiness of this town will be perfect as travelers try the desert. Coconut ice cream and coffee are also to die for.

In conclusion, Chennai, India is truly a great place to visit. It has complex destinations. Besides, the rates to take the tour packages are relatively low. In addition, Chennai is wonderful for the historical destinations. The best time to visit the place is November to February. Get ready for the amazing journey in Chennai.

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