Comparing Edmonton Alberta and Popular Asia Tour Destinations

Comparing Edmonton Alberta and Popular Asia Tour Destinations

Comparing Popular Asia Tour Destinations and Edmonton Alberta – Do you know that the best backpackers in the world are from Canada? They have great survival capability. Besides, they like to visit many dangerous countries in the world.

Also, Canadian backpackers also perform good ability to handle local culture. They know how to cope with the cross culture case. The fact that many backpackers are Canadians makes the world wonder. Why do they leave for other countries? Canadian is a lovely country. It has the pretty Edmonton Alberta. But why do they love Asia tour? Let’s check the reason out.

Edmonton Alberta Overview

To find the reasons, it is better for us to compare the beauty of Edmonton Alberta and other places in Asia. Edmonton Alberta is the capital city of the Canadian province, Alberta. This city is on the north side of Saskatchewan River. The city is in the center of Edmonton Capital Region.

When we view the images of Edmonton, we will see that this city is full of festivals. It has the spirit of youth and festivals. Canada’s Festival City nickname is given to Edmonton for the wonderful festivals. Besides, Edmonton Alberta is the best place to shop. It has the largest shopping mall of North America. Besides, this city owns the Canada’s largest history museum in Fort Edmonton Park.

Edmonton’s Natural Richness

Edmonton Alberta is the home of lakes. Tourists can take the outdoor tour for taking pleasure in the soaring peaks and pine forest. Canada is the cleanest place in the world. It is no wonder that the natural beauty is unspoiled as well. The outdoor tourists will love to explore the western part of Alberta. It is the paradise of outdoor activities. Banff and Jasper are two must-visit towns for tourists from all over the world. For those who are lucky enough to hop in a helicopter, this place is amazing. The flight delivers the superb look of Rocky Mountains.

Things to Do in Edmonton Alberta

Spots for Family Fun Time

It is true that Edmonton has both natural and modern tourist spots. Outdoor tour lovers and family tours will get satisfied easily. Now that we know several places for outdoor activities, it is time to reveal the spots for family fun time.

Alberta Legislature Building

The building is in a venue that overlooks the scenic North Saskatchewan River Valley. What is so special with this building is the architecture. It was built between 1907 and 1913. The Beaux Arts style through the design makes this building stunning. It also delivers the charm of Green, Roman, and Egyptian architectural styles. That is why the entire look has the mixture of European and Mediterranean styles. The building looks awesome with the large central dome. Meanwhile, the symmetrical plans, arches, and massive columns create another super look.

World Water Park

Nothing can be ordinary in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. When it comes to a water park, it should be the second largest water park in the world. The largest one is the Tropical Islands Resorts in Germany. It can accommodate 5000 guests. The visitors will feel cozy in this place. This water park contains the largest indoor wave pool. That is no joke. Besides, it also offers the slides with 25 meter high. It will be fun to play all day in the World Water Park of Alberta.

Muttart Conservatory

It is another wonderful venue in Edmonton Alberta. The first impression of this conservatory is unique. This botanical garden does not only keep various plants. It also conducts plant science in a modern method. It is located in western Canada.

What are inside the Pyramid? There are three biomes displays inside the pyramid. This is a spot where tourists can learn the spirit of the botanical conservatory in Canada. Besides, it is a perfect venue for a family tour. Besides the botanical plantation collections, visitors will love the additional services. Tourists will feel amazed with the fine art showcase and handicrafts collections in the venue. Live music and dance performances are part of the show as well.

In conclusion, Edmonton Alberta has it all. But, Canadian backpackers still love to travel around the world. Looking for Long Beach or something challenging else. Now, let’s check the spots around Asia that is famous as backpacking venues.

The Tops List of Asian Countries as Backpackers Destinations


Nepal with the mountainous areas is a magnet for all backpackers who visit Asia. Also, tourists can only spend their tour in Kathmandu. But lucky travelers will extend their holiday to Himalaya mount. Besides, Nepal is a country scenic atmosphere. It has a beautiful landscape that is rich with natural wonders. Besides, the cultural attractions are special. Nepal is a flawless combination of pilgrimage and outdoor tour.


Ölgii Eagle Festival is one of the unique activities that we can do in Asia tour. This country takes a hobby to the next level of amusement. In Canada, people can go hiking or trekking to a forest. Yet, in Mongolia, people hunt for eagles. Hunting eagles is an ancient hobby for Kazakhs. This activity is not only fun to experience and watch. But also, this will give travelers a special experience. Travelers need to take October tour to enjoy it. Hundreds of hunters will gather at Sayat Tube for this festival. The hunters will wear tribal attire. That makes it more appealing.

The festival is only one of several other unique spots in Mongolia. Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve is one spot that will make tourists get amazed. The wildlife in this national park is way different to the national park of Canada. Mongolia is located in the middle of Chinese, Russian, and Indian culture. Thus, backpackers all want to taste the mixture.


Jordan is a superstar in Asia tourism. In many versions of things to do in Asia, Jordan is always on the top list. Additionally, it has the serene Petra city. Besides, to spend some hours in the Dead Sea is a great venue for all tourists.

Edmonton is a fancy city. However, Asia tour has its special beauty. Thus, Canadian backpackers love to explore it. Also, Asian countries are unique. It has stunning nature. Besides, Asia tour can give a new spirit. Modern services are not so advanced in many countries in Asia.

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