World Educational Tours Favorite Destinations

World Educational Tours Favorite Destinations

Holiday is not only about visiting some interesting places with beautiful scenery. It’s also about visiting places offer educational tours. That’s best option for who wanted to have a different holiday with all family members. There are many interesting educational tourism destinations in this world!. Those smart tours are loved by children, especially for who are interested with knowledge and technologies.

Educational tours destinations are also better way to trigger children’s interest for something beneficial for their life. Imagine your children are being able to see a giant dinosaur’s skeleton just like what we can see at “Night at the Museum” movie. Seeing Panda directly and learn about their habitat in the open place. Experimenting with natural gas and many more educational activities.

It is for sure that visiting educational places can give a lot of benefits for everyone, especially for children. Below are some educational tours destinations that will be perfect destination for family holiday!.



Gas museum or the “Tokyo Gas Science” is operated by Tokyo Gas Company. This museum opens for recognizing children about advantages of natural gases. This place is perfect to be visited by children since they were in elementary school. There are so many activities related to gas here. At the first step on this museum, children can try to operate the gas balloon miniature that is completed with its flame.

There is a showroom where visitors can create colorful fires. Trying to experiment of controlling the fire. Stick it at a bubble balloon that had been filled with methane gas. Don’t worry! everything on this Tokyo Gas Science museum is really safe, it’s located behind the thick glasses. There are for about 7 showrooms for childrens to get experience during practicing a lot of experiments. The other interesting thing in Japan educational tourism destinations are; it’s free!



Let’s say that Bank of England is a museum that is built to show the greatness of England Banks in managing the inflation and economic stability. This museum is maybe looked like difficult and heavy for children, but in fact most of the activities in this museum were made for children.

Furthermore, some schedules for school visitation had already made. Some activities that can be done by children in this museum are revealing the secret code of thrift box up to an activity to fill a quiz that is called Activity Sheet. All of those activities can be changed with some gifts. The most interesting experience that can be gotten in this museum is to see 1 ton pile of original gold bars in a glass display room included an experience to lift a gold bar. The ticket to enter this Bank of England museum is also free. Visitors don’t need to pay any ticket.



NEMO museum is located not far from Amsterdam Central station and it has a shape like boat. The interesting thing is that this museum is located in the middle of water. So to reach this museum we have to pass through a bridge. There are so many different exhibitions here, that teach visitors about knowledge. Starting from logic and mathematic, natural phenomenon, how the logistic stuffs are transferred around the world, and how to make a dam. The price of the ticker is just 15 euro.



Chengdu research base of giant panda breeding is a place to treat and care Panda. This place is built to keep the life continuity of Panda because the amount of Panda in China is decreasing. Although this place is a research center. But they also make this place as a tourism destination so that visitors can know more about this cute animal. Visitors can see the new born baby Pandas that is treated inside the incubator, seeing the whole activity of Panda. Watching short movie about Panda preservation and never forget to be face to face with the rare Red Panda.

The environment in this park is so natural, green and beautiful. Many people love to spend hours here to meet Panda. However, there are some rules that visitors have to obey in this park like visitors must be not making any noise, no smoking, no picking flowers or littering. It is recommended to remind each other about this rule. Talk about the ticket price. To enter this park, visitors have to pay RMB 58 for each person. If visitors wanted to take a picture with baby panda, taht’s will be cost around RMB 2000.



Next educational site that need considered to visited with familiy!. Just like it is named, American museum of Natural History is built so that visitors can learn about natural history and the all things that related with it. Don’t worry to bored, collections in this museum are varied!. Started from the Permanent Exhibitions, that always be kept on this museum, or the Current Exhibition or exhibition. That’s made on certain time with certain theme as well.

In this one of educational tourism destination, visitors are also being able to see many displays. Like dinosaurs skeleton, outer space, animals and plants up to the origin of human. If you had already watched a scene in The Night at the Museum movie where there is a T-Rex skeleton moves suddenly and chase museum keeper. This American Museum of Natural History is the place where that scene was taken. Ticket to enter this room is cost for USD 22.

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