Get Different Holiday with Sport Tourism Options

Get Different Holiday with Sport Tourism Options

Getting tired of the usual holiday ?, If you felt that thing, then try sport tourism!. Sport tourism is an option for who looking for holiday and workout in one time. It will make brand fresher and healthier body as well.

Besides that, these kinds of Tourisms are now becoming an option for some traveler and families. It’s a kind of traveling activities for refreshing mind in a fun way. There are many places and cities in this world that offer this king of Sport Tourism. So, below are reviews of some sport tourisms options to get different experiences of holiday. Either alone, with friends, or family!

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing – Thailand

First of all, we will start from a popular sport or exercise from a country in Asia, Thailand. We can say that Thailand is really successful to package the martial art for becoming sport tourism. Thai Boxing is getting really popular right now as an exercise to make body is healthier.

Muay Thai is starting to be used as an exercise for helping someone who wants to shape their body. That’ss why, nowadays we can see Thai boxing activities that were done in the other countries. Consequently, seeing and doing Thai Boxing in its origin country can be more fun and interesting. Thai Kick Boxing is also called Muay Thai and there are so many travelers from all over the world come to Thailand for learning this port.

Thailand Muay Thai Boxing sport tourism

Kaew Samrit Thai Boxing Gym

There are some various Muay Thai class packages, those packages are made with daily, weekly or even for three months range of time. One of tourism destinations in Thailand for take that packages is Kaew Samrit Gym, located in Thungmangkorn 22 road, Tallingchan, Bangkok. Kaew Samrit Gym has some rooms that are addressed for Muay Thay Tour package.

Tourists who want to learn this one of southeast asia popular sport tourism options just needs to pay for room accommodation, foods and exercise cost. It will be every day training, seriously trained together with other local people who want to learn Muay Thay too. So, with all of those facilities price is about 24 thousands up to 45 thousands Baht for every month.

Took three months package!, then it will get the exam certification and ofcourse will add more cost. Usually for three months packages tourists need to pay about 65 thousands up to 117 thousands baht. Moreover, many tourist didn’t take a package for learning Muay Thay, it’s just for seeing Thai Boxing directly.

Tour de France – France

Tour de France sport tourism

It seemed that everyone had already known this sport tourism option. Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event in the world. Lot of teams from around the world are joining this event to get the champion title in this Tour de France. Tour de France was held first time on 1903 and then this event is done every year. However, that event was ever stopped because of the first and second world war.

Tour de France competition is done for 21 days with 3.500 km for the track distance. This international cycling event is already held for 103 times on 2016. Tour de France is done on 2 – 24 July on 2016 with the challenging paths. Participants will pass through the track in the hill up to 9 mountains included 4 peaks like Andorre Arcalis, Mont Ventoux and Finhaut Emosson Saint Gervais Mont Blanc.

Giro d’Italia – Italy

Italy Giro d'Italia sport tourism

Giro de’ Italy is a long distance cycling event that is held every year. Participants on this event are usually the professional cyclers from all over the world. The tracks are really interesting, it passes through some beautiful sides of Italy and the other countries around.

Tracks of Giro de’ Italy are also challenging that make a lot of participants want to join this cycling event. This event is held firstly on 1909 to raise the sale of La Gazzetta dello port newspaper. Just like the Tour de France, Giro de’ Italy was ever stopped along the world war period. For now, the organizer of Giro de’ Italy is RCS Sport. Every year a lot of professional teams from all over the world will join this competition. Usually, the competition will be held for about 23 days.

Rafting – Indonesia

Push your adrenalin with water sport activities, come to Indonesia and get various options of water sports. One of the most interesting options is Rafting. A city that offers the Rafting experience is Magelang. Magelang is a city that is located in Central Java, Indonesia where Candi Borobudur (one of the world heritages) is located. Rafting, sport tourism options is located in Elo River, not far from the Borobudur Temple.

Some cascades in Elo River are classified as the second and third class in which those are perfect for everyone, especially for the beginner. This river has 12 km for its length with 2,5 hours for the travelling time. There are professional trainers here that will give a briefing and will accompany in the rubber boat. Most noteworthy, all the tools and equipments are used for safe, because it’s based on the standard rules.

Elo River in Magelang city, there are still so many rivers in Indonesia that can be used to do rafting exercise like the Ayung River in Bali, Kaliwaru River in Banyuwangi, and many more. Come with friends or families and get more fun rafting experience.

Most of all sport tourism is a different option to make different holiday experience and more interesting. We hope that this information about those tourism destinations above is beneficial so that you can find the right sport tourism for holiday.

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